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2023-07-09 14:19:38

How to Cook Rice Noodles -- Crispy Rice Noodles _ The Frugal Chef

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Hi guys .

It's Mary Anne , the chef .

I wanna show you how to make crispy rice noodles .

This is a foolproof method and you know , crispy rice noodles are so good .

They're a great little snack .

They're awesome on lettuce wraps .

You can put stir fries and stuff on top .

We're gonna make some um salt and pepper pork chops and put them on top of our rice noodles .

All right .

Let me show you how to make this .

So let's , let's get our rice noodles ready .

Uh We're going to cut , you know , tear them in half so that they're not exceedingly long just like that .

Th this is eight ounces of uh rice noodles .

You are also going to want to separate the noodles so that they , you know , crisp evenly .

You don't want the outside to crisp and the inside to just burn .

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So get those ready , line a plate with some paper towels and have the , you know utensil or spatula that you're gonna use to take them out ready because this will take seconds .

It is really important that your oil be super hot for this guys .

Uh Otherwise your noodles are not going to do what they're supposed to do and you're gonna end up , you know , wasting them .

I have a couple cups of peanut oil here and you can see it's starting to get really hot .

What I'm gonna do is just throw in one noodle and see how it crisps .

Ok .

This is ready .

Now , we're going to work in batches and we're just going to separate those noodles in there and see how fast that crisps .

All right .

That's why it's important that you're ready for this now , just remove it .

You don't want this to brown , you just want it to crisp .

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Isn't that cool ?

All right .

Now , just take it out .

I'm gonna flip it one second there and it's done .

Take it out , put it on the paper towel so it'll drain and you know , I'm gonna salt these lightly , very lightly .

All right , I'll see you when all of these are cooked .

Check them out , aren't they beautiful ?

They're kind of like little nest .

You saw how fast these cook .

So be ready .

Have everything ready .

So you're not surprised .

All right guys , this will be on the website , this uh recipe .

So if it goes , it will be on the website waiting for you to come and print it if you need to um check out all our other uh nice Asian food that we have .

We have all kinds of good stuff .

You , well , my friends without going broke , I'm gonna see you guys soon .


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