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2023-07-08 09:23:15

STEAK AND EGGS _ How To Cook Steak In A Cast Iron Skillet _ Steak Breakfast

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Look at what I did for APA .

Ok , cool .

Let's see .

Day .

This is cool .

We're gonna show dad .

Wow , that's good .

Thank you .

Isn't that cool Father's Day ?

Yeah , thank you .

You say oh , ok .

So to start my steak and eggs breakfast , I wanna cook my potatoes first .

So I'm gonna be roasting these in the oven .

But what I did first was clean them , chop them up .

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This is around a pound of potatoes I believe .

Um I'll put uh measurements and ingredients in the description below , but these are small potatoes , uh gold Yukon and you could use the potato of your choice and you can even peel them .

I left the skin on and I added these to cold water .

I salted the water .

I added uh a clove of garlic .

I brought it up to a boil , covered it with a lid and I cooked them or boiled them until somewhere between knife and fork tender .

They're pretty much cooked through .

I really want these potatoes to be crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside .

You could parboil them , but that's just what I did .

So what I'm going to do is just add these to my baking sheet and I did kind of rough him up a little bit .

I also have some grape tomatoes .

You can see that they're kind of shriveled .

They've been in the back of my refrigerator .

I'm gonna go ahead and put these on the baking sheet as well .

And for those of you that always ask , this is the oil that I like to use .

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Um , it's grape seed oil , use the oil of your choice .

And I'm just going to drizzle a couple of tablespoons of actually more than a couple , maybe 3 to 4 tablespoons .

I want these to kind of get really crispy in the oven .

I'm going in with some cracked black pepper and you can season your potatoes how you like and some salt and give it a mix .

These are going to go into a 450 degree oven .

I've preheated it already and I'm gonna roast these until crispy .

Ok .

Now to prep the steak .

So at this point , I have my cast iron skillet preheating on my stovetop over medium heat .

I wanna allow myself time to season this and I might crank up the heat in a minute .

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So I've padded this dry with a paper towel and you'll notice this is not like that bright , pretty pinkish red color that you see in a lot of videos .

I actually had this rib eye steak in my deep freezer and I thought it overnight in the refrigerator .

So that's why it's not , you know , that lively , bright red color .

So I'm going to add some of my cooking oil again .

I'm going in with that grape seed oil .

I'm gonna , um , put it on both sides all over the steak .

I'm gonna go in with salt on both sides and you wanna season liberally , um , Kosher salt is always a , a nice salt to season steak with , but you'll wanna season it with salt all over the steak .

Now , some cracked black pepper again , all over the steak .

And I know when people do steaks they like to add butter and herbs and garlic to the pan .

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I'm literally just going with salt and pepper .

Ok .

So here's my cast iron skillet and it's starting to get like wisps of smoke .

It's not like billowing smoke , but I can already see it smoking .

So that's a good , that's a good time to put your steak on and I'm going to cook my steak for about three minutes on each side .

Um Oh , yeah , that's what you wanna hear .

So I'm going about three minutes on each side .

Ok .

So it has been almost three minutes .

Take a look at that color .

Wow .

So another three minutes and then it's going into my preheated oven of 450 F for about seven minutes .

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So I went ahead and took the steak off the heat that I want with the residual heat before I put it in the oven , I'm going to get the sides of good sear .

Ok .

So my steak and potatoes are in an oven that has been preheated to 450 F .

So , the steak I'm gonna let that , uh , continue cooking for about seven minutes .

I want to achieve medium cook it less if you want .

Maybe medium rare .

Ok .

So my steak is gonna hang out here .

Uh , my potatoes are done .

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I'm gonna take those out and now I'm gonna work on the eggs and the toast , by the way , while my steak is still resting , I went ahead and added the potatoes to the skillet just to go ahead and serve it all together and I'll probably put the eggs on top with toast and take it right to the table .

Yeah .

Now I'm going to add my two large eggs .

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Here we go , gonna finish this off with a little dried parsley and this is ready .

So I went ahead and took it out of the cast iron skillet because I , you know , plating , it would be nice on the table .

But I want to show you guys , let's just check out how exactly this cooked .

Oh , yeah .

So that's pretty much how my husband likes his steak .

He doesn't really like a lot of red on the inside , but , you know , there's still pink in here .

So it's tender , but it's cooked the way he likes it .

I'm gonna give this a bite .

Mm .

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So I went ahead and cut his steak and now I'm going to serve it along with his toast .

I hope you give this recipe a try .

I hope you like it .

And thanks for watching .


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