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2023-07-10 08:46:00

How To Make A Juicy Well Done Steak-The Secret To A JUICY Well Done Steak.

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Hey , guys , welcome back to cooking the weeds .

When you hear of a well cooked steak .

Is this your reaction ?

Well , today , I'm gonna show you how to cook a steak .

Well , that's still juicy and not tough .

You can stop running from this one .

So be sure to hit that subscribe button and hey , let's just get to it .

All right guys .

So here we go .

The well cooked steak , probably the most controversial topic ever .

So the technique is not gonna change no matter what temperature you cook the steak to .

All right .

And I'm gonna show you the whole technique .

So what we have here is just a , we have a steak which I let sit on the counter for about 15 , 20 minutes to bring it up to room temperature .

That way when you cook it , the steaks not cold in the middle , you don't want to cook it right from the refrigerator .

And we're gonna use kosher salt , black pepper , some bay leaves and some garlic .

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OK , guys , while we wait for our cast iron to heat up , we're gonna season our steak .

We're gonna generously season it with some kosher salt in black pepper both sides .

Use the other hand here .

All right , generously season this of kosher salt and black pepper .

All right .

And then we can take the rest of the seasoning that's on here and kind of just get it on the steak itself , right .

Wash the hands and be right back .

All right guys , we're up close and personal here .

We got our cast iron pan that I brought up the tent .

Now , you don't want the pan on fire .

You want it hot enough just to get a good sear on the steak .

So we're gonna take our steak that we generously seasoned .

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We're gonna hit it with some olive oil just a little bit work that around in the pan and we're going to place this right in here and we're gonna let that sear 3 to 4 minutes .

Ok ?

So we've been going about , we have about four minutes here .

I'm gonna give this a nice flip .

You press that right back down on there .

Now , like I mentioned , the technique is not gonna change .

We're gonna hit it with some butter Garrett bay leaves and a habanero pepper for a little heat .

And what we're going to do is we're going to base it .

Like I mentioned , the technique is not going to change , ok ?

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And we'll let that site go for another four minutes .

All right .

So this side's been going about four minutes and what we're going to do is we're gonna base it one more time , then we're gonna remove the steak from the heat .

We're gonna place it in a preheated oven at 3 50 for 8 to 10 minutes .

Ok , guys .

So here we have it , the finished product .

Now , the steak took a little longer .

I'd say it took about 13 , 14 minutes .

So when I took it out , I tempt it and it was 155 degrees and then I covered it with tinfoil and you want to let it rest .

That's the key .

Like I mentioned earlier , no matter what temperature you cook the steak to , you wanna let it rest .

Ok .

So you can look at this right here .

I mean , that thing is definitely well done .

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But look at the juices here , look at the juices on there .

Let's cut it open and take a look .

Ok , guys , we gave this one a cut and you can see right here that , that is definitely well done all day long .

Ok , guys .

So let's come , let's get into this real quick here .

That is just definitely well done and juicy see that it's not .

So I say we take a bite .

That is outstanding , most controversial topic ever .

The well cooked steak and yes , it can be done .

I really hope you try this one .

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All of us , you know , medium rare rare eaters .

This stuff works .

I'm telling you .

Thanks for watching , cooking the weeds and we'll see you soon .


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