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Best Pepper Steak Recipe _ Easy Beef Stir Fry _ Fluffy Basmati Rice Recipe _Steak and Pepper

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This pepper sticks recipe is so delicious and very easy to make .

Hey friends , I'm chef .

Let's start this dish for this pepper steak recipe .

I have this piece of scat steak that is about £1.5 .

This is a fairly tender cut of beef .

We're gonna open this , get some paper towel and just put it to dry .

That's very important for this kind of recipe .

You wanna be careful how the grains of the steak run .

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You can see they run just across , gonna cut this beef on a bias across the grain so that we just improve the tenderness .

So you wanna just go , then you can actually just cut this in half the grains run along this way .

So I wanna cut across so that when you are chewing , it is much easier and then I'm just going to cut them into fairly thin pieces .

So this is very good cut of beef , nicely marbled .

And this has very good flavors .

Actually a very good piece for grilling too still with the beef on the board .

Some salt black pepper .

I just don't wanna do extra clean up .

I'm going to Sprinkle this with some rice flour , you can do regular flour , but I'm looking to do a dish today .

Actually , that is gluten free .

Let's bring all this together .

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Just coat the beef with the rice flour .

Rice flour is gluten free .

Corn starch is gluten free .

The reason that I'm using the rice flour too because I'm doing a batch cooking .

This is a dish that I'm going to save in the freezer and corn starch is not very good for reheating .

So when you combine it with the rice flour , it makes it easier when you reheat , the sauce will still be stable .

So that's a good tip .

Now for the veggies three peppers , a white onion .

Nothing better than a sharp knife .

When you're working in the kitchen , take out that sticker Julien the papers or cut them into match sticks .

Absolutely no waste .

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This is cooking at home .

I always emphasize no fanciness if that is English .

So take this and just , just like so nice , fairly medium Julian or mud stick .

And I'll do the rest of the peppers onto a holding container .

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We need one onion , peel and slice it just to make sure the onions are separated and then this will be mixed with the paper .

I always encourage to eat with your eyes and colors mostly translate into more nutrients by the way .

Thank you friends for all your support .

I just received my silver award .

I'm just so happy and I'm just so thankful to have you on my channel , each and every one of you .

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It's a good time now to start making our pepper steak dish , add two tablespoons of vegetable oil into this pan and let it heat , add the beef and make sure everything touches the bottom of the pan .

Just turn each piece of the base to make sure that it's all nicely brown .

And by the time this beef is brown , it's actually almost cooked .

So you also wanna be careful , you don't overcook it .

So remove this beef onto this plate , set it aside and do the other batch .

This beef is all brown onto the pan , peppers , onions , season attached salt and pepper .

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We just wanna slightly soften these peppers and onions .

Yeah , our peppers here have slightly softened , add a tablespoon of garlic , ginger tablespoon a half a teaspoon of tomato paste just slightly cook off the ginger and the garlic and caramelize the tomato paste just so slightly at this point .

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If you need to add extra vegetable oil , you can now return the beef into the pan together with all the juices that have accumulated .

Add about three tablespoons of tamari sauce .

This is gluten free soil .

A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar about a quarter teaspoon of besame oil , a teaspoon of honey just to bring all the flavors together to this .

So remember we use the rice flour in the beginning to coat the beef .

So this will thicken the sauce here , I'll give it just a splash of water and this is basically done into this pan .

Add some of the leftover garlic ginger .

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Just a touch of vegetable oil .

A cup of basmati rice that I rinsed three times in cold water and just left it to soak .

Add some salt , just a touch of pepper .

Once this comes to a boil cover , cook for about 15 to 18 minutes all until the rice is cooked nice and fluffy .

Reduce the heat finish with some scallions .

Some cilantro .

This is headed to the table .

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Our delicious pepper steak dinner and basmati rice is all cooked .

You can serve this family style just as is or you can serve individually .

Look at that beautiful rice just fluff it slightly .

Mm .

So fragrant with the ginger the garlic .

Now to serve just mount some of these rice rice goes onto the plate .

Come on to this beautiful pepper stick here .

Mound it right on top .

It looks like a good portion for me .

Garnish with some of these scallions .

Just a touch of cilantro .

You can use one of them .

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So there you have it our delicious pepper steak that you can do on any day of the week with this basma rice .

It makes a very comforting dish just gonna have to give it a bite here .

Mm How about some peppers with this fluffy rice ?

So friends a very quick and easy dish that you can do on any day of the week .

Delicious pepper steak recipe with this fluffy but tomato rice .

It's a dish that you can batch cook .

Save it in the fridge or you can even serve it in the freezer and you and your family will definitely enjoy it .

Thank you so much for watching this one .

I hope to see you in the next one .

Just remember , please comment , subscribe to this channel .

Give me a thumbs up .

I will see you in the next one .


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