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2023-07-09 14:09:24

How to Cook Pasta _ Tesco

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pasta comes in all shapes and sizes , from penny to facilli to linguini spaghetti .

There's a whole array out there .

Each one's got a distinct sort of taste and texture .

Uh , and you need to buy some really good quality stuff , so you get the best out of it , and I'm gonna show you how to cook it and get great results every time .

Now , in terms of quantity of pasta , that is 80 grammes , and that is about the size of a pound coin , and that will feed one person .

So let's cook the pasta Now .

Here we've got a big pot of rapidly boiling water for two people .

We're gonna need about two litres of water , so it's a lot more water to pasta , and it sounds a lot , but that's really necessary to get that pasta kind of moving in the water .

So then add some salt and then the pasta , and eventually you can do this by fi .

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But that's around two portions , so in with the pasta and it's just gonna sit against the side , so just kind of move it gently as it kind of bends and becomes more flexible in the heat and once the pasta goes in , you don't wanna keep moving it , But just stir it once or twice just to stop the whole thing sticking together , and that's it .

Now I'd put the lid back on .

So now we're gonna cook this as per the pack instructions .

And this is Linguini , and it's gonna take roughly about 10 minutes .

So we're gonna remove the lid to stop the water from boiling over and then let it continue to cook .

So it's a good idea at this stage to put a timer on and set it about a minute before the suggested cooking time of the pasta is up .

OK , so the pasta is nearly cooked , and the best way is to try a small piece .

Mm .

And it should have a little bite .

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Or be al dente , as the Italians say .

So that's it .

That's good .

Turn off the heat , pour it into a colander and do it quite quickly because it's a really good idea to keep some of that pasta cooking water .

This is ideal to add to your pasta sauce .

OK , this is ready and serve it immediately with your favourite pasta sauce , and that is how you cook pasta


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