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2023-07-08 09:05:35

How To Cook Fresh Pasta

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Hi , it's Glenn , the ball chef .

And today I'm gonna show you folks how to cook fresh pasta .

Uh A lot of people ask me , how do you do it ?

Well , it's a little trickier than just a simple answer .

So I'm gonna show you how it's done .

The first thing you need is about an eight quart pot .

Fill three quarters of the way with hot water , turn your stove on to high and then what you wanna do is you wanna add about two teaspoons of just regular sea salt to the water .

Pasta doesn't really have a lot of flavor to it .

And the salt will help season the water and effect season the pasta itself .

The next step is , is I add some extra virgin olive oil about two teaspoons .

And what that will do is keep the pasta from sticking .

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So , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna let this water heat up to a roll , rolling boil and then I'll show you how we cook the fresh pasta .

All right .

Now , our water has come to a good rapid boil .

We've got about £2 of freshly made fettuccini and what we're gonna wanna do is kind of shake some of the excess flour off of this that uh I used when I made this , I'm gonna put this into the boiling water .

Yeah .

Put all this in here , that flour up there .

What we're gonna do ?

Does this bring this back up to a boil ?

And then what you're gonna wanna do ?

Working with fettuccini and cook fresh fettuccini or spaghetti .

You want to cook it for about 4 to 5 minutes .

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So it's , and , uh , is the way I like my pasta cooked .

Uh , if you're using something like a hair or fresh pasta , you might only want to cook it for a minute and a half .

But we're gonna go to 4 to 5 minutes on this .

We're gonna bring this back to a boil , ah , which were just about there .

And then what we're gonna do is we're going to set the timer here for four minutes and we come back , I'll show you how we finish this dish off .

The main thing is you turn the down with a smidge and it's now come to a pretty good .

Well , again , I'm just gonna turn this down a bit just to kind of stir this around this edge so that , uh , the pasta is coated with the olive oil .

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So it doesn't stick together and , uh , get over the sink and , uh , put it into a con and one of the very important things that people sometimes do is when they put the , the , uh , pasta into the colder , they rinse it off .

You don't ever want to do that .

What you want to do is immediately plate the pasta and then put your sauce on it because if you don't and you rinse the pasta off , the sauce is not going to stick to the pasta and the dish isn't gonna taste right .

Another important thing you don't want to do is to overcook this pasta served all midday .

If you cook it 2345 minutes too long , it's going to be mushy .

It's going to taste terrible .

So you might want to take a fork or you got some chopsticks , you may just want to take little pieces out of there and test it to make sure it's cooked thoroughly but not too much .

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Uh , and then , and then you can go ahead and , uh , put it in the colder and drain the water off .

All right .

So we're in now at about four minutes .

What we're gonna do is we're gonna take this pot over to the calendar that we've got placed right there in the sink and we're gonna drain this off and there's our fresh pasta ready to be plated with whatever kind of sauce you want .

I don't like dried pasta .

I always like to go with the fresh , but this is gonna be good folks .

It's the all bald chef coming at you and that's exactly how you cook fresh pasta .

Thanks for watching .


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