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2023-07-10 08:54:18

Lesson 13 - How To Play Rock n Roll Piano (plus Jerry Lee Lewis left hand)

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Little bit of there .

This is Lesson number 13 of How to Play Blues Piano , and we are branching Out into rock and roll blues , Boogie , Rock and Roll .

They are all related , as we've often discussed and without boogie Woogie .

We never would have had rock and roll , and I want to do a little bit of rock and roll piano today if I had to put in a nutshell .

What the trick to rock and roll piano ?

Is it simply straighten out the rhythm of boogie Woogie ?

Um , we've We've covered this before .

If you come over here , left a camera , look at the left hand .

Typical boogie Woogie left hand rib .

Simple one .

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I now rock and roll is get rid of Get rid of the sort of grace note and just no , I Is it difficult actually , doing it with both hands together and what I would do is avoid doing the Grace note in rock and roll , because then it kind of turns into boogie , rock and roll .

It's it's it's straight a rhythm .

It's much more .

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Have a look at the right hand riff , and again , it's all I'm doing is .

I'm just playing those .

Now you can do a grey not in the right hand .

Do a grey not in the right hand , but don't do a grey note in the left hand .

I think that's that's the key .

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So So you can do this , for example , going to share with you today .

But remember what I said in the previous session , getting into the habit of singing , even if you're not a great singer just playing the piano .

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It's great to be a great piano player , but I think if you look at pianists like Jules Holland , Dr John , uh , they are brilliant piano players , but not great singers .

Uh , but they do sing and they do a fantastic job , and they put the piano and vocals together .

Uh , I'm not a great singer , you know .

I just croak it out , but I think often it's a psychological thing .

You know , piano players just see themselves as piano players , and they don't want to sing .

But I encourage you in this lesson to break out from that mould and on your own .

When you're practising , sing a few songs .

Often I think it's more to do with embarrassment and kind of psychological imprisonment that pianists won't sing rather than the fact that they can't .

So as long as you can sing in tune And if you're a piano player , you're you're not really tone deaf .

Have a go .

I encourage you to sing in private And , um , you know , get a few Elvis songs off so that you become a more rounded entertainer .

So that's all I want to show you today , remember , Have a look around this channel .

This is Lesson 13 of the Blues and Boogie Series .

Press the like button .

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If you found these lessons helpful , give me your questions and comments .

I love hearing from you .

And , um , give me any ideas for future lessons .

This is Doctor K with Blues and Boogie Lesson 13 and some rock and roll piano , and I will talk to you soon , right ?


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