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Beef Tri Tip Steak Trio! _ How to Cook a Tri Tip 3 Different Ways _ The Bearded Butchers

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Tri tip trio .

You've probably heard of a tri tip .

We introduced them a couple maybe a year or two back on a video explaining that it's not a very popular cut in this part of the country .

It's gaining popularity and we're actually going to take three tri tips and we're going to cook them three different ways .

But we're going to start with showing you where it comes from how to break it out of the animal and how we're going to trim it .

Let's just get started .

First thing we're gonna do is remove the rose meat on this flank .

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Now that the rose meats off , let's get to this flank .

Now that the flanks off , you can find the tri tip located right here by this Sirloin tip or otherwise known as the round tip .

So I wanna break that knuckle , come down along the femur and the key with these is how you break them out of here .

Gotta make sure you get all of the steak out when you break them out .

There's a seam right here .

So you just wanna follow the seam right here with the tip of your knife .

You can see that right there .

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We don't want to get into that muscle because that's a sirloin and you just continue to bring it down and out just like that .

Now , what , what we want to do is just pull the tri tip off of the sirloin tip following this natural seam .

That's the round tip .

But what we're after , this is this tri tip , this muscle located right here .

So to do these , we're gonna cook them three different ways .

Why ?

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We're calling it the tri Tip trio and one of them , we're gonna cook like a brisket .

We're going to cook it to probably just over 200 degrees .

We're gonna let it rest and we're gonna slice it like brisket .

One of them , we're gonna cook more of a smoke and then we're gonna slice it into deli style sandwiches for thin , thin , like roast beef or sandwiches .

And then one of them , we're gonna cook and sear it off pretty much just like you would a steak .

So that's why we're calling it the tri Tip trio and we're gonna trim these each different , just a little bit different according to how we're gonna cook it .

So this one will either be cook like the steak or it will be cooked for the deli meat .

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Therefore , we want to take off pretty decent amount of that fat cover .

You want to remove the gristle , the silver skin , anything like that a little bit here on the end and there you have beef tried to ready for the grill .

So now that we have one for a steak or a roast style , the next one , we're gonna leave some fat cover on it because this one's gonna be cooked more like a brisket .

We want some of that fat on there just to protect the meat since we're gonna be cooking it low and slow and for a longer period of time .

And some of this is personal preference too because if you , you know any of these methods that you , you want a little bit more fat left on it by all means you can do that .

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We're just gonna leave a little added protection on this one .

That way we cook it long , low and slow .

It doesn't dry out on us .

Just a little bit of gristle here on the bottom , we'll shave off .

I think that looks just about right .

So you can see the difference between these two .

This one's fully trimmed .

That one has a fat cover .

The tri tips are all cut and trimmed .

As you can see , they look a little bit different .

Two that are trimmed .

One that's not .

And I thought that , uh , since this was Jeremy's idea , he's gonna take it from here and he's gonna get them on the grill .

So tri tip trio , you saw him cut .

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Now you get to see him cooked off the grill Tip trio .

So you watch Seth cut them we're going to show you our three favorite ways to cook them .

Um First off this middle one , we're going to do like a brisket like Seth mentioned .

So we did leave a little bit more fat on there because we want to see how that renders down .

Um This is going to go for about five hours .

The one we're doing in original , we're going to cook and then sear off and then cool it down .

We're actually going to shave it with a meat slicer and make some sandwiches later in the Brock blend , we're gonna reverse sear .

So we're gonna go indirect for a little while and get it to about 100 and 20 125 degrees and then we're gonna sear it off on this piping hot Birch barrel .

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So first we're gonna get the seasoning .

You just want to give these a real generous coat .

If you get into a lot of seasoning , all these seasonings come in a £4 bucket .

That way you won't run out at all .

Make sure you get the sides .

Ok ?

We have good healthy coating on that .

Once we get these seasoned , we're just gonna let them rest for about 15 minutes and let the seasoning sweat into the meat .

If you don't wanna wait that long , you can use a binder two mustard mayonnaise , something like that .

Don't worry about the flavor , it'll cook out and you won't even notice it .

So let's go with the original here .

Mhm .

OK .

Got these two .

Going last one black .

This is the one we're gonna do like a brisket .

You wanna get real crave and call it a Triscuit .

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Another good healthy dose of seasoning .

Isn't that a chip ?

It could be .

This is a meat chip .

The one you're doing like a bris you can't really oversea so get a nice thick layer on there .

All right , these three are good to go .

We're gonna give them about 10 or 15 minutes .

Let the seasoning sweat in .

Then they're going on the smoker about 15 , 20 minutes .

We let this seasoning sweat in .

You can see they're getting real nice color to them .

Um , so let's get them on the smoker and get to cooking .

We're going to use this Therm pro here to monitor our temperatures the whole time .

This one we're doing like a brisket .

We're playing on about five hours and this first one , we're gonna reverse here and then we're gonna slice it and make some deli meat .

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So this has been going for a little while now .

We've been running the pit at 2 52 52 75 .

Um , but the tri tip that we're gonna do for sandwiches is ready to get seared off .

So we're gonna pull it out of here and sear it off in the burn barrel and we took this to about 120 degrees internal and we're gonna go for a finish of about 1 30 .

All right , we got 130 degrees internal .

So we're going to pull this off and let it rest and then we're gonna put it in the cooler .

So it quits cooking and we're gonna slice it up with a slicer in a little bit .

OK ?

For the tri tip that we're going to do like a steak .

We're gonna try something different today and we're gonna make a chimichurri sauce for it .

So we got a bunch of ingredients here .

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We roasted some garlic roasted poblano pepper , fresh parsley , red wine , vinegar , olive oil , sea salt , pepper and oregano .

Uh We're gonna chop some of this parsley up and then mix it all together and we'll have a nice sauce for us later on .

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OK .

So here's the finished product , all the ingredients mixed together .

We're gonna let that sit for a little bit .

All those flavors marry together .

It smells amazing .

Um If this is something that interests you , you can find the recipe here .

OK .

Our brisket style tri tip has reached the internal temp .

We want , got a good outside look to it , good texture .

So what we're gonna do now is we have some uh tallow render down and we're gonna put a little bit of this in with it just for a little bit of added fat , fat content .

You don't have to go too crazy with it like I did as you can see this thing is looking awesome .

We're gonna pull this off here .

We're gonna leave our probe in it because we still want to monitor this tump the rest of the cook .

Little more tallow .

Then you're just gonna wrap it up .

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Then we're gonna go back on the grill and we're gonna shoot for probably an internal tamp of 200 or we're at least gonna start checking at 200 once we get there , what you wanna do is you really want to go by feel as much as temperature .

So , as long as it's probing and like melted butter will be golden .

Our thermometers reading 201 and we're gonna check , check the texture quick .

All right , the paper is a little tough to get through the but , but the meat is proving like butter .

So we're gonna go ahead and pull this off and just let it rest in the cooler .

We won't worry about the probe .

We'll just unhook that .

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When we unwrap it , we're gonna let this rest for about 30 minutes and then we're gonna slice into a third and final tri tip is the one that we season it with the broc and we're gonna reverse sear this and cook it just like we would a steak , we'll show you through this process .

Grill is still running about 2 52 75 .

We're gonna expect this to take about 45 minutes yet .

So we'll check back .

Ok ?

We're gonna slice this tri tip .

But one thing we want to point out real quick is if you look real close , you can see these grains actually change direction .

So about midway through , they change going that way .

So you want to cut against this .

So what we're gonna do is we're just gonna cut right here in the middle about where they change great color in there and then this is gonna start shaving it for our sandwiches .

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Wait , where we , oh my goodness .

Were we supposed to go for a big reveal ?

No , no , we do multiple reviews .

Sorry , my are very straight guys .

We keep just , it's just levels .

I mean that is absolutely men .

Dust after eating the play button eating that uh those burnt ends and now this I'd like £1 chips , please .

Super , super thin .

I'd like it .

See-through ma'am .

If you want a meal prep for the weed , you wanna make deli roast sandwiches ?

Good cheap way to do it too for a lot of meat for me .

Is there a bone in it ?

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Oh girl , he hates to be held .

Can you , can you hold him while you'll eat it while I gotta put it down ?

I sit here , I'll pick you up while you keep it to the dog .

Yeah .

Now we know not everybody has a slicer at home but you can do virtually the same thing with a knife .

We saved a little chunk here .

You just want to go down slice as thin as you can .

You'll still turn out a great product .

Grow in Texas style at the wanna check it out .

Oh She's a little Roy .

How , what's in here ?

Got your vertical and just bring my pit .

When's the last time you guys used this 1980 seven , 1987 .

She'll clean up .

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Who's gonna have to clean it ?

You last try .

Tips ready .

Let's hit an internal 1 25 .

Let's sear it off and then we'll slice it up .

Last tri tip is done .

Got a real nice sear on it .

What we're gonna do now pull it off here and we're just going to let it rest for about 15 minutes .

Let all those juices redistribute .

So what you wanna do is just cover it with some aluminum foil , not real tight , just kind of 10 it on there and we'll check back in a few .

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We've done plenty of cooking time to do some tasting .

We're gonna show you how we finish these off here .

This is the reverse seared one that we are gonna finish preparing like steak again .

The grains be mindful of that .

What we're gonna do is just cut into here and you can see how much moisture is left in there .

Just get a nice pile here for everybody to try and then we're gonna come back to our Jimmy cherry sauce ladle that over top .

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Let that rest for a second and we'll take a look at how this one like a brisket looks as you can see that one doesn't need for any moisture .

See if we can do this without making an absolute mess .

Let's cut into this one .

It's got that brisket texture and we'll bring in some guests and see if it's got that brisket flavor about right there is where you want to switch again .

This is enough to get going test though , guys .

Oh my .

Don't have to tell me twice .

You look like you did a great job .

What are you going after first ?

I'm just gonna go bang bang bang .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Since you have the added flavors of the chim cherry .

I think I'm gonna do the same thing .

Start with the brisket , go to the chim cherry and this is brisket style .

Try tip brisket style .

You ever notice how he's always first biggest boys eat first ?

Oh , I get two of that's really good , really , really tender , tender and I usually do my tri tip like steak .

So I only do it to like 1 30 internal and this is phenomenal like it has , it has , it actually has more of a brisket type flavor like a beefy flavor .

Then a steak flavor .

I'm thinking for those folks that are intimidated by doing a whole brisket .

This would be a great way to start because if you think about a you know , an 8 to 10 £12 brisket , 15 , some of them , the big packers um that may be too much for you to try but a 1.5 to £2 try tip .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Give this a shot because if you had those side by side II , I mean , I would just think that's brisket and you're less than half the cook time .

It's about five hours wrapped into that .

But this is the steak style with the hay salad on it .

Reverse , reverse season cherry .

I think some of that Jimmy cherry leaked over the , I'm not the flavor of that .

Chemmy cherry is right up front and then you get that beef behind that steak flavor .

So big beefy .

Almost a roast like brisket flavor steak .

Like top quality , top shelf steak right here .

This one I think takes a , just a little bit more chew .

This one's right .

Just pull apart tender .

But the Chemmy cherry sauce on there .

How much the flavor changes though ?

Just between the two of them ?

All right .

Time for the sandwich .

Tell me what we got here .

Josh .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It looks like you went and used the best seasoning available .

We did use the hot seasoning for an aioli mixed with a little bit of mayo .

He is obviously hot scot and then we toasted some buns and we shaved that meat like lunch meat .

This thing down the line .

Good .

Thank you .

So that's probably good .

Hm .

Shave tri tip in a Philly steak has always been one of my absolute favorites .

Mhm .

Oh , I don't know .

Whose idea was that smoky flavor and then that hot aioli on there ?

Oh , that's stuff to be .

So , I , I've got to ask John if you could only choose one , which one would it be ?

Um , does the tri tip trio count as one ?

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So technically , I guess if , if , if you were gonna do it one of these three ways which , and at your next barbecue , which one are you gonna choose to do ?

Mm .

Uh , it's a tough call for me .

I'd say that like this sandwich is kicking butt .

Like I'm , I'm , I'm , I'm my favorite thing to eat right here is the sandwich just because of the textures , the flavors , the crunch everything .

Obviously , that's the most work nine times out of 10 .

I'm gonna make that salad tri tip because it's , it's easy .

It's quick .

It's steak flavor at a , at a , at a good price .

I've never actually done or tried that .

I'm impressed .

I , I love it , but this sandwich right here is just , I think you don't see the sandwich style a lot .

So that would be a way to impress all of your guests .

So that the sandwich or the Triscuit style would be the one that I'd go for .

You gotta go to the sandwich .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not hot .

They have their place .

It's not , it's not that hot .

You got it .

It's , it's that the outside of this is , that's brisket .

It's got that bark .

That's where the black seasoning comes in too .

I try to creating that bark .

Li get in here .

You haven't had any of this ?

Come on , take a bite out of Brady .

You want a bite .

Grab that sandwich , start with that sandwich .

Li He went to all the work of slicing it .

She certainly deserves to try it .

There he goes .

Spence .

You gotta try it .

Give a bite to Brady .

If you would please .

I like so much .

I can guarantee you that the next time I make a tri tip , reverse seared steak style .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will absolutely be making Jeremy's chim cherry recipe because that , that just took it to a I'm gonna mention I'm gonna , I'm gonna put some , excuse me , some hot .

It's got a and some cherry thing on some of that shaved chip .

Look at that .

Look at the juice in that thing .

Question is Josh , we have any more buns left .

We have more .

I could use another sandwich that we do .

Needless to say just the Steiner Brothers again .

Knocked it out of the park .

Good job , man .

Thanks .

Thanks .

Very good job cooking .

Try tip trio .

There .

We thought it'd be cool to do a cut cook the whole deal .

But do it three ways .

You saw it done three ways .

You can choose which style you want to try next .

Maybe you wanna do all three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um Obviously you kind of heard what we had to say about which ones we liked maybe better than the others .

They all were phenomenal .

So um like I said , great job , man .

Hopefully everybody enjoyed watching the video .

Trying Tip Trio .

Anything else to add anybody later ?

Y'all see you till next time .

Happy barbecuing .

See you next time .


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