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2023-07-10 09:17:50

19 Tools To Make Cooking Easier

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I'm getting tired of kitchen gadget culture .

95% of that stuff is totally useless .

That's a made up number .

By the way , it's about time that we start talking about only the stuff that you need or what ?

Well , what I think you need , I don't know , it's up to you .

Let me just start this off by saying you don't need to drop a whole paycheck on tools to be a good cook .

That's just , that's just a fact .

Now a good cook knows how to use tools .

But you know , having good tools does uh does help quite a bit .

So for that reason , I'll be splitting this video into two different sort of segments .

I've been getting a lot of D MS on Instagram , which by the way , if you don't follow me , the link is in the description , you won't be disappointed .

Anyway , people have been D ming me and sort of commenting a lot about wanting to see me talk about my favorite tool .

So I thought instead of just talking about my favorite tools , I'm gonna talk about tools that I actually think are absolutely essential and hugely useful to me .

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And I feel like it will be to a lot of other people .

So with all that said , let's do this , shall we ?

So , like I said , I'm gonna break this into two different categories .

Let's start with the absolute necessities .

First thing is super obvious , I'm sorry .

But a knife and a cutting board are king .

If you're not starting with this , then uh you are in trouble .

This com alone solves way more kitchen tasks than you would think other than just cutting stuff .

And it's super economical if you don't want to buy a bunch of mechanical things like a food processor .

Next thing is a personal favorite of mine is a pair of nice kitchen sheers .

These come in handy way more than you would think .

Small tasks like removing tough stocks from stuff without damaging your knife , cutting through small bones and like chicken and fish , use something that you can get down and dirty with .

Also in conjunction with that painter's tape and a sharpie really great for laying so you can keep track of all your stuff .

Now , lots of people have a grater , but the one that I would really recommend is a micro plane , which is really the best grater on the planet .

If you want those nice delicate threads , you know , I'm as for pots and pans .

You know , people really like to overcomplicate this .

Just think about what you like to cook a lot or the things that you might be cooking and get the appropriate size .

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I have , you know , a small , medium and large of every style of pot and pan because that's how I be .

I would just recommend having different kinds of services .

Have some that are non stick , have some that are cast iron .

I'm a big fan of pans that you can put in the oven because they're multipurpose and you can roast small amounts of stuff in them or finish a steak in the oven .

If they're heat safe on the handle , let's talk about spoons .

You need different sized spoons .

A because you can make more spooning puns and B for multiple uses in cooking .

Some will need , will be for basting , some will be for sauce stirring , you know , efficient cereal eating just , you know , the little things count .

Sure everybody has measuring spoons .

But why not kitchen scales .

I'm putting this on the necessity side because I want you to do my recipes and grams .

Not shelf , not self .

Wow , not selfish at all .

Baking trays and wire racks are the multi-purpose king of any kitchen .

You can roast tons of things on them , use them for baking cookies .

The wire racks can be used to drizzle chocolate over stuff or to ice doughnuts or whatever so that it falls beneath and it's easy to clean up .

You know , there's just , there's just so many uses .

Now , if you've known me long enough , you know that I'm a big fan of jars .

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These are like the storage love of my life .

You know , not only are they great for storage but they're good for fermentation .

Pickling .

You know , you can put sauces in them oils .

They're just , they're , they're too good and they look so nice .

I'm all about that jar aesthetic .

You know what I'm saying ?

Now , last , but not least on the essential side would be stirring spoons .

I don't like to use metal stirring spoons .

I much prefer to use something like a wooden stirring spoon or a silicone spatula , which are also great for scraping stuff out .

The thing .

The reason why I prefer wood is just you can use them for pretty much any surface because they don't scratch nonstick and they just look a whole lot nicer .

OK ?

So next piece is stuff that I prefer to have , but it's not a requirement for warning .

This is the stuff that's more expensive .

So if anyone's like , oh my gosh , it's too expensive .

These are not a necessity .

You don't need to have a Lamborghini , but it's nice to have a Lamborghini , right ?

So number one on this list is the coveted Kitchen Aid stand mixer .

One of my most favorite tools in my kitchen .

It does a million billion things other than just making dough .

It , it does everything I'm not even gonna try and sell you on this .

It's too good .

Next up on that is my fermentation station .

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You guys already know how I feel about this thing too .

I love this thing .

It's great for making bread and fermentation .

It is the perfect fermentation chamber .

By the way , guys , just a reminder , all the links for this stuff is gonna be in the description if you want to see it or check it out , read about it .

Whatever next up is gonna be a vitamins blender .

Now , I know these things are expensive but this is an industry standard for a reason .

You can blend and make anything so velvety smooth from nut butters to sauces to purees .

It's just it , it , it's I use mine all the time .

Oh yeah , my bad .

I almost forgot .

Ha ha nut butter .

Another one would be a sous vied circulator .

These things are super useful .

There's a couple of different ones on the market , but there are two dominating brands that I really like and I'll have them linked below .

It turns literally anything into a sous vied bat .

So how can you complain about that ?

And the last thing which is also a follow up to the sous Vied Circulator is a vac machine and vac bags .

These are obviously going to be used for the sous vide .

You vacuum seal your meats and then you sous vied them .

But this can be used for so many things beyond that .

Not just food storage , but you can use it to ferment things .

I love to ferment berries with this .

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I'm fermenting some blueberries here and it just makes storage , super duper efficient in your fridge or dry goods or whatever .

But these are just some basic things .

I'm trying to avoid making this video too cumbersome .

And I put what I think is most essential .

But do you want to know what else is most essential b roll ?

All right guys .

And that is it .

So we're gonna , we talked about whoa , there was a lot of directions I was about to go with that .

We talked about a lot of different tools today .

There are many , many , many more tools out there that are great that I use .

But I wanted to keep this as simple as possible down to like really just bare essentials .

More importantly , the multitude of uses for each individual tool because the thing is with these really simple tools , a lot of people only see them for one basic thing because they are so basic .

But the reality is a lot of these really simple tools like a knife .

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Actually , in my opinion , are oftentimes better to just use that tool .

You know , it's , it's always gonna be your choice , whatever tools that you like to use , everybody's different .

I'm just trying to spread the good word , you know , and make , make homies .

We're homies .

I hope that you feel the same way .

And if you're a true homie , then you should be following me on Instagram and Twitter , which is in the link below that was , that was next level , shameless .

If you enjoyed this video or you learn something .

Leave a , like , subscribe and I will see you next time .

Yeah .

You're out of the cabinet now , huh ?

I don't know what I'm doing right now .

So I'm gonna turn the camera off now .


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