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2023-07-09 14:17:58

Date Night Lamb Steak Recipe _ Tess Ward

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Are you ready to cook ?

So today I'm gonna show you one of the dishes I'd make if I wanted to potentially impress someone on a date .

It's really easy .

It's super delicious .

And it doesn't take very long to cook because I figure you wanna spend more time with the person that you're on a date with .

So we're gonna make an amazing lamb steak dish , which is nicely spiced and pan fried .

We're gonna serve with black and green beans and then some strained yoghurt and some harissa It's gonna be delicious .

And it's gonna be very easy .

And I'm very excited to show you .

Let's go .

OK , so the first thing is preparing the lamb .

So I've taken it out of its wrapper , and I'm just putting it on to kind of an absorbent paper .

Any time you're ever pan frying , you want to make sure any meat or protein is dry because oil and water do not result in crispy or golden meat .

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So you need to make sure that it's nice and dry , so we're gonna pack that dry up on both sides .

First thing is spicing and seasoning , So here I've got some ground cumin , and I've also got some smoked paprika and then some salt .

So I'm just gonna take a pinch of salt .

So we're just gonna put about half a teaspoon in total of smoked paprika and ground cumin just over the steak with the salt , and then we're gonna get some olive oil .

Oh , and just kind of drizzle a bit over , and then we just want to massage that spice into the steak .

This is a nice , summery dish , and you can also cook it on a barbecue as well .

You don't have to do this in a pan .

I like my food to be really nice and smoky , especially when it's barbecued or pan fried .

I'm having a bit of a love affair with liquid smoke , and this is literally just water that has been smoked and you add it into marinades and dressings and and meat rubs .

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What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna add one drop to the to my plate there with a little bit more olive oil , and I'm just gonna rub that together .

And then I'm just gonna pop my steaks in there because we put olive oil on the steak .

We're not gonna need to put it in the pan , OK , so the pan is nice and hot .

That is the sound we want and we're just gonna leave them for , like , a minute and a half on each side .

So when this side's cooked for about a minute and a half , I'll flip them , cook them on the other side and then we're gonna pop them to one side to rest , and we're gonna cook the green beans in the same pan , ready to flip , pop them onto my plate .

And now I'm just gonna add a dash More oil Gonna add a bash clove of garlic straight in there .

So what you're gonna do here is basically just flavour the oil with the garlic and you go with the green beans , Then just move them in the pan for a couple of minutes , we're gonna add a Sprinkle of salt .

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So I've got a bit of Corian and I've also got a bit of mint as well and just chop through .

I'm gonna save a few bits for the garnish as well .

So the beans are designed to soften , and they've been flavoured by that really nice kind of garlic oil .

It'll be delicious .

So our serving I'm just gonna add about a tablespoon of yoghurt to the plate , spread it around a bit .

I'm gonna drizzle over some tahini by a heaped teaspoon .

Some harissa as well .

Ok , cool .

So then we add the steak to the top , and then I've got a bit of olive oil here , and I'm just gonna add another drop of this liquid , smoke a pinch of these herbs and then just give them a little kind of mix , a little bit of salt .

And then I'm just gonna use this on the top and kind of around .

And there you have it .

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My delicious spiced lamb steaks with charred greens , yoghurt and harissa .

I mean , if that's not a perfect date night dish , I don't know what it is .

Do leave a comment in the comment box below , and I'll see you next time


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