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2023-07-10 09:16:37

How to cook an SCA Steak by World Champion Robby Staggs, sponsored by SuckleBusters

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Welcome to Suckle Buster's Outdoor Kitchen .

Today , we have a very special guest with us , Mr Robbie Staggs .

He is owner of Champion Barbecue Supply in Amarillo , Texas .

He also is on two big mafia team .

Today .

He's gonna introduce a new seasoning that he's created and he's also gonna teach us how to cook an sc a steak .

So , Robbie , why don't you tell us a little bit about the road to the championship and how you got there ?

Well , it all started .

Uh , um I had a pretty good year last year but I didn't get a first .

Uh , my wife got a first in about July and she qualified for the world championship .

So that really got me off my rear end .

Uh I had to do about eight straight weeks of events just to qualify on points .

I ended up qualifying on points in Wichita Falls .

Um Luckily I was on a very cold streak .

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I gone about eight tournaments with no calls .

Um , so I picked a good time to break my cold streak at the world championship , so never give up , never give up .

But one thing I didn't learn is get my timing down and get a process down .

Uh , so doing it eight straight weeks in a row .

I really got my process down .

I think that's really what propelled us , uh , to get our consistency enough to win a world championship .

Awesome .

Well , I'll tell you what , how about you show us how to cook one of those sc , a steaks .

So , the first thing when you get to an sc , a steak after the cooks meeting is picking out a steak where you're gonna run across is a table probably as big as this whole bar full of , full of steaks .

Uh , you'll draw numbers to pick your order and , uh , you'll , you'll come through line one time and you'll come back through in the opposite order .

But as you , as you're walking by with these 50 steaks , what we're looking for is really this meat .

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So whether you're at the supermarket or you're at an sc , a table , picking out a steak , what we're looking for is a soft , well marbled meat right here .

So , in this particular example , this is like a little mini table we've got here .

Uh , this steak would be the least valuable on this table .

Um , for judging or for your dinner table .

Uh , this will probably be the most valuable , uh , a lot of people in sc A call this A try Heart .

It's got all three muscles intact .

Uh , this wrap around is also a good one .

Uh , this one here is just a smaller version of this .

Still got the three muscles just not as big .

Um These two aren't bad , but this would be definitely our throwaway .

So we would be comfortable turning in all five of these except this one .

So today we'll grab , we'll grab a try heart and we'll grab a wrap around Spinal and we'll cook these two today .

So next , we're gonna cut out some of this fat .

We don't want to judge as deep .

Um , we're just gonna do just a light shaving about as soon as we can .

We still want as much as that meat .

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And when you're doing this guys on , uh , use long slow strokes that way you don't really damage the meat and you don't have any pressure .

So , so guys , when you get to here , we're gonna take this last piece off right there .

What we don't want to do is cut this piece right here because this is connecting those two muscles .

If not , it'll split on you .

So the first thing we're gonna do , we're gonna tie the steak up .

Uh , and the reason why we do that , um , when you grill these rib eye , they're gonna tend to expand .

Uh , the fat is gonna shrink , sometimes expand .

It's gonna do all kinds of different things .

So we wanna keep this thing stationary so we can get our grill marks , uh , the way we want them .

So first thing we're gonna cut out a little bit of string and then we're gonna go around this state and we're gonna do a butcher's nut , which is , uh , like tying your shoe , but we're gonna go through it twice .

So that way it'll stay in place to get her nut .

So now we got our butchers not started .

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We're just gonna tie that up .

Not too tight .

We don't wanna choke it to death , but we don't want it to move .

So you see how our butchers not , has stayed in place .

So we'll go ahead and fold that over .

Give that a real tight .

What I do is I leave about two inches on the , uh , on the string .

That way when I turn in the box , it's still on there to remind me to take it off .

A lot of people have been disqualified in C A including me .

Um , I've left my string on and the last thing they tell you at the meeting is leave , don't leave your , your string on your steak .

So this is just a little reminder we'll move on to seasoning now .

So some people marinate some people , uh , I , I call it a dry marinade .

I'm gonna start with a binder .

You can use oil .

I'm gonna use a little bit of Bloom Worcester sauce .

This stuff is a great product .

It's out of , uh , Wisconsin , I believe .

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Um , and we sell it on our website , but we're gonna do about six or seven drops and we'll just pat that in and go around the side .

So I'm not putting a whole lot on there just enough to get the steak .

We , and then we're gonna go with our seasoning here .

We're gonna go pretty liberal .

So we're gonna cover this thing pretty good .

Just pat that in and we'll hit that side just a little bit while it's still wet .

We're gonna let this set for about 10 or 15 minutes .

Uh , let that thing sweat up the salts and everything will draw the moisture up , out of , out of the , out of the steak and , uh , that rub will kind of dissolve into the steak .

So we've let this steak set for about 20 minutes and you see , uh , the juices will come up .

Um , the steak looks whipped .

So now we're ready to season the other side and , and we're gonna do the exact same thing on the other side .

We're gonna put about five or six drops on there .

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We're gonna rub it in and we're gonna literally , uh , cover that .

Now , we're gonna transfer it to a pan .

Now , I've got , I've got a chicken rack , uh , in here to keep , uh , the air going all around it .

I don't want all my rub sitting here .

See most of that rub , uh , landing on the cutting board and I don't wanna sit there all day and all that bottom of the rub to be lost .

So , uh , I put it on a chicken rack in a pan , we'll put some foil over it and we'll just set it aside until we're ready to cook .

All right .

So we're gonna use a product called grilled grapes .

Uh , we want our grilled grapes to be 556 100 degrees .

If you don't have infrared theme , we want that , uh , just hot enough .

We can only hold it for a couple of seconds .

Uh , so where we're gonna start , this steak is we're gonna start by spraying a little coat of duck fat and we're gonna place it directly on the heat .

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This is a £3 weight and then we're gonna , we're gonna let that weight rest for about 15 seconds .

Some people do it the entire cook .

I do it 15 seconds .

I just want to set those grates and then we're gonna , we're gonna close that lid .

So 15 seconds are up .

We're gonna shut this lid in total cooking time .

This is gonna be about a minute and 30 on this side .

All right .

So our timer's gone off now , we're getting ready to do our 2nd 2nd flip .

What we do is gonna slide our great spa under here .

We're gonna grab our brush .

We will get that great clean again .

So our grill marks will be clean .

We're gonna take our duck fat coat this side .

You got a quick spray and then I transfer it to my left hand .

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I wanna put this edge right on that grill Martin , we're gonna put the steak weight back on there for about 15 seconds .

All right , we're going to cook for , uh , about another minute .

15 .

Right .

We're gonna do the same thing here .

We're gonna pop that thing off , clean up the remnant and what we're gonna do now , we're , we're gonna give us another coat of duck fat and now we're gonna go exactly the opposite .

So we're gonna take this in our hands , flip it around , then we go exactly opposite the way we just had it .

So that's gonna give us that perfect cross hatch .

We're gonna give that another about 15 seconds , ok , 15 seconds up .

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We're gonna let that just all right .

So we're going on our fourth clip here and once again , we're gonna pop this thing up .

The reason why we pop that up .

We don't wanna rip our grill marks .

So if you pop it straight up , we have a better chance of keeping those grill marks intact .

So now we're gonna do the exact same thing on this side .

We're gonna put this on directly above that and this will be the first time we butter the steak and I've got some preseason butter here .

Um , some of the seasoning with the duck pat is washed off .

So I'm gonna take some of this preseason butter .

I'm gonna take it a little bit off the top .

That's not , uh , or the fat set on the bottom .

We're gonna give it a little dose .

We're gonna give that just about 15 seconds .

So we're gonna let that cook .

So now we've got two sides to choose from .

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So we're still gonna give this a little pop up .

Ok ?

So now we gotta make a decision which side looks better .

So we got darker marks on this side , a little bit of char and we have a little ladder marks on this set .

Um , we'll decide here just a little bit .

So now what we're gonna do , we're gonna raise this steak up .

This steak should be about 100 degrees .

And what we're gonna do is take our thermometer and we're gonna cook this thing slow and we're at about 90 90 we're at about 95 degrees .

So what we're gonna do , we're gonna raise this up .

We're done .

We're done getting grill marks right now .

So we're gonna , we're gonna raise this thing up slowly and we're gonna start buttering it about every minute or two .

So , we gonna keep buttering that thing and this is seasoned butter .

I took our same seasoning .

We season with the two big Mafia seasoning and we're just gonna coat it and keep coating it .

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We're gonna let this sit , we're probably gonna have this cooked for about two minutes and then we'll check on it .

We'll see how we're doing and where we , this right in the middle of the state where we , where the judges to cut .

So we're right in the middle .

We're getting real close .

We're about , uh , we're getting close to 100 and 30 degrees .

We're gonna give this a final butter and we're gonna pull this right about 137 138 degrees .

And we're gonna get a five minute , five minute rest and then we'll get ready for the judges .

Right .

So , we come from the grill and I put a little seasoning on our foil .

Uh , we've washed a lot of that seasoning off with the butter and the duck fat and everything .

So we're gonna re season the bottom of it and we're gonna let this steak rest for about 5 , 10 minutes .

A minimum of five .

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I don't wanna get that full so tight that we've , uh , ruined the steaks apparently .

So we're gonna bunch that up .

We're gonna let that rest for at least five minutes .

We're gonna unwrap this .

It's been about five minutes , uh , of rest time .

We're gonna take this out of the foil .

We're gonna save that juice .

What we're looking for right now is as you see , a lot of the seasons washed out , we're gonna hit this with , uh , one more just up high seasoning .

We're gonna take just a little bit of butter and we're gonna disguise that seasoning just a little bit .

So we've , we've re seasoned .

Remember I said we cut our string .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is a reminder to cut our string and now we're ready for the box so we can see our final here and we want the judges to eat banana .

So our cut is gonna be right through here .

So we're gonna cut this this way .

We should be in a perfect medium .

I hope you've learned everything you need to know to get your first sc a steak cooked .

I hope , uh , for you guys that do it all the time , maybe , uh , picked up a point or two .

I'd like to thank Dan for Circle Busters for letting us use his backyard to do this .

Uh , also grill greats , uh PK for supplying the grill .

Uh , Jealous Devil for trying , supplying the charcoal .

Um , feel free to go to Dan's website .

Order our , uh , two big mafia rub or you go to champion barbecue supply dot com as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , but we're always in the store there in Emerald Texas to help you out , uh , help all your cooking needs and , uh , hope y'all enjoyed it .

And since we're not actually turning the judges , we're about to get about to get to eating .

So y'all have a good , good evening .

Oh , that's awesome .

Robbie .


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