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2023-07-08 09:07:14

(329) Air Frying a Steak

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Yo yo , yo bit masters .

What is up today ?

We're going to do another big battle experiment .

I'm really hungry for steak and I got these beautiful steaks .

Look at the modeling on these things .

It's just insane and the smell , it's got that dry smell that it's almost smells like I'm super excited about these steaks because they have so much intermuscular fat .

Look at that fantastic .

And the outside still has that dry age here a little bit .

That's just fine .

We gotta leave that on .

It's gonna provide us with a lot of dry age , strong beefy flavor and that's what we'll look for in the steak .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I can't wait to grill these steaks up .

And the way we're going to do it is butter veed .

We're going to take a cast iron pan , put it on our comma Joe and I let that butter melt .

Then we're going to put in our steak and we're not going to let it come above a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius .

So we're gonna be using our Comma Joe Classic .

It's perfect for the job .

I still have some charcoal left in it and we're going to light that up .

But we want a small fire first .

I'm gonna rake out all the old ash from the charcoal to make sure we have enough air flow .

You wanna make sure that you don't have too much charcoal in there .

So if you have too much , just take it out , place a fire starter in the center and light it up , build the charcoal up around it and make sure that it's lit enough .

Now , we'll wait until a fire start is fully burned out with your hands .

You can feel the temperature .

You don't want to go overboard on this .

We want a slow temperature for a con steak .

So we got that right now .

Time to put on the pan .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We'll put in our holder , put a cast iron pan on .

Look at this .

This is a match made in heaven .

The pan works perfectly above this fire .

We've got a lot of distance between the heat source and the pan and that and grill is gonna work excellent for our butter .

We're using the best Irish grass fed butter .

It's gonna taste amazing .

We're putting in eight packs of butter because we want our steak to be fully submerged .

This may look a little bit excessive , but trust me , it's worth it .

That's a whole lot of butter .

This is absolutely perfect to come feed our steak in time for our beautiful steak to take a golden bath .

Now , we just need to give our steak some time to come up the temperature and when it has a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius , we're gonna take it out and sear it off .

Our steak has been in that butter bath for two hours and she looks a little gray and a little weird , but she also looks juicy and creamy .


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