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2023-07-11 07:07:17

5 Amazing Frying Pan Snacks

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here , you got a frying pan .

Wanna make delicious , simple snacks ?

Well , here's how .

For the first one , take yourself a piece of sliced bread and roll it out as flat as you can with a rolling pin .

Then carefully slice up some cheese nice and thinly and arrange it on the bread .

It really doesn't matter if there's gaps , and if you like , you can also add a thin piece of ham .

Then , starting from the bottom , roll it all up into a nice tight roll like this .

Next , we're gonna warm up our frying pan , and I'm using a spoonful of this organic coconut oil .

It's solid at room temperature , but it melts into a nice cooking oil with heat .

I made five of these bread rolls and placed them into the pan .

After a couple of minutes , carefully rotate them all , and you should see they've started to crisp up on the bottom .

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We need to rotate them every couple of minutes so they're cooked all the way around , and once they're nice and golden , they're ready to serve .

Stack them up onto a plate and they're great for sharing with friends .

Have them for lunch or something , and if I tear one apart , you can see the delicious melted , stringy cheese and ham centre , and they go really well served with a dip like this .

Guacamole or a cream and drive , and the coconut oil gives the bread a beautiful flavour for this one .

I'm taking three bowls , and I'm tipping a handful of flour in the first one .

I'm also adding a little Cajun seasoning and some salt and pepper , then give it all a mix together .

Next , I'm cracking an egg into the second bowl , then adding a splash of milk and beating them together with a fork , too .

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In the final bowl , I'm tipping in these bread crumbs .

I used shop bought bread crumbs for ease , but you could , of course , make your own for this one .

I'm gonna be using this smaller , deeper frying pan , and I'm pouring in cooking oil so it's about an inch deep .

Then gently heat it up .

Next , take a ball of mozzarella and cut it into slices about a centimetre thick .

We don't want them to be too thin .

Then dip the piece into the flour bowl and give it a good coating .

Once it's nicely covered .

Transfer it into the egg and milk bowl and make sure it gets a good layer of that all over .

Then finally coat it thoroughly with the bread crumbs and sit it to one side .

We need to do the same with all of our mozzarella slices , a bit like a production line , and you might find it best to use one hand for the dry flour and bread crumb stages and the other hand for the wet egging stage .

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This should help to stop your fingers getting too messed up .

Once you've done them all , you can see they look really good .

But if you want to make the breadcrumb layer even thicker , just dip it back into the egg again and coat it in the bread crumbs for a second time .

This will help to build up a really nice thick layer .

When they're all ready , go ahead and carefully lower them into the oil .

I'm using metal tongs .

They should only take a minute or two to cook , and when they're golden brown , they're ready to take out and serve .

I'm serving mine with a little side salad and a dish of sweet chilli dipping sauce be careful because they are really hot , so you should let them cool down a little before you break into them .

There may be a little moisture from the cheese , and you can see how beautiful and stringy they are .

Pretty cool , huh ?

Absolutely delicious .

The breadcrumb coating is thick and crispy , and they taste amazing .

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If you've got any leftover boiled potatoes , you can cut them up into wedges like this , and we're gonna make a delicious seasoning to coat them with .

Add a handful of flour into the bowl .

Then I added a tablespoon of paprika , some dried oregano and a little bit of salt .

Next , I poured in a little water and mixed it all together to make a marinade .

Then place in your wedges and carefully make sure they're all coated .

Leave them to sit for half an hour , then fry them off in some oil , just like we did with the breaded mozzarella .

Do be careful with the hot oil .

Leave them to fry for about five minutes , and when they're golden , remove them from the pan .

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I put them onto kitchen paper to help remove any excess oil , and they're very hot .

So do go careful , but the marinade gives them a really flavoursome coating , and they go great with a salsa dip or whatever you prefer for the next one .

I took a couple of slices of bread and chopped them into cubes like this .

Then break a couple of eggs into a bowl , add a splash of milk and whisk them together .

Next , I grated up some cheese , added a small handful into the bowl and mixed it in .

I'm also adding some herbs , then drop in your bread cubes and mix them in to all that cheesy , eggy goodness so it really soaks in .

Then , after a minute or so , carefully tip them into your frying pan and gently cook them on a low heat .

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You'll need to turn them around every minute or two to cook them on all sides when they're all cooked .

Tip them out onto a plate and we've got these delicious , cheesy eggy bread bites , if you like , add some pepper and salt and they're great to munch , just like they are , or you could have them to accompany something else .

Next , I'm gonna show you how to make my amazing porridge pancakes .

I filled up a bowl full , which I know is 200 grammes of oats , then transferred it into a blender .

Give it a whiz to make our own oat flour .

Next , pour in 200 millilitres of milk into a jug and breaking an egg , then whisk it all together , then tip in your oat flour and steadily mix it in .

If it's a bit too thick and stodgy , you may need to add more milk .

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And , if you'd like your porridge pancakes to have a little more wholesome texture .

Pour in a handful of whole oat flakes and stir that into the mixture , too , and it's ready to cook .

I'm using coconut oil again for this recipe because it gives a beautiful flavour .

Just pour your mixture into the pan , and if you need to spread it out a little as it cooks you'll see it getting darker on the top , then flip it over and cook the other side .

And when it's cooked on both sides , it's ready to serve .

I'm serving mine as a double stack , topped with slices of strawberry bananas and blueberries .

And instead of adding maple syrup , I'm drizzling over some nice organic honey .

These make a fantastic dessert or breakfast or just make them for a snack .

They taste a bit more wholesome than regular pancakes , and I definitely recommend trying them .

I hope you've enjoyed watching this video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you want to see more , you can click on the links or take a look at my YouTube channel page .

Stay safe , have fun and , as always , thanks for watching .


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