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OK .

Well , let's tune this thing up to open D OK , you're not going to be raising any strings .

You're only going to be lowering strings .

So it's actually , it's not too , too hard on your strings , you know , you're not , hopefully you shouldn't be breaking strings .

OK .

So the six string here is normally a G in open G tuning , you know , the normal GD GB D tuning .

But in open D we drop it 2.5 steps down to ad sounds like that real low , real gray .

OK .

Your fifth string , you lower from A B down to an A , it's one whole step .

OK ?

Your fourth string stays the same .

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That's D , your third string goes down a half step from G down to F sharp .

Sounds like that .

Now mine is , is tuned that F sharp is tuned just a little bit flat because I think it blends a little bit better .

Blends a little bit better with all the other strings .

So I tune that F sharp , just a little flat .

OK .

The second string , you tune from A B , you're going to drop it a whole step down to an A in your first string , you keep that D so that string stays the same .

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So we end up with D sharp once again , D ad F sharp .

A OK .

Let's move on .

Lick .

Number seven is a nice major sounding lick two incorporates a harmonic .

It sounds like this .

Try to .

Yeah .

Real crazy sound and left .

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OK .

Let me go over .

Close up .

Exactly what I'm doing with the left hand .

OK ?

That first measure and leg number seven is gonna sound like this .

What I'm doing is I'm sliding from on my first string from 5 to 4 doing a pull up to zero .

Then doing fourth fr on my second string , then open first string , doing fourth threat pull up to zero .

Then first fret and my third string and then do an open second string .

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Starting the second measure , open the second string 1 to 0 on my third string .

2 to 0 on my fourth string .

Open first string , open six string and I'm gonna do a harmonic on my fifth .

It's a lot of notes .

I know .

Let's go over that second measure again .

It just opened the second string 1 to 0 .

My third string , 2 to 0 .

My fourth string , first dream string , harmonic fourth string and third string .

Fifth breath .

You just barely touch right above the fifth breath and let your finger off so it can ring out .

I tried again .

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I don't think I played that right .

OK .

Let's look at the right hand .

OK .

Li number seven with the right hand starts off with middle index .

It'll play in your first string .

Index playing in your second .

So I'm keeping those three strings with three fingers , thumb , playing third , index , playing second , middle , playing first .

OK ?

And now I'm gonna do index .

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The next open second string is starting measure number two , open second stream , 1 to 0 , 2 to 0 , playing open first string and playing open .

And when I do that harmonic , I'm just doing that with my thumb and index .

Uh I play that wrong .

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There are several variations you can do on this lick too .

I highly suggest messing around with it .

And , um , and um really trying to come up with your own variations .

She can keep bringing it down kind of like basically , um , like the leg we , we'd play before this one or that I think is two legs before this one .

Anyways , that's the right hand for Lake number seven .

OK .

Moving on Lake number eight .

Real nice bluesy one .


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