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2023-07-09 14:24:34


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Hey , Melda two for two family .

Welcome back and thank you for tuning in today .

So today I will be preparing Bahamian peas and rice .

Yes , peas and rice .

If you want to see how this is prepared , continue watching .

OK .

On my cutting board , I have a half of a medium onion .

A stick of celery , a half of a bell pepper and a medium ripe frozen tomato cut up , chopped up .

I have a tin of pi pigeon pee dried pigeon peas , hunts tomato paste , red pepper flakes , salt and some Crisco corn oil and of course a £2 package bag of PABA rice .

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Now I'm frying down the onion and the celery first in about two tablespoons of the , of the Crisco oil because they take long , they take the longest to , to cook .

Now I'm smashing one clove of garlic , keeping my um , onion and celery in the oil , giving it a quick stir .

And then I'm going to add to that .

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The ripe tomato chopped , ripe tomato , OK ?

And I'm gonna stir that together .

Mixing it in that one wasn't cut .

That piece isn't cut all the week .

So just trying to separate it with my , with the spoon .

That's about a half a table , half a teaspoon of salt .

Oh , not a table and a teaspoon of pepper flakes .

Now , here I am pulling the leaves off off of the , um , thyme , just the leaves and then I'm gonna put the , the stems in as well .

Now , we don't eat the stems .

The stamps adjust to help with the flavoring to that .

I'm going to add my green bell pepper .

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That's a half and the clove of garlic .

I didn't add those in with the onion and the celery because they tend to cook the fastest and I don't want them burning .

So that's why I fry the onion and the salary first .

Now I'm racing off the top of the , of the pea pigeon pee and the hunts tomato paste because in the food store it's dust and everybody touching and all that .

When you open it , whatever's on the outside on the top of it is gonna go into it .

So rinse it off first .

That's the , I'm opening with my manual opener .

I need to get a , an electric one .

I had one but it went bad .

So doing it manually .

I'm getting it though .

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I'm an island girl so I know how to do it just to be careful with those cans .

Now I'm gonna add some browning to that just to give it a nice color when it's finished .

Nice brown , brownish color .

I'm gonna add it to um the pigeon pee to it .

That's a tablespoon .

I'm gonna get two of those .

Uh two of those of tomato paste to my pot peas and rice .

Two tablespoons of hunch tomato paste hunts is my favorite .

By the way , it's nice and thick .

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I'm gonna mix that through .

Mix that together .

Nnnn boy .

What a fuck .

Just have to hold the pot with the towel because it's hot .

This is my favorite pot .

This is my favorite pot .

I love it .

It never disappoints me .

Now I'm gonna add like a half a a half of a teaspoon of garlic salt .

Mix that through .

00 this smells good .

OK .

Now it's ready for the rice .

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I'm gonna add this £2 this entire pack of this £2 Mahatma rice and now I'm just mixing everything together , coating my rice before I add the the water mix mix mix mix .

Now this red container holds two cups each .

So that's two cups and the other container would be four cups .

So that's four cups of water to a £2 package .

Package of boil Mahatma rice .

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Now it might look white now but when it boils down , it's gonna turn brown .

I'm giving it a quick taste .

Need some more salt .

I'm just adding a little bit more salt and stir that through .

I put a cover on , on the top of the pot that's after five , 5 to 8 minutes must pass and giving it a check .

I'm giving it a stir .

Please check .

Ok .

Now I'm giving it a quick mix after most of the war has the salt .

All right .

Get it .

I don't want it to stick .

So I'm just gonna give this to .

Now I'm gonna cover it up again , cover it up again and then I'm gonna reduce the heat .

It was on medium .

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I turned it down on medium low .

All right , looking good .

So now we have Bahamian peas and rice .

Make some today .


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