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2023-07-08 09:17:50

How to make PERFECT STEAK FAJITAS _ The BEST steak fajitas MARINADE _ Villa Cocina

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Hi , everyone and welcome to my kitchen .

My name is Rosana and today I wanna show you how to make steak fajitas .

Look , I'm telling you the marinade is amazing .

The dish as a whole is gonna be incredible .

You're gonna love it .

Let me show you how to make it .

These fajitas are beefy , citrusy , smoky and have a kick of honey to bring balance .

Our first step will be to get the prep done .

It is always fun to pick out colorful bell peppers that bring so much life and excitement .

We're going to need three peppers .

You can pick whichever color you prefer .

I have chosen to start with the green one .

Go ahead and remove the seeds and stam then slice into about half inch slices .

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This green color creates great contrast in the dish while also adding its distinctive grassy flavor up .

Next is the red bell pepper which prides itself in sweet and fruity flavor qualities as you prep , all the peppers notice they are slightly watery and with a delightful crunch .

Once you finish slicing it into the same shape and size as the green bell pepper transfer to a bowl and let's move on to the orange one .

This one is very similar in flavor as the previous red one , they share delightful qualities .

Make sure all the peppers are sliced uniform in size so they can cook evenly .

Also take half of a medium white onion and cut into slices as close as possible in size as the peppers mix all the vegetables .

We just prepped into a bowl and sit to the side until we need them for the meat .

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I'm gonna be using £1.5 of skid steak .

I'm simply going to cut in half because it's too long of a piece to fit inside my lovely cast iron skillet .

When I flip the steak , I can see remnants of the membrane .

Simply remove it .

The amount of fat on the surface surrounding the steak is great .

So no need to trim any skirt steak works great in this recipe because it soaks up the flavors from the marinade easily .

Now to make the marinade in a separate container , combine all the ingredients starting with a quarter of a cup of olive oil .

Three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce , two tablespoons of red wine vinegar .

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A quarter cup of lime juice , two teaspoons of honey , grade three garlic cloves straight into the container .

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Continue by also adding one tablespoon of Dijon mustard , one teaspoon of ancho chili powder , one teaspoon of onion powder , half a teaspoon of ground cumin , half a teaspoon of dry oregano , half a teaspoon of ground black pepper and lastly one teaspoon of kosher salt with to combine and when fully mixed in reserve a quarter of a cup of the marinade in a different container , let the marinating part of this recipe begin , transfer the meat to a container large enough to allow the meat to be fully exposed in the marinade .

Take the marinade and spread over both sides of the meat flip until it completely covered .

I will let it sit in all the flavors for about 30 minutes .

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For all of you .

Grilling enthusiasts feel free to grill the meat if desired .

But today we're cooking the steak on a hot cast iron skillet , place the steak on the hot surface and try not to overcrowd it .

You also wanna leave it alone , try not to move it until it's time to flip .

Flip when the under side has brown beautifully and allow the other side to do the same when both sides are nicely browned and the inside is cooked as desired , remove from the skillet and continue cooking the rest of the skirt steak .

The temperature of the surface we cook the steak in is important .

You want it to be hot so it can brown the meat and give the inside enough time to cook to your desired doneness .

By the way , I have the temperature on the stove set to medium high .

Ideally , this cut should be cooked to medium rare or medium .

It did take me approximately 2 to 4 minutes per side .

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But the time can vary depending on the heat and also the thickness of the meat .

I will leave the steak dentist temperatures in the description area .

When all of the meat is done , remove the steak from the skillet and let it rest for roughly 10 minutes .

This way , the juices settle in and we end up with a tender and juicy and result also remove the skillet from the heat .

So the bottom does not burn when you are getting ready to slice the steak .

Identify the direction in which the grain is running and cut against it .

This is a very important step to follow .

If you cut with the grain , you will end up with pieces that are hard to chew on .

I love skirt steak for this dish but other cuts that work really well are flat meats and flank steak .

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Next combine half of the quarter cup of marinade we reserved in with the veggies and mixed to combine heat , the skillet back up to medium high heat and add in the veggies saute until slightly cooked and softened but not mushy .

We want a slight crunch in them .

It will take about five minutes , make sure to stir frequently .

At this point , they will pick up the flavor from the browning at the bottom of the pan .

It adds another layer of flavor when the vegetables are close to being done , pour in the remainder of the marinade from the quarter cup and add salt if needed and stirred to combine .

When the peppers look done .

Lay the meat over the bed of veggies and remove from the heat .

Finally , as a finishing touch , Sprinkle chop cilantro over the fajitas and add salted taste mixed into combine and you are ready to enjoy .

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Ok .

It's time to taste and we're gonna do it with a taco .

I already went ahead and put all of the fajitas in here with bell peppers onions .

Mm It smells so good .

OK , let's do this .

Mm mm .

This is delicious .

Hm .

I love it .

What can I say ?

That's why I have to share with you .

Oh my goodness .

These are so delicious .

Completely made from scratch .

You're gonna love the meat .

The marinade brings so much flavor .

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You really have to try this one at home and then come back and let me know how it went in the comment area .

All right .

I really hope you enjoyed it .

Don't forget that you can follow me on all of my social media platforms and don't forget to subscribe like this video and click the notification bell until the next one .


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