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2023-07-09 14:13:41

Steak House vs Home Cook - 900°F Steak vs 250°F Steak!

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Welcome back to Google Food guys today .

Very extremely high temperature steak like the steakhouses versus my reverse here .

Which one is best ?

Well , let's find out right now .

Check it out for today's cook .

I'm using these two beautiful prime New York strip .

I'm seasoning the steaks with salt pepper and garlic powder in order to monitor the temperature of the stakes and to ensure that I got perfect dentist .

I am using the meter which is a wireless thermometer .

And if you're interested about it , you can learn more in the description down below .

The high temperature steak will be cooked at 900 F in direct heat and the other one will be in at 250 F with indirect heat .

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58.259 --> 125.709

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What do you think ?

My brother , I like how you cut them ?

You like the thick cuts ?

No more .

Little tiny angel .

We got an experiment A or B I know you're hungry .

And so am I , are you ready ?

All right , let's go .

Let's go for the first one .

Which one ?

This one ?

Yes .

So what is this an experiment ?

Yes .

I wanna know which one ?

Is better .

Oh my God .

Is this juicy ?

Look at this .

Hold it nice , thick cut angel .

You ready ?

Let's go for it .

You can't even fold it .

It's soft or is it joy ?

Can you guys see that ?

And yes , if you're asking I did let it rest .

Well , let's go for it .

Cheers .

Yeah .

That was gonna be hard to beat if they're different .

Are they different ?

They're different , right ?

So that's gonna be really hard to beat .

I really ?

Wow .

You guys .

It is amazing .

I go around .

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No , no , no .

Let's try the other one first .

Are you ready for the other one ?

Go for it .

I I'm gonna do the same thing like this .

If not , you won't fold , we gotta cut it a little bit in half .

If not , it won't fold in half .

Let's go for it .

Oh My Lord .

This one , I'm surprised this one is just , just as tender too .

This one looks good too .

The looks pretty good .

Let's see .

Are you ready for it ?

Dude ?

I'm always ready .

Oh It's dripping juice .

Let's go .

It was good .

What do you think ?

And I think I know , I think I know what's up .

What do you think ?

This one has a lot more flavor than this one ?

This one is still really good , but this one has like that , that extra like charco flavor .

How you , man ?

He's becoming a steak expert .

I am a steak expert , bro .

I , I'm I'm nephew , bro .

I have to be a steak because if not , because if not , then I , I don't get to eat the steak , bro .

That's right .

You're absolutely right .

You are my nephew .

He knows some steaks , man .

I could tell you that he's been eating quite a few .

Oh , yes .

So now talk about this one .

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What is , what is your opinion on this one ?

Ok .

That's a good steak .

That has a good crust .

It has all the , like if you wanna make a steak and it comes out like this , you don't get shamed .

You got me .

No , it's a very good steak .

Yeah , just this one has like an added flavor and it's an awesome added flavor because it's charcoal .

It has to be charcoal , bro .

Wow .

This kid is getting a professional expert and I am like a proud papa .

I love it .

That's awesome .

Uh You keep , you keep enjoying your steak Andrew .

It's ok .

So here's the deal .

I slow cooked this one on the charcoal .

That's what happened .

I cooked it nice and slow .

So he had time to absorb all that charcoal flavor that you're talking about .

Mm .

Look at that .

I'm impressed with this boy .

This one here is very good .

Don't get me wrong .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But like he said , it didn't absorb all that amazing charcoal flavor because he was just cooked so fast .

I cooked this one angel in five minutes .

I cooked this steak in five minutes .

Guys , that's pretty practical .

I think this steak here took about 25 to 30 minutes to cook overall .

So Angel , let me ask you in your opinion .

Which one is better ?

A or B ?

It has to be a A is the better one this time .

It has a better flavor , just like Angel said , a much more complex flavor with the charcoal embedded inside of the meat .

This one here is good but it has not that smokiness flavor .

It's just like a fast , quick method steak .

The crust on the number two steak is much better than the number one .

Now , I was about to tell you that , but the flavor overall and enjoyment definitely the first steak .

I agree .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And they're both actually about as juicy if you ask me .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , they're juicy boy .

Oh , they're just as juicy .

I really thought that this steak here was not gonna be very good at all because I've never done hot and fast at such high temperature , but it is very good .

It's awesome .

And it was really good if you ask me which one do you recommend ?

I recommend you definitely doing the reverse method .

And the reason is it's much more controllable than this one here .

This steak here came out perfect .

But I paid a lot of attention and I was sweating bullets because I thought I was gonna over cook this steak .

My meter even malfunctioned because it was too hot that's too much of a high temperature and it's hard to get that temperature too .

It took me quite a bit .

This is much more forgiven you cook it nice and slow .

There is zero stress .

I could tell you that here you're sweating bullets .

Make sure that you cook this steak .

Right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Anyway , this is the results .

Guys , if you ask me go , which one do you prefer ?

We're gonna go with the reverse series method .

It's a lot better .

I hope you guys enjoyed the video .

If you do make sure you give it a thumbs up .

If you're not a subscriber , be sure to subscribe for future videos and remember if you're interested in anything I use .

Everything is on the description down below .

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one .

Take care .

Bye bye go .

I broke the stake with my fourth really fork tender guys , fork tender , fork tender .

I could tell you , wait a second .

Hold on a second .

No way .

Yes , it is incredible .

Do that reverse sea method guys .

You won't regret it and if you are in a hurry and you can get your barbecue to that high temperature , just do that one too .

You cook that steak in five minutes and is that a ring ?

Do you have a little ring actually ?

Oh , a little smoke ring .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , you kind of have a little bit smoke .

Well , not really smoke .

Kind of can you , you probably won't be able to tell anyway , guys , we are going to enjoy our steaks and we'll see you guys on the next one .

Take care .

Bye bye bye bye .

Mm .

It's good .


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