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2023-07-10 08:47:38

Cooking a roast beef joint in the halogen oven

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right Today , we're gonna cook a roast beef joint in the halogen oven , and I'm looking forward to that .

Now , if you want vegetables to accompany it , I've got my potatoes already there to boil par oil .

And I've got my veg all in the steamer , and I've popped my beef onto the scales because I need to know how much it weighs before I start cooking , right .

I'm gonna use a cold halogen oven to put it in 210 degrees Celsius .

You're gonna pop that on .

You're gonna put your beef in there and cook for 20 minutes doing that .

The temperature of the oven is heating at the same time is the temperature of the beef and it tenderises it slightly .

So that's why I cook it from cold .

Then you add 20 minutes per per per pound of cooking time or 445 grammes .

You can see I'm struggling with the pounds and kilogrammes .

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All right , so it's 20 minutes per pound or if you want it in kilogrammes , it's almost half a kilogramme , right ?

You wanna season your beef a little bit to give you flavour , but don't use salt because that means that the juices run away and it won't be as tender and moist .

So just season it .

I've got a little bit of black pepper here , all the way round , all right ?

And I'm also gonna use my famous seasonal because I just love that .

And I'm gonna cook my roast potatoes with mine so you'll see at what point I put them in .

If you don't want to cook your roast potatoes , you just want to cook your joint and then pop it onto a into a roasting tray and then put it on a rack , just a single wrap on the bottom .

I'm gonna cook the roast potatoes with mine , so I'm gonna put mine straight into the cold halogen oven .

So there's your seasoned beef going in .

I use a little bit of lard or tricks , and I just pop it on the top of it .

Don't need any racks or anything .

I'm just gonna sit there .

Don't worry about all of that .

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That will just all go and melt off .

Pop that into the cold Hagen oven 210 degrees , and you're gonna cook that for 20 minutes and then I'm gonna cook it a further 20 minutes per pound , so I need to cook it for a further 40 minutes .

But after the 1st 20 minutes , you reduce your heat down to 100 and 80 .

So the 1st 20 minutes cooked from cold at 210 then cooked each pound a further 20 minutes .

So in my case , because it was £2 it needs a further 40 minutes on the reduced heat .

So let's start off .

It's a 210 and that's going to be for 20 minutes , right ?

I'm not turning the beef yet .

It will be turned halfway through the cooking time , and you need to determine that from the weight of your beef .

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For me , it's in another 20 minutes because my beef was £2 as you saw .

So therefore , I'm gonna give it a further 20 minutes , reduce the heat to 100 and 80 that is now going to cook , and at this point I'm gonna pop my potatoes on , ready to boil them to put in .

You can see all the juice is running away .

Some people like use those for gravy .

That's perfectly all right .

If you do .

You probably want to put as much , uh or fat on as I have , but then you might want to cook it in a roasting tin .

Do cook it in a roasting tin .

Use the lower rack so the heat can generate and come up underneath .

Right , That's had 20 minutes now .

So now I'm going to turn it over so we do the other side and cook for 20 more minutes , and then you add the final 20 minutes cooking time on at the end .

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We put a little bit more oil in because I've got my potatoes here that are car boiled , ready to go in .

They've been boiled , distress them a little bit and then pop them in , cover them with oil and start cooking again So you can see I've got the potatoes in .

And what I do is I make sure they're all covered in the oil and look at these juices that are coming out of the beef .

Turn them over and then that is all going to your potato .

That's why I like to cook them this way so they all need to be covered now with oil , and then I can continue cooking .

So that's now The cooking time is recommended at 20 minutes a pound and you see those potatoes are coming on beautifully .

I'm now just going to base everything .

Get all those fats over everything all over this and then give it its last 20 minutes of cooking time .

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And then when I turn this back on because we rest our beef for 20 minutes , then when I turn this back on , if I turn my steam on for 40 minutes , it should all be cooked at the same time .

So there's our beef cooked there slightly , probably slightly darker there than I'd like , but no worries .

We can cut that little piece off .

We could have covered it with some parchment paper , but I didn't .

I wanted the potatoes to get crispy , and I thought it would get in the way .

So that's just one thing you need to watch out for .

OK , if you wanna check if it's cooked or how you like it cooked , then obviously you know that that's what you're gonna You're gonna be popping one of those in .

But , uh , it's not much to worry about .

That's exactly how I like it .

So now that's gonna go onto a into A onto a plate in some foil to rest for 20 minutes , Right ?

Our beef resting for 20 minutes .

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Here , our Pota is looking absolutely gorgeous .

I'm now gonna turn them over , gonna turn it back up to 200 degrees , and we've got 20 minutes on the steamer , so everything should be ready around about the same time .

And we can get the beef sliced , ready to go on the plate towards the end of this cooking time .

Right ?

We have five minutes to go .

The meat is rested .

The Yorkshire puddings cheats .

Ones frozen are ready to go in .

And over here , we have the beef being cut , right While the gravy is making two minutes before the end of cooking time .

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Pop your frozen Yorkshires in and they're all cook .

Ready to go .

How about that , right ?

Hello , everyone .

So here we are , traditional roast beef dinner done in the old oven and to perfection on where you say looks lovely .

And , uh , someone's got to test it , so , you know , it might as well be me .

I'll , I'll do the job .

No problem .

So just give it a little trial of the old beef there .

And let's give it a go with a bit of , um , of course he's fantastic .

OK , you know where to go for all our recipes .

Anything to do with our Of course .

We've got everything there at 33 .

You know where to go .

Thanks very much for watching .

Bye bye .

Mhm .


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