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2023-07-09 14:20:53

How To Cook Kerala Matta Rice In A Clay Pot - Healthy Cooking _ Skinny Recipes

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel .

And today I'm sharing how to cook Kerala Mata rice in a clay pot .

Clay is alkaline in nature .

And when you cook food in clay pots , it neutralizes the ph balance of food and hence acts as a natural detox .

Also , the mud contains all the possible vitamins .

Even vitamin B 12 , cooking in clay pots retains all the nutrients of the food .

Hence , food is much tastier and healthier .

Kerala Mata rice also known as rose mata rice is grown in the fields of plea district of Kerala .

Hence the rice is also known as Pard and Mata rice .

Kerala Mata rice has less calories than white rice .

It is rich in fiber .

It has vitamin A and B and is also rich in vitamin B six .

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And cooking in clay pots helps to retain all the nutrients .

Mata rice takes a slightly longer time to cook than white rice .

So today I'm sharing my way of cooking mata rice .

So let's get started with the recipe .

This is how Carla Mata rice looks like .

It has red specks on the rice , which is actually the brand though these days , you can get a fully polished rice .

I personally prefer this one over the fully polished rice .

So what I have done is I measured one cup of mata rice into my clay pot and I'm now going to rinse and wash the rice for about 3 to 4 times .

And once the rice is washed and rinsed , well , fill the pot with water .

And guys I have already shared from where I buy clay pots and how I season them links will be updated below this video .

So please do check it out .

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Now , keep this over the flame and once it starts to boil , reduce the flame and let it cook on low flame for about 10 to 15 minutes .

After 15 minutes , you can see that the rice has started to cook , but it is not fully cooked .

And now I'm covering it with a plate and I'm keeping something heavy like a dosa tower or a cast iron pan like the one I'm using and then turn off the flame and keep it like this for about 30 to 35 minutes .

What I generally do is I do this process by around 11 , 11 30 AM .

So that by lunchtime rice is ready .

Ok .

Half an hour later , you can see that the rice has cooked well and also has swelled up and absorbed the water .

So I'm adding in some more water and I'm giving it a stir .

OK ?

I'll just show you how well the rice has cooked .

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Now I'm gonna turn on the flame and once it starts to boil , cover it with the lid and strain the rice carefully as I'm showing in the video , keep it like this for about 5 to 10 minutes so that the water is completely drained off and then you can serve the rice .

So guys do try this method and let me know how this turned out .

Don't forget to like comment and share this video with family and friends .

Thank you for watching and until next time , take care .

Bye bye .


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