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2023-07-09 14:14:37

Skillet Garlic Butter Herb Steak and Potatoes Recipe - Easy Steak and Potatoes

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Hi , guys .

Welcome back to cooking with Claudia today .

I'm gonna show you how to make this easy .

One pan stick and potatoes that is flavored with garlic , butter and herbs .

It's so good and such a great week night dinner .

You only need a few ingredients for this recipe and it comes together in no time .

So let's get started .

Ok , guys , I have some steak here .

I'm using New York strip and the first thing you have to do is get your steak out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature that way it cooks evenly .

So we're going to start by seasoning the steak with salt and pepper on both sides , then allow them to come to room temperature for 30 minutes .

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So , while the steak is coming to room temperature , we're going to prep some fresh herbs I have here , some fresh parsley , some thyme , rosemary and oregano .

Each herb brings a unique flavor to the meal and they smell so good together , especially when they're fresh .

All right , I'm going to strip them of their stems , then finally chop them all together once they are nice and fine .

Like , so you're going to transfer a handful into some softened butter .

Then keep the rest for later .

I also crushed some fresh garlic .

I'm gonna add that right in .

Then mix everything together .

Once that is all mixed in , you're going to put half of the mixture onto your steak , then leave the rest for later .

Go ahead and smear the mixture all over your steak .

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Make sure you get it on every single part .

We don't want to miss out on any flavor .

And I like to do this while the steak is still coming to room temperature , that way it will marinate while doing so .

So while the steak is marinating and coming to room temperature , we're going to cook the potatoes .

So in a hot skillet , we're going to heat up some olive oil as well as butter .

Once the butter is melted , we're going to add some potatoes and I'm using Yukon gold potatoes , cut into bite size pieces .

Next , we're adding some minced garlic and a handful of the fresh herbs .

Then we're going to season with salt and pepper .

Go ahead and toss everything together and let the potatoes cook on medium heat for about eight minutes until they are completely cooked through .

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Once the potatoes are cooked , remove them from the pan and set aside for later .

Next , we're going to turn the heat to high and let the skillet get nice and smoky .

Then we're going to add the steak , allow the steak to cook for three minutes on high heat without touching them to form a nice crust like this .

This looks so good and I like my steak medium .

So I cook them for four extra minutes on the other side .

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Also , make sure you base your steak to keep them flavorful and juicy because that melted butter has mingled with the steak juices and there is so much flavor going on in this pan last , you're going to grab the remaining butter , make sure we set aside earlier and add the loves of that onto your steak and let that goodness melt into the steak and you wanna do this right before your steak is done .

That way the butter can have time to melt .

Go ahead and add your potatoes and you are ready for some good dinner .

The garlic butter and herbs pack this meal with so much flavor .

The steak is very tender and juicy and the potatoes are soft and buttery .

If you guys want the ingredients and measurements , check out the description box .

I have everything there .

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Thank you guys so much for spending time with me today .

If you enjoyed this video , please give it a like share and subscribe to my channel .

If you're not already , I'll see you soon .

Bye .


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