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2023-07-10 08:46:41

How to cook Steak Bone Beef Stew _ Recipe

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Brisket .

Welcome the barbecue pit .

Today we're cooking up some steak , bone stew with the pit and it's easy to do .

All right , for this recipe .

You're gonna need some steak and here we have a couple porterhouse steaks .

You've seen those before , right ?

You're gonna need an onion .

You're gonna need some potatoes , garlic .

Here .

We've got some beef broth , some SPG and some beer .

All right .

Now , first thing you wanna do , of course is season up those steaks and we're using our SPG using salt and pepper or whatever you got .

All right , let's get this started .

Now , today we're using our Argentine Grill .

If you want more information about it , just check out our website .

And thanks for your support .

Right now , we'll oil up the grate and we're gonna throw these steaks on .

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Now , if you've never had steak , bone stew before , you definitely got to check it out .

This is some good eating a pit , especially as that weather gets cold .

Right ?

Oh , man .

All right .

Now we're using uh porterhouse .

In this case , you can use T bone , whatever good boned in steak you can get right to work , but there's nothing like a porterhouse .

Right .

These weigh about a pound and a half each .

And , uh , the object here is to sear both sides .

Right , briefly .

Maybe , uh , maybe we can bring them to medium rare .

It's your choice .

Medium rare does prime for this , uh , steak bone stew .

And we're after the flavor , of course .

Right .

That grilled flavor for our stew .

All right , the steaks are done to about medium rare the way we like it .

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And , uh , now we're going to take up some of the veggies there , the onions and the garlic and we've got one good whole onion there .

Fine chop .

And we've got , uh , three cloves of garlic mint and we're just going to , um , heat them up in the pan a little bit of oil .

I don't have to tell you about that .

Now , here , I've got six cups of beef broth and , um , this recipe needs a good beef broth to bring it all together .

You want that deep rich beef flavor in this , right ?

So , use a good beef broth and , uh , last , but not least here we've got some beer and we're gonna use , say about 12 ounces of beer .

We're using a lager , use your favorite beer , of course , whatever you got , you can go for a much stronger beer like a stout .

But we kind of like the lager for this .

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Now , we're after the T Bones here because these are , uh , State Bones stew .

So , what we're gonna do is remove most of the meat just like that .

And of course , it's Pitmaster privilege with , uh , with these steaks .

If you wanna do some eat right .

Take a look at that .

All right , we're gonna throw it in the pot with the broth and the onions and the garlic .

This is gonna be good and we're gonna cook it for at least a half hour slow simmer .

And in the meantime , we're gonna chop up that beef into smaller chunks , bite size chunks .

And of course , that's pit master privilege too .

It's a funny house .

Oh , baby , you're eating good tonight , Martha .

Right .

About a half hour has gone by more or less .

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Right ?

It's simmering in that pot .

The Lord have mercy .

Now we're gonna throw in the potatoes and we've cut them up bite size like that .

About four potatoes .

You decide how many potatoes go in there and we're gonna throw in the beef and we're gonna cook this for bad till about the potatoes are done .

It won't take long , maybe another 20 minutes or so .

More of them .

Beautiful .

We gotta check on this .

Take a look at that .

He's good enough to eat already , but uh few more minutes get it just right .

And in the miracle of time , of course , it's time to eat .

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I told you this is real easy to do .

Of course we'll have the steak Nazis come in and say , how could you do that to a rib steak .

Watch us .

This is how it's done .

If you want a top notch beef stew , then check out this steak bone stew .

And of course , we do apologize for eating in front of you like this .

But we call this pit master pri .

Mhm .

Uh , you're gonna have to get your own canned soup , right .

So the next time you're looking for a recipe for your pit , check out barbecue pit boys dot com .


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