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2023-07-10 08:54:30

How To Play Boogie Woogie Piano - Bass Line 1

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Up guys .

This is Chase Garrett .

Here today we are talking about Boogie Woogie basslines , Boogie Woogie follows a 12 bar blues progression .

We're gonna be playing this whole time in the key of C .

Here's the first one .

We're gonna put our pinky on C and our thumbs gonna go on G we're just gonna alternate our thumb between G and A just like this , we're gonna rock back and forth .

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So the whole time all we did was just rock our thumb from G to A and in between , we hit our pinky .

This same pattern is used a lot in blue shuffles and , uh , and more complex variations of Boogie Woogie .

I'm gonna add a right hand into it so you can hear what it sounds like .

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Now , a different variation of that is also playing your pinky and thumb in unison instead of rocking like this , we put them in , in unison as such , which again has more of a rock blues feel to it .

So I'll play that with the right hand as well .

So you can hear that


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