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Hi guys .

It's and welcome back to my little kitchen .

Today's recipe has to be one of the most easiest recipes out there .

It requires three ingredients , and you're gonna have the most perfectly cooked basmati rice ever .

I'm gonna show you today how to make cumin rice , which is also known as or as I pronounce it at home ziga rice .

Now , Z rice is served alongside Curries in sort of like South Asian households on a daily basis .

This is a staple for us , and we absolutely love it and can't get enough of it .

So before I share how to make this wonderful , fluffy , perfect basmati rice dish , if you haven't subscribed to my channel , please go ahead and do that .

Turn your bell notifications on for all things cooking .

I'd appreciate it .

And now we're gonna run through the ingredients quickly , and then we'll start cooking .

So the ingredients you're going to need is 250 grammes , which is one cup of white basmati rice .

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Now I'm using VT extra long basmati rice here because that's what I use at home .

I mean , you can use whatever brand of rice that you wish to use .

All I've done is I've washed it at least 3 to 4 times until the water runs clear .

And then I've let it soak for approx .

Ultimately , one hour now , rice requires a minimum 30 minutes soaking time .

Anything longer .

Obviously it doesn't matter , but just bear in mind that your cooking time will shorten .

So I've left it .

So for an hour , I've got here one litre of boiled kettle water I've got here 1.5 teaspoons of salt .

And I've got one teaspoon of cumin seeds , which is also known as Zida .

So let's start cooking .

Right , OK , so first of all , we're gonna get ourselves a nice large pot to cook in , and then we're gonna add the water straight in .

And even though it's a boiled kettle , guys , it will take some time to come back up to the boil again because obviously you've put it into a cold pot .

So just bring that up to the boil .

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And whilst that's gonna boil away , I'm just gonna throw in my salt and my cumin seeds just straight in like that .

And once it comes up to the boil , I'll show you what we need to do next , right ?

Ok , guys , now that the water has come up to the boil my heat setting has been on nine and I'm gonna throw my rice in , as you can see , then it's come up to the boil .

So just add that in and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take a spoon and just move the rice around gently in there just so that we separate the grains like that and I'm gonna leave my heat setting on a nine until it comes back up to the boil again and it's boiling properly .

And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna lower the heat setting down to a seven for me , which is a high a medium high heat setting .

So you can see now that it's come up to the boil again , it's boiling away .

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But we're gonna wait until it actually like , you know , starts boiling properly because that will ensure that the rice will cook through evenly .

Now , if you wanted to make plain basmati rice , just leave out the cumin seeds .

Uh , you don't have to add them in the this is , uh , rice .

So that's why I'm showing you how to make that .

But if you just wanted plain bass minty rice just , uh , leave out the cumin seeds .

And the reason why we add salt into our basmati rice is to give it a little bit more flavour , so it's not bland at all .

So there you have it .

It's now boiling away .

I'm just gonna turn my heat settings down to a seven , which is a medium high heat setting .

And we're gonna let that cook away .

Don't touch it for about 4 to 5 minutes , and after five minutes , I'll show you how it looks .

Right .

OK , so the rice has been cooking away for five minutes , guys , and this is how it looks .

I'm just gonna take one out for you .

So let's just have a look at that show you .

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So you've got the grains there perfectly cooked , and I'm just gonna go off and I'm gonna drain this and and then I'll show you what you need to do next .

Right ?

So once you've drained your rice off and all you need to do now is just transfer it back into the same pot like that and then just to even it out from the top like that , and all we're gonna do is we're now gonna pop the lid on and we're just gonna turn the hob on and I'm gonna turn it down to a one , which is the lowest heat setting for me .

And I'm gonna let that sort of , like steam away for about 3 to 4 minutes .

And the reason why we're letting the rice steam away , Uh , which is also known as giving them to the rice , which is cooking .

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Um , the rice is because whatever moisture that's left in there , the water , um , that's left in there whilst we've even though we've we've saved the rice and we've strained off that water .

There's still a little bit of moisture left in there .

We want to dry that out and by giving them or steaming it like this for , like , literally 3 to 4 minutes , if that will allow that moisture to dry up and the rice will be nice and fluffy .

So I'll see you guys back in about four minutes time when this rice will be perfectly ready .

Right ?

Guys , it's been about 4 to 5 minutes that this has been on them and I'm gonna show you how it looks .

And there you have it perfectly cooked cumin rice , or as we also call it as zero rice .

As you can see , the grains are all separated , and that's what you want .

And I'm gonna plate this up and show you guys exactly how it looks .

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But just have a look at those gorgeous greens all perfectly cooked .

And there you have it , guys .

My perfectly cooked cumin rice .

Oh , absolutely gorgeous .

That fragrance that comes off that cumin when it's cooked in there .

Absolutely wonderful .

Now , moment of truth .

Here goes .

You know , the grains I cooked through perfectly .

They are so soft , so fluffy .

And just to show you guys , if you I don't know if you can see that on camera .

But see that that is a grain of rice cooked to perfection .

And that's how you should cook your rice every single time .

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Rice obviously goes with every single curry out there .

You can make GRRZR , rice , cumin , rice , whatever you wanna call it .

And if you have , you know , a lot left over .

Once you make it , you can also freeze it .

It freezes really well .

Just take it out and obviously defrost it and then reheat it and just enjoy it with your Curries .

That's the best thing about things like that .

You can pop them into the freezer and then just take them out on a rainy day when you can't be bothered cooking .

Guys , I hope you've enjoyed watching this video .

Make sure you give it a thumbs up .

If you have found it helpful , I'll catch you soon with a new one .

Till then , take and have heating .


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