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2023-07-08 09:20:21

How To Make Compound Herb Garlic Butter - Best Steak Topping

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Welcome back to the Gentlemen Gazette and part four of our steak guide series today .

I'll show you how I make compound from scratch , which is really delicious on a nice piece of steak .

So , first of all , what is compound butter in Germany ?

It's very popular for steaks and it's called , which means as much as herb butter .

It basically consists of a high fat content butter because typical butter in Germany or in France has a higher fat content than for example , in the US .

So you always want to start with either European butter or European style butter .

Why ?

Because fat absorbs flavor and enhances them and that's what you one on your steak .

So the first step , I simply chunk up the butter and let it sit outside of the fridge so it can soften so it can easily mix it up later .

Now it's time to get some fresh herbs .

We always keep some around in our garden .

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And for a compound butter , I really like chives , thyme , oregano , sage dill as well .

At the end of the day , you can really do it with all kinds of herbs .

It's just important they're fresh if you use dry herbs .

They're not flavor intense enough .

If you use frozen herbs , they're simply too moist , which is not good for the butter .

So , only go with fresh ones .

All I do now is to use a sharp chef's knife and really finally chop up my herbs .

Usually for a stick of butter .

I get a good handful of herbs .

Now , I add a pinch of mesquite , smoked salt to it and a little bit of Hungarian paprika don't overdo it .

You don't want it to be a dominant taste but just a side flavor of the compound butter .

My second ingredient for the butter is fish sauce because it adds that savory mommy flavor that makes things taste so good .

Finally , I chop up a small clove of garlic .

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Alternatively , I could also add a little bit of shallot because that rounds out the flavor of the butter .

Once it's all minced up , I add it to the bowl and stir it with a wooden spoon trying to mesh it up .

So everything is evenly distributed by now , the butter should be noticeably softer .

So you can easily mix everything up .

So you create it evenly green mass .

Once everything is evenly mixed , I get out a piece of parchment paper and put the butter in the middle .

Now I simply twist the ends .

So I create a little log that almost looks like a sausage .

At this point .

The butter is relatively soft and then add it back to the fridge .

So it can harden again .

Later on when your steak is ready , you can simply cut little rounds off of it and add them on top of the steak and it will melt slowly and create an additional flavor enhancement for your steak .

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That being said , but never goes unused in our household because we use it to saute things , maybe eat it on bread .

So it's really something that you can make a lot of I find and it gets better the older it gets .

And so it's just always something you can have in your fridge without worrying about it .

Getting too old .

If you enjoyed this video , make sure to check out the other videos in our steak guide such as how to buy a steak or how to cook a steak to perfection .

In today's video , I'm wearing a typical steak grilling outfit consisting of a blue polo shirt with long Sears sucker pants and spry boat shoes in navy and burgundy .


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