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2023-07-09 14:28:25

Vegetable Coconut Rice Sunday Dinner (Jamaican Cooking) _ Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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Come back in the kitchen with chef cooking show is amazing to be in the kitchen giving you favorite recipes and ideas and things that you may love at home guys and coming up with different kind of recipes and different kind of things .

But anyway , I want to give you this recipe , this recipe nice .

I love it .

Welcome back .

Welcome back in the with chef cook show guys .

It's amazing to be in the kitchen .

Anyway , today we want to give you a Jamaican vegetable , coconut rice .

We're going to use a Jamaican Valley all purpose and a little bit of the jerk season also inside of the dish inside of the rice .

OK ?

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So today I'm going to show you exactly how to make this lovely , fantastic , nice and tastable vegetable , coconut rice right here .

I have some mixed vegetable .

The mixed vegetable is green peas , sweet corn and carrots .

As you guys can see , I have almost and this is all cans of coconut milk and I have a cup , a tall glass of rice .

I got the Jamaican Valley all purpose season right here .

And I have the jerk season to get the Jamaican Valley season .

You need to go to their website at Jamaica Valley at Jamaica Valley dot com , double double that Jamaica van dot com and get your season and they can cook with it , do all different kind of dishes .

And also they have their new product come out , which is the vegan vegetable season is going to be amazing .

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Um You can use my code to get , if you use my code , you can get 10% off by using the word chef Rick Chefr IC 123 and you get 10% off .

We've got the coconut milk which is half cans of coconut milk .

We've got a tall glass of rice off the way .

We've got two cups of rice and we got white onion thyme spring onion .

I know .

So , so what you're gonna do though is cut up a medium size wags on there , right ?

This is a medium size white owner which I'm going to be cutting on for half a moment .

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Also going to be cutting up two spring onion .

Nice one .

So right here , all of the vegetables cut up and now we're gonna show you how to take it to the next level .

Nice and lovely guys .

So basically I just washed my rice and as I can see , my pa pa is gonna start to boil up in a minute , right ?

So let's get a piece of napkin and let's wipe our own edges .

Yeah , things looking good as you can see .

Nice .

I love it .

Look at that .

So we're going to have the rice .

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So basically this is the rice .

I had an extra cup of rice on it .

So it's three cups of rice .

You can do two cups if you like .

All right .

So basically , so you can see the rice , right ?

That's what they wanna see because you don't wanna have too much water and don't feel no way you can make this in your rice cooker at home if you have a rice cooker .

All right .

All I want to do though is try not to make too much liquid .

So what I'm gonna do , I'm gonna simply take a little bit of the liquid out .

OK ?

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You don't wanna have too much liquid cars , the rice which have been used and it is basma rice very easy to cook .

And I know vegetable and bring water also .

So you don't wanna have too much water inside of the pot .

OK ?

Yeah .

So I took a little bit of the liquid oil and what I'm going to do is turn on my stove a little bit and then I'm gonna cover it like this and load it to cook for 15 minutes .

Then we're gonna look at it on a medium size .

Eat nice .

I love it guys .

So look at this .

See you dad .

Nice .

It sounds lovely .

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So what we're going to do is remove the pepper .

That's the first thing this one .

All right .

Ah , there they got timer .

Let's get rid of the time the mod .

Yeah .

And then wake up the rice , you know .

Yeah .

Let's make up the rice a little bit .

Yeah .

Nice one .

This is looking so lovely and nice .

You have to wake up your rice and look a bit .

Yeah .

Look at that .

The one , this is nice .

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I will make this steam for another 10 minutes .

We're good to go .

Yes , like looking lovely vegetable or coconut rice .

Now , it sounds lovely guys .

So basically let's see what's going on right here .

Yes , this is it .

I did wake it up a little bit earlier .

So as I said , guys , this is all the rice .

Look so lovely and nice .

And honestly , as I said , coconut vegetable rice are vegetable , coconut rice , really nice and lovely .

So this guy served with rice .

This guy served with stewed chicken fish , whatever you like to serve it with , it's up to you .

So please enjoy the recipe and subscribe to the youtube channel .

Alright guys .

Thank you so much for watching Chef Car Show .

As I said , we've got a lot more .

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We will be coming see you next time .

Bye bye .


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