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2023-07-10 09:19:26

How To Cook Perfect Rice _ Two Chefs at a Table _ Sorted Food

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Hello and welcome to two chefs at a table .

This is where we have two chefs at a table .

This is Ben and James .

They're both qualified .

They've worked in restaurants .

They have pieces of paper to prove it .

And we are going to ask them a lot of questions that you guys have sent in around a specific topic .

This week's topic is rice , because that is the topic of our weekly theme on YouTube .

So , guys , first off , um , this is a rice cooker , isn't it ?

Why is it here ?

We thought we'd demonstrate how to use it , because that's actually something we use very little , if ever on the channel , because we tend to do it in pots and pans .

So people who haven't got a piece of equipment can do it at home .

But so many people all over the world use rice cookers .

They're more energy efficient .

They're pretty much idiot proof because it switched itself off when it's done .

And it keeps it warm at the for family service .

So we're gonna show you .

You mate .

Even you're gonna do it .

Have you ever used one before ?

Never .

This is your first time show me what I need to do here .

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We have some rice , one cup of rice to the pan .

That's spasmatic , and we're not gonna soak it , although you could come to that later on .

But soaking rice is sometimes and 1.5 times as much water .

No flavouring going into this .

Now you can do .

Um Well , it's good that you say that because that leads me into our very first question , which is simply , what is the best way to flavour white rice ?

I think I'm gonna steal Ben's prepared answer because he has some , uh , delightful dried spices and some fresh stuff .

Ginger , Um , I would say that so whole spices is the best way to flavour rice .

Um , just because you can take them out before you serve them , so they'll impart their flavour , and then you can get rid of them .

So we've got we've got cinnamon , We've got these lime leaves , cardamom and er fresh ginger , all good .

Or if you've got any odds and sods left in your fridge things like a a lime or lemon .

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You may already have squeezed the rind , and all the other bits and pieces can go straight in and give you nice , flavorful rice .

I never I never throw away limes or lemons that I've I've squeezed , like if I squeeze them in , I'll keep them .

And then you can just put them in stuff like rice .

What are the cheap ingredients ?

Would you recommend to pair with that rice , Um , to create a really cheap and easy rice dish ?

Go pinto .

You pair it with beans and spices , kind of a Costa Rican dish , or the kind of jambalaya effect where you're just throwing spices at it or peas beans .

They also bulk out and make it super nutritious and filling and satisfying .

But then you get spice in there , which really helps , and Citrus like lime or lemon , or cook it in something else , like coconut milk .

So a nail style thing .

So you cook it in coconut milk and water rather than just water .

How do you make sure the rice doesn't stick to the pot ?

Once cooked heat diffuser would be my suggestion , um , or basically a very low heat if you cook it to what , uh , what's the best bit of a piler ?

The but the bit that's gone crispy .

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The burnt bit .

You want that on the bottom of a dish like a Pieta , But I know if you're making rice on a daily basis at home , you don't want it to burn .

So it's gonna be a super low heat , and if it's therefore low , then it won't stick or you'll realise it's cooked before it starts to burn .

So I'd say a low heat .

But , um , I always give it a really good stir at the start so it doesn't settle on the bottom because that's how it really sticks .

I think all the stuff here looks delicious , and also I could eat an entire bag of each one , um , along with entire loaves of bread and pasta .

And this is definitely my downfall .

As you're probably fully aware , we pride ourselves on your feedback here at sorted food .

It's normally about food .

Sometimes it's geared to more personal areas .

Today , Mike is in the firing line and his personal areas .

I don't like the phrase firing line straight away .

This is supposed to be helping .

Wait , you pointed out firing line are not personal areas .

Oh , no .

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Should we give you some examples of comments that we have found underneath our videos .

Brace yourself .

Should we start from the top and I mean literally .

Mike's hair looks like Bieber's old hairstyle .

Mike looks very attractive here before the nose job and the hair die .

It's a shame he lost all that .

Now How about I have a thing for Michael ?

Phelps told my friends recently that I fancied Mike from sorted food as well .

Now they think I only like guys with unusually long faces .

You do have a long , long face .

Yeah , it's just thin .

I don't think it's long .

I think it's just not very wide .

It's not thin , though , is it ?

No .

Cos Mike kind of looks like he's put on weight in the face .

Must be all that good food he's eating .

It's Mike Brigham hashtag nipples .

Not because of your belly because of the size of your nipples .

OK , we're now moving slightly further down voting for Mike .

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He knows the big bum struggle , and while we're in that area , this is a comment to a comment .

I don't think so .

Everyone has a bulge , but Mike's all flat mhm , and we'll finish off with the legs .

This is from our hot tub episode right at the very end , Those legs at the end , Female or Mike , I think the actual answer is James .

And it was actually James .

I've been absolutely slaughtered , that is .

But you know what ?

We love you .

Whatever shape you are , all of those funny shapes .

But if any of you have got any more comments about Mike or any one of the three of us , please do comment down below because we want to continually improve .

I feel better already violated , I'm sure .

So that's just popped and it's cooked .

So that's good .

We can just leave that amazing .

Well , um , that leaves us some time .

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Let's do some quick fire questions .

A lot of these are practical questions from the community , so very helpful as quick and as helpful as possible .

We mentioned it earlier , but just to clarify what is the ratio of water to rice ?

It will depend on the grain , but generally speaking , a long grain one part rice to 1.5 .

Water does vary on the grain , but so the long grain that we cook most often 1 to 1.5 .

So there's a few terms bounding about absorption method and then the cheats method .

Um , do you mind just quickly clarifying what both of those are ?

So the absorption method is probably the way you should technically cook rice , and that's where you basically put the right amount of water in to cook the rice and the rice is cooked when it's absorbed all that water , and then you fluff it up and you've got great grains of rice .

You do probably need to wash the rice first , so it's not too starchy and sticky That's absorbed , OK , and our cheats version I .

I don't know if I'd call it a cheats version .

It's just another way of doing it , which is .

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Boil a big pot of water and then just pour whatever rice you're cooking in and make sure there's a lot more water than rice .

Um , give it a stir so it doesn't stick to the bottom and just leave it for depending on the rice .

10 minutes or so , um , boiling boiling .

Strain it , and if you have cooked it well , you get fluffy rice .

But it's not like the absorption rest method where the water will have gone by the time it's cooked off the back of that explanation .

Um , someone's asked , How do you stop it from being starchy and wet ?

And is that simply the absorption , the absorption methods being used too much water or or over cooked so it become mushy ?

If you cook rice long enough , it becomes pretty much porridge .

So I feel like we've dusted the surface of rice .

Um , obviously , if you guys have any more questions , comment them below because comment them below .

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That's a verb , Um , because we read everything and we will have James and Ben , and you guys will read them and and answer all of your rice questions or just cooking questions .

In general , you did do that .

Um , but I'm fascinated in where your cheffy journey began .

Um , and what inspired you and what continues to inspire you ?

I ?

I got into cooking while I was doing another university course , and I just learned to cook over the summer and fell in love with it and quit my university course and started another university course , which happens to be the same as Ben's course .

So we both did culinary arts management at Birmingham , Um , and then during that I worked in a couple of restaurants , but I haven't really worked in that many .

Um , do you regret that , or is that something that you'd like to do further ?

Well , what I did was come straight out of uni and fell into this .

You did fall into it .

I don't really regret it .

Dogs Mark .

Yes , exactly .

That's That's exactly what I meant by that .

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So I grew up around good food at home , but like trained , I did G , CS E Food technology .

There I realised that I really enjoyed it , and when we had to narrow it down to a level , I did food technology at a level so that gave me a kind of increased passion for that .

But I also took on side jobs in pubs and stuff at weekends .

And then I went on to uni kind of arts management , which is the same course James did a year or so below .

And that was kind of the the educational route and the learning of the theory and the logic of food and the practical skills , but then put it into place on placement .

So hotel in Ireland , various restaurants and some private dining spaces I did the same as Ben .

I did like a placement at uni .

Um , a year I did it .

I did it in America .

And , um , that's where you really learn how to cook .

I think like that will shape you as a chef , whereas at the university you kind of learn the basics .

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But it's mostly theory of how to run a business and how to run restaurants in the hospitality industry , which is equally as useful talking about aspirations of chefs .

I .

I think it's very much assumed that all chefs want to own their own restaurant .

Is that the case with you two ?

What other ?

What other examples of chefs , Um , other work and things that they're doing ?

Do you aspire to ?

Are you inspired by and ultimately , what is your dream ?

Where's the end goal with your chef questions ?

So what I'm doing is giving you a broad place to play around in , Um , I don't know if I'd want to own my own restaurant .

Um , I would like to cook for people , uh , for people I like .

I like to cook for people who pay pay for the food .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , but I guess some people that I like their style is , um , two guys in London in Shoreditch who run a restaurant called the Cloves the Clove Club .

And they started out as a supper club , just like two amateurs starting a supper club .

And they've built that into a two Michelin star restaurant , which I find quite inspiring .

I when I went to uni , I went to do the arts management course and in my head wanted to one day own a gastro pub and have do change menus on a daily basis weekly basis and do amazing things and feed 100 people a day .

My kind of food that was always the dream , because I didn't really think there was much more beyond that .

That's what I mean by what was then I of my head .

That was it .

And then as you go through , we get opened up to sort of new product development , and a lot of people on our course went and did product development and create products for the kind of places you eat in and around .

Um , so chain coffee shops and stuff like that .

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So my friends have developed all the cakes in in chain coffee shops and things like that .

That is one element that the same kind of learning we had could take you .

And then we started to do sorted .

And as you know , it was a very happy accident .

But basically , we found ourselves .

Now we're not creating menus and cooking dishes for 100 people a day .

We're sharing our menus and our dishes , which you guys helped create with hundreds of thousands of people .

Um , every week , in a different way , you're not cooking for them , but you're cooking for them .

So it's very different to where it started .

Wouldn't it be cool to have a physical space as well ?

Yes .

Um , but right now , she just doesn't want to run it .

But right now , as James just said , I'm with James .

I just want to keep learning .

And there's still so many dishes that you guys tell us to cook , and we have no idea what it is .

So we go and learn , and we have the privilege to be able to learn , adapt , tweet , develop , and then share again .

Shall we , uh , crack on with some of this ?

Get your nose in there .

Wonderful rice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And that is fluffy , fluffy grains , individual grains And that will hold until you need it .

Nice .

I like that .

That could make me lazier .

Um , thank you very much for watching and all the questions that you submitted .

Thank you guys .

Once again , we got nice and deep , nice and philosophical there .

It was lovely .

Uh , if you're enjoying our two chefs at a table , then er let us know down below and give us a like , um but for now , this is over .

But tomorrow , are we gonna Are we gonna let them know what we're doing ?

More basmati and more hacks .

Yeah , Cheeks biryani .

Are we gonna let them know ?

Yeah , you did .

See you tomorrow .

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