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2023-07-08 09:23:41

How to Cook Caveman Steak Directly on Charcoal _ Recipe _

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Hey guys , welcome back today .

We're doing caveman steak directly on the coals .

Let's do this .

All right .

So before we get the steak on the coals , you wanna let it sit out at room temp just to get the chill off .

I'll cut them with a light layer of avocado oil just to help the salt stick .

Well , season both sides with some kosher salt .

I like black pepper on my steak as well , but I'll wait till the end for that .

So it doesn't burn while searing , set the steaks aside and we'll get the coals ready .

We won't be needing this grid today .

Just a place to spread out the coals .

Now , light a batch of natural lump charcoal and make sure not to use any lighter fluid , spread out a base layer of coal and do your best to get it to lay fairly flat .

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Light a second chimney starter full of coal and pour that over the base layer .

You want all that coal to be nice and ashed over .

Avoid using briquettes for this .

A lot of times they have additives .

Natural lump charcoal is always the way to go before putting the steak on , you can fan the coal to blow off any loose ash .

You want to get a steak that's about an inch and a half thick .

This will give you enough time on the coals to get a nice crust while still being medium rare on the inside .

You can expect it to cook for about 3 to 4 minutes per side .

Halfway through searing the first side , I'll rotate it a little bit just to make sure the whole service gets good contact with the Coles .

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All right , nice crust on the first side , on to the second side .

After a couple of minutes .

On the second side , the fat is rendering nicely after cooking it for a while .

In the same area of coals , it can help to remove the steak for a second and stir the coals a bit .

Flipping the coal over also helps the excess grease burn off quicker .

This is why I love rib eye .

The intense heat from the coals just melts that fat down while it cooks making for a really juicy steak .

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This method gives a steak an all over crust like you get in a steakhouse and a lot of smoky flavor from being cooked over the charcoal .

After a little over three minutes .

On the second side , both sides are looking beautiful as always letting it rest is the hardest part slices through like butter .

Beautiful , medium rare is how I like my steak .

But if you want it a little more or less done .

Just adjust the thickness of the steak that you pick out , finish the slices with a little black pepper and enjoy it .

Gets this extra smokiness on it because it's right next to the coal bed .

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Nice char on the outside .

Medium rare on the inside .

What else could you want ?

Cheers .


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