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2023-07-08 09:09:53

Grilling Steak - How to Grill Perfect Sirloin Steaks

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Hi , I'm Elias Iglesias , executive chef of Morton's Steakhouse .

And today I'm gonna show you how to grill the perfect sirloin steak in order to pick the perfect sirloin steak .

You wanna choose one that's at least an inch to an inch and a half in thickness .

One that has a bright red color and abundant marbling .

The marbling is all the specks of fat that run through the steak and that's gonna give you flavor and tenderness before cooking the steak .

You wanna make sure to pull it out at least two hours prior , leave it at room temperature .

That'll keep the steak from over charring .

Once you start cooking it to season a steak , you could use a seasoning salt or just salt and pepper .

Whatever is your preference and make sure that grill is nice and hot at least 5 to 600 degrees .

It's very important to sear in all those flavors with a nice crust .

And the only way you're gonna get to do that is making sure that it's really super hot .

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Once you have that steak on the grill , one common mistake is keeping the top open , keep that top closed .

You want all the heats of steak in and around that steak in order to help it cook quicker and just sear it from all angles .

One thing to remember is resist the urge of opening up the grill .

Don't flip the steak too many times either .

The one we have in here that's at least an inch and a half thick should take approximately five minutes before it's even ready to flip .

Once you flip it , you'll see that it has that nice crust and that's what's gonna keep those flavors inside .

Once you flip the steak , it should take another 3 to 4 minutes to reach medium rare and 5 to 6 minutes to reach medium .

And the easiest way to tell when the steak is cooked is with a simple hand trick for a medium rare steak .

You want us to feel spongy with a little bit of bounce , kind of like the feeling at the base of your thumb for a medium steak .

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You want it to feel more like the center of your palm with slightly less bounce and a little bit more tense .

A medium rare steak should have a warm red center and that's how you grill .

The perfect sirloin steak .

Enjoy .


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