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2023-07-11 07:00:20

How to Play Back in Black on Guitar For Beginners - Guitar Lesson

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Yeah .

Mhm Eric Andre is your guitar stage here to teach you how to play back in Black .

Yeah .

Here we go .

We're gonna learn the whole tune except for the solo .

So this is how I want you to think .

I want you to think some basic open chords .

Uh Really there are three parts of this tune .

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There's the main riff which also happens during the verse and then there is the chorus and then there is this fun little giddy up and go section that's in the bridge after the um the solo .

OK .

So , um it starts off like this .

Um You're gonna start off with an E power cord , then an E or then ad power cord in an , a power cord .

If you don't know what power chords are here on youtube , just type in your guitar stage , power chords and I'll teach you all about them .

Otherwise you got an Ed and E uh Ed and a power chord .

You're also doing a lot of left hand right hand muting here on youtube .

If you need more help with that left hand muting your guitar stage or right hand muting your guitar stage .

There are videos to help you for free .

Um So you're gonna hit the chord mute it .

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Same thing with ad I'm muting with my left hand .

You can use left or right hand .

You know that part of your hand right there , right on the strings or better yet left hand .

OK ?

And then this riff here is gonna go now um let's see .

OK ?

What you're gonna do , this is 30 , 30 on the next string .

So 30 on the first string , 30 on the second string and then 20 , but you're gonna bend .

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So like , thank for OK , you can do um the , the riff goes by pretty quick so you can even give it some vibrato , you know , but it goes by pretty quick and that's gonna be the basic part of that rift there .

I've seen it picked , I've , I've , I've heard it pulled off .

I do it both .

It , it sounds great both ways .

So um experiment with it .

OK ?

So that's the intro lick A and then the B section goes OK ?

So that Riff think about it like this .

You're always coming back to the second fret of the A string which is A B , right ?

A hrb .

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Um And so you're gonna go um on the E string , you're gonna go 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th , but in between , you're always gonna come back to that two on the A string .

So it's gonna go , these are unison notes , meaning they're the same notes .

But you're kind of walking up , creeping up to it .

So , starts on the , the fourth .

So , yeah , you really wanna use your 3rd and 4th fingers for this .

Don't do this .

Looks amateur because it is amateur .

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Use your 3rd and 4th freaking fingers .

That's why dad gave them to you .

It's why they're on your hand .

Hopefully .

Um , I've seen people do some really good things with just 23 fingers , the Django Reinhart to be one .

But you're not the Django .

Neither am I use your 3rd and 4th fingers .

OK .

Speech is done if you need help with your 3rd and 4th fingers here on youtube type in your guitar stage , dexterity .

I've got a bunch of exercises to help you with dexterity .

Cool .

OK .

So here we go .

So the course is gonna go .

Who ?

Sorry about that .

Yeah .

OK .

So let me show you what those are .

So A E and B power cords .

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So A EB A B , hey , Bab and then the second part is gonna go GD A G A except this last G is just gonna be a single note .

So G , indeed .

Hey , so you're gonna bend that G right here , the third of the eastern , you're gonna bend it up about a quarter of a step and then hit your A again .

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So , yeah , G D OK .

Now there is this really , so that's it as far as the course .

OK .

So we got the verse , we got the intro , we got the course .

Now we're gonna do the giddy at the go part .

That's what I call it .

That pick up part where da da , da , da , da , da , da , da da , that part .

So it's gonna go like this .

Um OK .

So , and the cool thing is , is that this riff goes up to another key goes up to .

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So right now we're doing it in E and it goes up to , to a , so it's the same exact fingering , the same exact frets , just two strings down .

So let's learn it here one time and then you'll have it for the whole tune .

So you're gonna hit this first low E and then what you're gonna do either with a third or fourth finger , you're going to hit this fourth thread of the A string and slide it into the fifth .

So , so open and then hit the fourth fr slide it up to five and then back down .

So open slide 4242 and then the third threat of the East .

OK .

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Get it and then you can just keep walking it up .

Yeah .

Mhm OK .

Just like part B of the intro lick .

OK .

So , and yeah , so that's the same exact lick .

Move it down one string .

So open , open A and Right .

Yeah .

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Right .

Hot lick .

Of course it is J CDC .

Hopefully you learned something here today .

If you did hit the thumbs up and hit , subscribe .

And if you want a ton of free guitar stuff , I'm your guy got all sorts of free stuff , free ebooks , free videos , free blog with tons of free stuff if you follow me on .

Oh , here's , here's a little tidbit here that I don't mention to you very often .

I give my books away for free .

What ?

Yes , for free if you sign up to my email list .

So um at your guitar stage dot com , sign up to the email list , you get a ton of free stuff , not spam , just guitar stuff .

Um , and you get the free free books .

When I bring them to the market , you're first on the list and you get them for free .

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So hit me up there if you have any questions about this video or any other thing that I do on here and you want to learn how to play guitar , I can help you ask me any question that you want , preferably on Twitter or Facebook .

I'm not really good at answering mail on youtube .

I do it but reluctantly .

So please Twitter or Facebook .

I'm Eric Andres with your guitar sage .

Please spay and neuter your pets .

See you .

Yeah .


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