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2023-07-09 14:13:12

Air Fryer Potato Wedges

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Hi guys , I'm Justin from cooking with quit .

I specialize in clean comfort , cooking .

And today I'm gonna show you how to make these super delicious and very fast air fryer potato edges .

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Let's get started .

If you've seen any of my other air fryer videos , then you know how much I love this machine .

It has saved me so much time and it makes food so crispy and delicious .

These air fryer potato wedges are the perfect thing to cook in there .

And best of all , they only take 10 minutes to make .

First thing we're gonna do is peel our rest of potatoes .

Now we're gonna cut our potatoes into wedges .

I do one slice to cut it in half and then I angle my blade and make my first wedge about there .

My second wedge about here and then I just take the last thick piece and just cut it in half for my 3rd and 4th wedges .

And that should give you a fairly equal wedge size and shape .

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That is actually quite important that you keep them consistent .

So that they cook evenly and kind of all around the same time .

Uh in the air fryer , I've heard that some people like to soak their potatoes in an ice bath um , before they put them , put them into the air fryer and that makes them crispier .

I don't feel like you really need to do that in the air fryer because it does such a good job of making pretty much anything you put into it crispy .

But please let me know in the comments below if you've tried the ice bath technique and if you really believe in it , next thing we're gonna do is toss these potatoes into a bowl and then we're gonna season them .

I'm using uh paprika garlic powder , salt and pepper and of course , I'm gonna coat them with a little bit of olive oil to start .

So for the measurement of olive oil , I'd say just about a tablespoon should work .

And then this is something that I feel like is a really important step .

I like to mix up the potato wedges as they are in the olive oil first .

So that it gives all the seasoning something really nice to stick to , to give these a nice quick toss .

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Oh Flying out .

OK .

Now , with everything perfectly coated , I'm going to add the seasoning .

So first we're gonna do the paprika .

This is just gonna be about a teaspoon , but I'm not going to measure you don't , you can measure if you want to , but it's totally fine to do it by feel .

Then I'm gonna add my garlic powder again .

Teaspoon should be totally fine .

I like a little more garlic , uh , on my potato edges totally up to you .

And the last two things we're gonna do the salt and pepper , just a couple of big pinches of salt and we're gonna add a little bit of pepper to it .

These potato edges cooking in the air fryer are just like they're just so fast .

Um And I feel like , you know , when you're cooking potatoes in the oven or if you're boiling them , it just takes so long .

So I just love this air fryer shortcut .

We're gonna give it one last little toss trying to make sure everything is nicely coated and now we're gonna pop these wedges into the air fryer .

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You don't have to be too worried about keeping them from overlapping a little bit .

Um If they do overlap , that's totally fine .

There's more than enough heat in here to make them crispy .

So let me show you guys how they should look .

There you go .

OK .

And now we're gonna pop in the air fryer .

So we are gonna cook them at 400 degrees for 10 minutes .

Some people will say , oh you should um preheat your air fryer .

I've never understood that .

I don't think you need to .

It's such a small and really hot oven in here that I think that's kind of useless .

So we're gonna set it for 400 degrees at 10 minutes and then let it do its thing .

Um , at the five minute mark that's halfway , we're gonna remove the basket and just give it a little bit of shake and then pop it back in there to finish them .

Right .

We've hit the five minute mark .

So let's take them out and give them a little shake , just toss them up a little bit and then we're gonna pop them back in to finish the five minute time , right ?

10 minutes is up .

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Let's take a look and see how we did .

Whoa , those look so good .

OK .

But , but , but here's the thing guys , um they are not crispy enough for me .

They might be crispy enough for some people , but I want extra crispy potatoes .

So I'm going to pop them back in for just another two minutes at 400 degrees .

All right , I think they are ready to go now .

Oh , yes , there we go .

There we go .

Super crispy .

That's what we're looking for .

These .

Look so good .

Let me just throw them on this plate and I'm gonna show you how I finish them off .

Look at how crispy and delicious these are and I know you can't smell these , but they smell amazing .

I love to top these potato wedges off with a Sprinkle of sea salt .

So let's do that first go .

And also a little Sprinkle of parsley .

All right .

And of course , you gotta get a little doll of ketchup .

Let's put it right in this corner here .

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That was the ketchup .

It wasn't me .

Why does that make me laugh ?

And I'm 40 years old and I'm still laughing at like hard jokes anyway .

Ok .

All right .

Let's give them a try .

These look so delicious .

I cannot wait to try them .

But you know what's coming before I do .

If you love this recipe and you wanna see more recipes from the air fryer , check out my air fryer recipes playlist .

OK .

Let's do a taste test .

Here we go .

Oh God .

These are so hot .

These are so hot .

I really should wait but I can't because I want them so bad .

OK .

It was real hot but these are so crispy and they are so delicious .

If you look , you can see how perfectly they're cooked inside and you can see the nice crispy skin , man .

I just love these potato wedges so much and the air fryer makes them so easy .

Makes them so quick .

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It only took just around 10 minutes .

You guys have to make these potato wedges .

Please do .

And I'll see you in the next video .


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