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How to Make Bread Pudding _ The Basics _ QVC

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When it comes to comfort food , desserts , bread pudding leads the pack , it's easy to make and it uses up all your leftover bread .

So let's make some bread pudding .

So we're gonna make a really basic bread pudding here today .

But I'm going to give you options of when you can add other flavors .

The most important part of bread pudding of course is the bread .

We've taken some bread here , which is of course , an egg based bread brioche is also an egg based bread really tasty for bread pudding .

You'll notice it has a bit of a yellow tone to it , but it's sweet and it's super , super tender .

Makes a great bread pudding , cut the bread open and leave it overnight on a baking sheet on your counter .

So it dries a little bit .

Why ?

Because stale bread absorbs things better .

So when we put our custard on that bread , it's gonna absorb all those great flavors and then give it back to us when we're eating it .

So bread is all cubed up and ready to go .

Let's start by getting our pan ready .

We're gonna butter the pan and grease it so that it comes out easily .

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Nice little tip .

Always save your little butter wrappers , keep them in the freezer for when you need to do something like this .

The leftover butter on the wrapper is perfect for actually greasing a dish like this .

Ok .

So grease dish bread , let's make that custard .

So I'm gonna beat up my eggs here and I'm gonna pour in my milk and then of course , because this is a dessert , we're gonna add some sugar and sweeten that up .

So sugar , eggs , milk whisk that together until you can no longer feel the sugar .

It's dissolved in that mixture and now let's add some flavors .

So in goes some cinnamon , that's pretty classic in any bread pudding in goes a little pure vanilla extract .

I like to use the pure instead of the artificial and then we're gonna grate in some fresh nutmeg .

I love to grate my nutmeg fresh .

You can easily get these in the grocery store and they keep forever .

So of course , you will always have freshly grated nutmeg , which tastes better than if you buy it 3 g whisk it together .

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Well , so you break that egg up and dissolve that sugar .

Now , let's transfer everything to our greased pan here .

This is where if you were going to add some extra ingredients like raisins , which are kind of traditional or you could put some berries in here or even some chocolate chips , cut up some apple drizzle some maple syrup in all of these variations are possible and you can make your bread pudding your very own .

So you want to make sure that this pan is almost overflowing with bread .

And then we're going to pour our custard on top .

Now , once the custard is all in the bread , we want that bread to absorb that custard so that when it bakes it bakes evenly , so you're gonna use your hands and you're gonna press that bread down into the mixture .

This is when we preheat our oven , we wait this long because this bread needs time to soak up that custard .

The preheating time for the oven is just about the right time .

So once this is sat for about 20 minutes and your oven is preheated to 350 degrees .

Pop this in for about an hour .

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It should smell fantastic in your kitchen and people should be waiting for that bread pudding .

So let's take it out and see if it's finished .

So to do that , we're going to take a clean skewer .

We're going to put that into the center of the bread pudding and it should come out clean .

If it comes out clean with no messy pudding on there , then you are good to go .

So next step is let this cool for just a couple minutes .

Cut it into portions , serve it with some fresh fruit , maybe some maple syrup on top .

Sprinkle some powdered sugar and make everybody happy Thanks for watching .

If you'd like to see more of the basics .

Click over here .

If you'd like to see everything I used in this recipe , click over here and if you have any questions , comments or suggestions for more basics , put them in the comment section below .


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