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2023-07-10 08:49:30

How to Make Spanish Rice

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If you wanna learn how to make delicious Spanish rice , please keep watching .

OK ?

So a good way to tell if your oil is hot enough is by taking a grain of rice and just putting in the oil and if it moves around like that , then it's ready .

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OK ?

When it's almost brown , we're gonna go ahead and add our garlic .

I've turned off my rice and now I'm gonna go ahead and add an eight ounce can of tomato sauce and give that a religious space .

You kind of want your rice to um fry in the tomato sauce a little bit because that's what's gonna give it its color and it's gonna give it a good flavor .

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Now , let's go ahead and add our water mixture and we're gonna go ahead and turn that back on to a high setting and bring it up to a boil .

Now , I'm gonna add some chopped onion , a little bit of pepper .

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Now , our water and spice mixture has been added and we have our rice on a high setting and we want it to come up to boil through the entire pan .

So my camera stopped recording , but my rice came up to a full boil .

I added my lid and now I turn my rice all the way to low .

You want your rice on the lowest setting possible and do not open the lid at all or your rice will be ruined .

And you're gonna wanna cook your rice for about 20 minutes .

The reason why you don't want to open your lid because the steam needs to cook all of your rice .

If you open the lid , your rice is going to be mushy and watery .

OK ?

So it's been about 20 minutes and our rice is done .

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So now we're gonna go ahead and turn the rice completely off and let it sit , still , do not open the rice or it will be ruined .

You need to let it sit for about 10 minutes .

A good way to tell if your rice is ready is if you have um a glass top , you can see if your rice is still boiling or not .

You don't want your rice to be boiling at all .

You want it to look a little bit dry .

If it's dry , you know it's ready .

Um If you still see it boiling a little bit , just let it keep going for about five more minutes and then it should be all the way cooked .

So now we're just gonna let our rice um sit and steam with the power off for about 10 minutes .

OK ?

So it's been about 10 minutes .

And our rice is ready .

Whenever you lift your lid , be careful not to get the excess moisture into your rice .

So go ahead and lift it and set it aside .

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Now you can go ahead and give your rice a quick stir .

And once your rice is done , this is how it should look and this is how your rice should come out nice and sticky .

If it comes out mushy , then that means that you either stirred the rice before it was time or you open the rice too early .


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