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2023-07-09 14:11:51

How to Cook Rasta Pasta in Under 30 Minutes

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Do not be scared about cooking the steak on the big night .

If you follow these simple rules , it will be easy .

Let the pan get nice and hot .

If there's no heat in the pan , there's no color , there's no color , there's no flavor .

The steak is relaxed .

It's at room temperatures .

So therefore it will cook quicker and it won't be stone cold in the center .

Ok .

The pan's nice and hot oil in .

Now that's ground nut oil .

We call it a neutral oil .

Not too strong pan just starting to smoke a little shape and bang in the center .

Push it down .

We're gonna cook it 2.5 or three minutes each side .

But it's really important .

We don't keep on toning the steak .

We'll only turn it once , once on each side and then more importantly , on its back to cook that white creamy fat .

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OK ?

So look , now I'm getting ready to go ahead and just add my infused olive oil .

I like to use garlic .

I'll put that down in the description box , you know , and then pin it in the number one comment just by branch and vine .

Look .

These are the things that just like like really like level everything up , ok ?

So now what I'm gonna do is we're just gonna go ahead .

Look , we all season up .

You can see that you can see all of the flavor .

That's that jerk seasoning right now .

We'll just add it , ok ?

Look if it look like it's more than what you saw in the very beginning .

Look , I'll be using this square , right ?

So what I do is when I see the bigger pieces , you know , because when they start getting , you know what I mean , you could just take them and just break them and have like that , they can pick up some of the fine on the bottom to get some of the flavor and just cook .

Remember it only needs 6 to 7 minutes , ok ?

So look , I should have address this part earlier .

You see this like your leftover seasoning .

If you guys get yourself some of them jars as long as you can put a lid on the top , it stay air tight .

I say this right here .

Probably last you like at least six months .

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Now she's ready for turning .

Look , turn her over and look at the color that is , I wanna cook my steak rare .

So by touching the steak , I want the same feedback as it is on the inside of my thumb .

That's rare as it starts to cook it gets a lot firmer medium .

Is there semi firm with a slight resistance .

Well done .

Is there rare ?

Now is about 1.5 minutes from coming out butter and this gives it a really nice nut brown finish .

Tilt the pan towards you and just base the steak over before it comes out here , your tongs and turn the steak on its back and just finally cook that little bit of fat down the side there .

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Look at that baby out on or a little bit of butter over the top , leave it to rest once it's rested onto the board and don't slice it too thin , the thin , you slice it the colder it gets at an angle there over and look , that is a beautiful sirloin steak .

Cooked pink .

Mhm .

My goodness .

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Now I'm gonna take my hand and I'm gonna do it like this .

Um , because we did say we wanted to be a little jerky , right ?

So as they start to cook , you know what I mean ?

I , I want them to stay down on the bottom .

So they can get some heat , you know , when they cooking , you can tell by the tail and then what , what do they do ?

Folks ?

Let me know down in the comment section below when shrimp start to cook , what do they do ?

I gotta tell y'all anyway .

Look , they start to curl up .

Right .

So I just get them right .

Pick up all of that .

The seasoning and man , it smells incredible and we don't wanna overcook them , right .

So this process only takes us about .

These are some big shrimps .

I'm gonna say a little bit maybe close to four minutes at the heat that I have it at right now .

So I don't want to use the curl all nice and tight , right ?

We don't want that because listen , we're gonna put it in the , in the rep , you know , with the rep , right ?

So now I'm just gonna go ahead and get everything in here .

Look at this right here .

Now , I'm gonna come back with my garlic infused olive oil again .

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Just put a little bit in there and get everything going right because now we're getting ready to come with our veggies .

So you've been following me , you know how I like to get down first .

I still always start with my onions .

OK ?

So look , this is one minute right now .

We come with the rest of our veggies .

That's up to you .

How much veggie you wanna put in there .

I chop down the whole thing .

Sometimes I use a quarter .

I really go for the visual .

I know it's about to taste too , but I like for all my dishes to look great .

You know what I mean ?

So I look at my color .

OK .

So these are sweating down .

Nice .

I like this .

All right .

So I got a pot already .

It already got my , you know , my water boiling look today I'm gonna be using you guys can use whatever you like this time .

I'm going for this .

Look , right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and cook these style because then we're gonna finish them up and get them nice where they're supposed to be inside of this .

All right .

So I like where I'm at .

I'm sweating down nicely .

Now .

It's time to go .

Look at this right here .

Look at this cloth .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's a freaking nature right there .

I'm gonna go ahead and just drop him in like that .

Put a smile on my face .

It's so big .

I can barely get , hopefully he's in here .

You know what ?

Let me see .

There we go .

I want you guys to take a look right there .

Look .

Why does that make me so happy when I miss that way .

Notice I put it on top , right ?

Because I don't want that to go down on the bottom and start to burn on the pot because once I put my garlic in there , I like to keep it moving right now we start cooking this .

Once that heat gets on it , you should be able to smell that garlic right off at the back .

I want you guys to pay attention to this right here .

Look , I'm using coconut milk .

This right here .

Gives it that , you know , that flavor , but you guys can use , you know , heavy whipping cream .

So we only need about one cup close enough .

I know I was taught in school .

You're supposed to bend down .

Look see at eye level and all of that .

If I was baking , I'd make sure .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But I'm gonna say that look like it's about right .

Right .

So now look , I want you guys to notice how I did coconut chicken stock right here .

Right .

This is gonna be my flavor .

So I'm gonna go ahead and start adding my coconut in here right now .

That's all right .

Let's go ahead and get that in there .

Right .

Check my flame .

Make sure I'm at a medium .

Alright .

So I got my coconut and now I'm coming with my stock .

I'm gonna bring this up to a boil .

As soon as I get it up to a boil a little bit more heat on it , then we're gonna cook it down and we're gonna let it try to like do you know , do a stick and thing on his own ?

We coming back up to a boil when I get it right here , then I'm gonna go ahead and I'll start adding my chicken to it and everything inside of it .

All of the flavor , anything to sweat off or dripped off of my chicken , I'll just put it all in there and then you don't have to worry about this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If anything needs to be cooked in a little further , you know what I mean ?

Uh , this hot right here around it , we'll cook your chicken all the way and because it's more in the liquid side , it keep it nice and tender , right ?

So after you let it cook down a little bit , you know what I mean ?

Look at this , you got , I don't know if you guys can tell , but look , you see that right there .

That's what you want .

Even if I bring it up on the side right here and when it comes down to see how it sticks up coach and then it slides down , that's about as far as you wanna go .

You don't want it to get it too thick and then add your palm .

So now I'm gonna start adding my palm here and this is gonna take it the rest of the way , but we're gonna do it with the cheese , right ?

I know y'all thinking like man , didn't he have some , uh didn't he have some shrimp ?

And then where did the pasta noodles at ?

You ain't gonna be asking me that too much longer .

OK .

So look , I want you guys to pay attention to this normally .

When I make pasta , you know what I mean ?

I put it in the , and then I shock it to stop it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But these just came out .

I like the way these are , these are just perfect through one against my refrigerator and all of that work right .

Here's a pro tip for you .

This right here is my pasta water .

If you need to thin something out , that's what we're gonna use and it helps my sauce and everything just adhere to it right now .

Remember we didn't turn our fire off .

Now , I'm gonna go ahead and just get it .

Look at that right there .

I know you guys mouth is wondering , you know what I mean ?

It gotta be if it's not something wrong .

Call the doctor tell him you need a neurosurgeon or something to take a look at , you know , take a look at something a fine .

Right .

Right .

So we just hit it like this , get this over here and get it going and then listen , we wanted it to be creamy and we wanted to stick , right .

You ask me that's where this pasta water comes in .

So we just had a little bit here , right ?

And then we just keep working it again .

You see that right there .

I'm gonna be quiet so y'all can hear it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And this here folks , this is Rasta pasta , right ?

Put a little parsley in here , get this mixed in , put some on the top and then we can go from there .

OK , folks .

Now it's the moment of truth , you know what I mean ?

Uh Man , I got a bowl right here but I really don't need a bowl .

You know what I mean ?

Let you cool .

You know , I'll be trying to do that photo shop .

I mean that photo , what is it ?

What am I trying to do ?

Make this food into a beauty pageant ?

You know , a superstar .

But I'm gonna go ahead and just start like this and I , I don't know if I said this in this video .

Listen , we taste our food in stages , right ?

If it doesn't have enough salt and then you guys go ahead whoever got their bowl , let them do it .

But this right here is a great base folks .

Hey , truly , this right here is fire .

Now , listen , there's gonna be some of you guys ain't never had roster pasta , you know before .

You know what I mean ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You , you gotta try it , try it this way .

I promise you you're gonna like it .

Now , I gave you guys a couple of little options , right ?

If you don't have uh you can't find , you know , coconut milk , which I think is like a real like game changer , right ?

Heavy cream works just fine .

You know , uh you guys gotta remember the taste as you go get the profile the way you wanna get it .

But I gave you a great base and to be honest with you , the way I write it down in this , uh the way I write this down down in the description box , you know , for the ingredient list .

That's exactly the way it is .

Every now and then I do grab some of this , you know , I mean , because we got a little left and I'll give it a little bit of a Sprinkle , you know what I mean ?

But with that being said , listen , talk to me down in the comment section below and uh we go from there now if you're new to my channel , let me take this time to say thank you for watching this video .

Don't forget to like smash that subscribe button and tell everybody out here .

Listen , it's a channel out here that's simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking .

And with that being said , folks , I do it like this .

I'm out be


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