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2023-07-10 08:43:19

Making Steak Tacos Faster Than A Restaurant _ But Faster

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Tacos cheap , easy fast .

Unless you order delivery or go to a restaurant and you're just sitting , we can do better .

$15 delivery , 40 minute delivery time when all you wanted was a little taco .

Now it's steamed in a box .

Disgusting .

Shame , flavorless .

Not today .

We're done with that fan .

Favorite Ulysses call in the restaurant .

He's gonna go and get it .

Come back .

I gotta make it before he gets back .

Let's begin .

You gonna find right ?

Can I order two tacos for pick ?

Thank you today .

We're gonna win the first flash shirt .

Didn't work .

So it's a reverse Ulysses .

I'm a little bit more meat recipe on the website .

I got a pee .

It's gonna be a little bit mixed up , but we'll start with the beef taco .

We'll start with the breakfast taco onion , diced onion in the bowl , right ?

Tomato cut that like this batons dicing it all the way home dicing the jalape .

I mean pino , who said , who said that ?

And that's the story .

I just been chilling right now .

Am I getting too cocky ?

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK .

Chop cilantro and a little bit of salt .

Peppy Wey and a wee bit of lime juice .

OK .

Mix that up PICO de gallo .

Look at that .

That's done on a ranger this week because we win straight win .

Let's make the salsa .

This is for the steak taco .

This is not an order in any sense of the word .

So don't be like , oh , well , which parts , what look I'm doing this for speed .

Not for your aesthetic under top on .

I just take the tops off of these Serrano , those two of those in the blender .

Normally I char them .

But do I look like I have time ?

A little bit of lime juice .

Got an onion .

Then I'm gonna cut the bottom and the top off and then in half skin it in there , I was messing with Josh's equipment .

So some of the electricity might not be running through that .

Be like the Stros and cheat to win , baby .

Oh boy , that's done .

Salsa can be simple .

It should be simple .

I would argue .

That's a finished salsa .

I told Josh a long time ago he was invited to the Carne Asada , but if he wins , he's disinvited .

So onion .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Cut the top off .

This is for the top .

You know how it is .

You go to a taco truck , they got the onions and the cilantro you can't knock that .

That's like probably one of the most iconic combos that just works so beautifully .

Gonna dice that .

All right .

That goes in the bowl .

Where are they ?

I wonder where they're at right now .

You know , if the United States government would just let me use my speed powers without any consequences .

Series would have been over .

Episode one .

We got some cilantro .

This is also for our garnish very rough chino .

If you want to finally chop cilantro quickly , don't just run your knife through it .

Ok .

Start with a nice little rough chino .

It doesn't have to be perfect down the whole line .

Boom .

And then we went this way .

Now we're going to go this way very finely and boom .

You got fine chopped cilantro .

You can make a few more pass throughs and it's , I shouldn't have chose two tacos .

What do you think about Josh's speed story time ?

This dude's all like y'all just go get some coffee in my fast need for speed .

Cool .

I'm down to going to spaceship .

I'm all about going fast , man .

This dude is not fast outside the kitchen car so slow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I thought he was running out of gas , one pan for the tacos , one for the eggs , one for the steak .

Boom .

A little bit of butter .

Just like that .

Sausage will go about that length .

Half our eggs , 12 , I don't know why I chose to make two tacos .

It's making it significantly more difficult .

But in what scenario are you making a breakfast taco and a steak taco , right ?

It should make a good point for those of you at home who are cooking and oh , you don't want to take the time .

This and that .

Look , if I can cook these two in time , you can at least cook one , at least sausage in .

So I'm using this pan for two different things .

Sausage on one side .

Egg on the other .

It's the way to go because we don't have a ton of time .

This needs to be in there like yesterday .

Isn't that generously with salt and that could have been a little hotter .

I'll be honest , he's on the other side .

Heavy , heavy , heavy salt .

This is a thick steak .

Guys , you gotta go heavy on the salt .

Sausages are looking good .

Steak is searing .

I feel great about that .

Well , Peppi on the steak , we're in a good spot .

I feel good .

I feel good crappy .

Where is everyone going out ?

I know everyone should be at work .

Lunch is over .

Switch your job .

I don't even know what's what here ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , while I'm waiting for that , I'm gonna get the rest of our kucera prepared .

So we got our avocado order .

This .

Feel it a little easier .

We're gonna slice it nicely .

You got to get a good crusty on your steak .

Otherwise , what's the point ?

Am I right ?

I might have to pop that in the oven because it's so thick .

Rooney sausages are getting crisp .

All right now .

We're ready for our egg egg in .

Keep that away from the sausages with a wee bit of salt that is stirring it .

All right .

Heat off .

This is actually done .

So I'm putting this over here .

This is gonna get flipped .

Boom .

Look at that .

Look at that crust .

We got a crusty in the house .

Put up , baby .

This is a series right now .

We're only five , but we come back , got the bag .

Now , let's go get this dough .

They've left the restaurant .

All right .

We got the garlic and oregano in here and butter and a cinnamon stick and baste it .

That doesn't go in the trash .

This , we got some base action over here .

Smells good .

It looks good .

It feels good .

I'll tell you right now the restaurant's not doing this .

What do you think here at the French Bistro ?

Right ?

That's basted .

I'm gonna finish that over here .

It's gonna be pretty rare .

But you know what ?

That doesn't matter .

That's fine .

It'll still be good .

It's a good quality beef and that's really what's important .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know what I have left .

There's so many ingredients in these two together .

The recipe is gonna be on the website all organized for you .

Wow .

Look at that .

You like that plug .

We winning .

This are we winning ?

This is Josh Wiseman a cook .

Does he have a book ?

Yeah .

Stupid .

Um I don't know what this lime juice is for steak in the oven .

We're heating , we're heating , we're heating .

Let's get two plates .

This one and this one nice OK .

Tortillas are getting hot .

Feel good guys , the corn tortillas are done .

Char , they're nice and pliable flour tortilla done if you want to talk to you right now , frustrated in traffic .

This is why are you still talking to me ?

Let's start with the breakfast one .

It's a little bit simpler .

So , tortilla right here , flour got our egg going on nicely .

Sausage smoked .

But you got to go right on top .

Tomatoes , onions , cilantro , so many powerful flavors .

A little bit of lime juice and then a wee bit of cheese .

We got four minutes , baby have just enough time .

This is the worst one .

Tacos are easy but making two different ones .

Bad idea .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Do this nice tender bit here .

Steak's a bit thick .

It's not too bad .

That's good .

Cut this nice and thin .

Oh , that looks great .

Right on top .

Boom , avocado , sweet onion laro .

And uh we're done .

Here's the salsa bite it , dip .

It .

Don't just throw the salsa on there .

Folks give comments .

This was terrible in terms of speed .

If you want to move quickly , don't make two tacos and now we'll wait for them to show up .

Winner , winner Taco dinner .

You're not invited to the car .

And I'm telling my grandma , don't you tell your grandma where's the sportsmanship in this company ?

You said that we be , I'm tired of you always with me .

I know you're sausage that does look good , but it also looks like a a diaper .

Totally different type of taco though .

This is like ground sausage that they just kind of mix in with the egg .

This is all thrown together to be as fast as possible .

It's like a steak fajita taco God that was assembled badly .

This isn't a bit better .

It , it looks decent .

It does look decent .

We'll do .

Their beef beef is super dry but it tastes good .

Now , mine a little bit of the salsa .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hm .

It's like sort of a very balanced taco .

I feel like this one is kind of unbalanced in that regard .

I like to break this one .

That's right .

Not mine about the same in terms of goodness , totally different experience .

Whole sausage .

We're like Jimmy Dean .

You pick , this is a little more exciting , although this isn't but better .

It's not necessarily better , but you can diversify this .

However , you want unlimited possibilities .

So I count that as a dub but we have to have a taste that serve .

We're going on just one today .

We don't want everyone suckling on one taco .

That's gross .

So number 122 , 21 .

Do you chew that at all ?

I don't like the way you eat .

Oh my goodness bing bing bing bing normally , but faster we do one thing .

We made two different tacos equally , if not better than the other one .

That is a proper taco .



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