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2023-07-08 09:08:58

How to Cook Creamy Pepper Sauce for a Scotch Fillet Steak (Sauce au Poivre)

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Welcome to free to cook in this episode .

We're gonna be cooking a beautiful pepper sauce for your choice of steak .

This sauce is rich creamy but doesn't overwhelm the beautiful taste of the steak to start .

You need to finally dice one shallot , followed by two cloves of garlic .

Next , you'll need your choice of steak .

I've got a fantastic scotch filet season with salt and pepper on all sides .

Place a pan over high heat once it's really nice and hot , add some oil .

I'm using canola oil as it has a high smoking point .

Place a steak in the center of the pan for a steak .

This thick cook it for three minutes on each side for medium rare .

See the steak on all sides before removing it from the pan , place the steak on a plate and tent with foil , deglaze the pan with white wine .

You could also use beef stock , but I find it affects the flavor of the sauce .

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We wanna use all those delicious steak bits that have been left in the pan , add the diced shallots and garlic to the pan cook until the shallots and garlic begins to soften and brown .

Add a few sticks of butter .

Cook for one more minute .

Add half a cup of white wine to the pan , then one tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper .

So the pepper into the sauce , this will give the sauce a nice peppery flavor but it won't overwhelm it then reduced by half .

This will intensify the flavors .

Once the sauce is reduced down , add half a cup of thickened cream , stir the cream into the rest of the sauce simmer and reduce the sauce until it's thicken for a little extra flavor .

Add the juice from the steak that's been resting .

A good way of knowing when the sauce is ready is when it holds the back of a spoon .

All that's left to do is to serve it up there .

You have it a beautiful pepper sauce for your choice of steak .

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This creamy peppery sauce has a great balance of flavor but won't overwhelm that beautiful taste of the steak .

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