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2023-07-10 08:44:49

How to make delicious Chimichurri

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Big thanks to Kamara Joe for sponsoring this episode .

You know , you want it , you know , you need it .

This is the classic recipe version for chimichurri .

Everybody that takes cooking meat seriously needs a good chimichurri recipe .

I'm gonna give you a basic classic version of chimichurri that will never fail .

You always starts with olive oil and of course , you wanna have a good quality olive oil I'm using .

But that's something that is easily available .

What you need is uh olive oil that speaks in itself .

Something that has flavor and that's why I picked an olive oil that is strong and peppery in flavor really stands out .

Make the chimichurri pop .

I'm gonna start with 100 mL of olive oil followed by 30 mL of red wine vinegar .

Now I'm gonna add a teaspoon of flour which is a good quality salt and a couple of twists on the peppermint .

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And what I just created is called a vinaigrette .

The classic French Vina .

Hm .

It is rich but it's balanced by the acidity of the red wine vinegar and it's popping with the salt and the pepper .

Now , if you put this on a salad your salad is gonna taste freaking amazing .

And that's the basic thing that you need a good vinaigrette to start your chimi chew off with .

Now it's on to the fresh ingredients , starting with a bunch of fresh parsley , cut off the leaves , get rid of the stocks and then chop it fine as fine as you can .

And with a chef's knife , don't put this in a blender .

You wanna have the actual texture .

This tolls up to around half a cup of fresh chopped parsley and it will be your signature of a fresh homemade chimichurri .

Now it's time for the garlic for this amount of chimichurri .

I'm gonna need only one garlic clove and start chopping it as fine as you can add that to the chimichurri .

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Now important to note is that by using a small amount of garlic , but using it fresh , it will stand out intensely .

If you put too much garlic in , it's going to destroy everything and make everything taste like garlic .

So one clove is key here .

Another key is that you need to give that garlic time to let it sit .

You can't use this straight away .

You have to let it sit for at least 2 to 3 hours for that garlic to mix in with the rest of the flavor .

Now , of course , that's not all of the ingredients .

I'm also gonna need to add a little bit of dried oregano and I'm adding around a tablespoon of dried oregano to this and depending on how much heat you wanna add to your chimichurri , you are going to add the amount of chili flakes .

Now , I'm gonna add a teaspoon of chili flakes because that will be plenty of heat for my chimichurri .

I don't wanna go overboard on that heat .

I'm gonna close the lid , secure it , shake it up and that's my chimi cherry .

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You can store this in your fridge for around 4 to 5 days because you gotta keep in mind .

After around half a day , the flavors are maximized .

It's intense in flavor and over time it starts degrading and it becomes goes off because of the fresh ingredients that you're using the good stuff .

And while I wait for that chimi cherry to start popping , I'm gonna fire up my comma Joe put in some big block , put in a couple of fire starters , light them up and then I gotta wait .

I gotta wait until that charcoal's fully lit before I can start grilling .

Never waste a moment when cooking cut up some veggies .

I'm gonna show you how you can make a delicious grilled vegetable salad .

And I also have a beautiful piece of black Angus waiting for you .

I'm gonna cut up the zucchini , a fresh fennel , cut out the core because that's the bit of pot you can get rid of that .

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We're gonna leave the stalks on every stalk is a layer that's gonna go on the grill .

I'm gonna peel this onion , cut that onion into thick rings .

Decor , a bell pepper , flatten it out .

Now that my grill is nice and hot .

I'm going to sear my vegetables first on the zucchini , the bell peppers onion and the fennel .

I'm looking for a bit of char on my vegetables .

Once I grab my vegetables , I'm gonna chop them course , put them in a salad bowl , shred and add some mozzarella to it , drizzle on some of that chimichurri .

Toss the bowl and that is one tasty looking salad .

Now , I know you didn't come here just for a salad or a sauce .

You also wanna see a good piece of meat .

I got a beautiful piece of neck that comes from a black Angus cow with a lot of commercial effect .

So it's time to cut it up and create something beautiful out of it .

I'm specifically looking for fatty parts of meat that include this mussel .

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I'm cutting it out , I'm gonna square it up so that we can process it and turn it into something beautiful .

The next step is to butterfly this beautiful piece of meat .

So I'm gonna take my knife and I'm going to make a long cut and as I'm cutting it , I'm gonna roll it out using the tip of my knife .

Look at that amount of fat .

That is one insane piece of meat .

Now , I'm gonna take a heavy pan and whack it a couple of times just to flatten it out .

It's also good for aggression therapy .

Now , I know this cut might be hard to come by , but just ask for a beef collar beef neck and you will definitely be able to find it and then it's time to skew it on one after the other flatten that out .

Of course , we gotta put some salt on and this is quite a heavy piece and a lot of it's gonna render down , it's gonna fall off .

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So I'm gonna put on a lot of salt , flip it around and I'm hoping that we're gonna get a lot of crust on this meat by slow roasting it over an open fire .

I think that will do the job .

Uh I'm just gonna put it right here and center the meat a little bit and now all we need is time , but we gotta keep watching it .

The grill is rather hot .

I'm gonna gonna rotate it , flip it , make sure I don't get any flare ups and wait for it to be done .

I need it to be cooked at least until a core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius .

And I'm looking for a crunchy outside .

Once I got the initial later on , I'm going to take my skew and I'm going to stick it in the back of the comma Joe letting it rest this way .

I'm going to have a slow cook .

The meat is away from the fire .

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The fat is rending down into the back , but still at the heat and the smoke comes up and cooks the meat as style beautiful piece of meat all done .

And as you can see , we got beautiful dark spots .

Nice charred up bits fat bre , bring down .

I need to get this on the board .

It's super , super heavy .

I'm just giving it a little moment to relax .

It kind of doesn't matter how tough the meat is , we're just gonna slice the little bits of crunch off the outside like this crunchy bit .

Super juicy .

That is a beautiful piece of beef .

You can literally take the toughest cut on beef , use the Argentinian technique and turn it into something delicious .

Give it a try like and the , it just breaks everything down .

All of that fattiness brings it like to a normal level .

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Mhm I'll take a moment .

OK .

H Mac and keep on grilling .

Keep on grilling .


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