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2023-07-07 13:55:35

Fresh Lobster Pasta

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High lovely people on youtube .

Let me show you how to make a fantastic spaghetti with lobster .

So easy , so simple , so delicious , so good .

It's incredible .

First of all , you need a lobster £2.5 .

Ask your fish manger to clean it .

And when the fish mangers cleaning , you can see , I want him to remove everything .

The flesh inside .

Do not forget to ask the fish manga .

Yes .

The shelves and this is where all the best is .

This is what all the nutrition is .

This is where the flavor is .

And do you know what flavor is , the flavor of the sea ?

But let me show you how simple it is .

You need a nice pan .

Make sure there is deep pan for this one .

Nice , a little bit of olive oil .

Fantastic .

All the chefs go straight in .

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Be careful because they always have a little bit of water and they usually splash .

We need the secret weapon .

The secret weapon .

Where is it ?

Da da , da da .

Oh my God .

Be careful when you crush it .

Well , let's start to get a nice color .

Let's put this one away .

It can be dangerous .

Nice splash of wine .

Oh , my mind .

The look of that .

Keep on moving inside .

Here .

I have a one carrot , two onions , three cloves of garlic and a chili chili goes in garlic , one onion , one carrot .

That's all .

Keep stirring one tablespoon of anchovy , one tablespoon of capers and a little more splash of wine .

And you need a nice tint of a tomato .

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Fill this one without water .

I got some parsley , get all the stalks straight inside .

Let it go for about 20 minutes and that is done .

Come have a look , come have a look .

20 minutes .

Go by the sauce .

It is right here .

Delicious .

What we need to do now if we need to strain it so delicious .

Make sure you squeeze it and you get all the lovely juice out .

That's good .

Just pull it back .

I slowly slowly let it simmer it .

Now we're gonna start to do the lobster .

I need about enough chili .

Four clove of garlic , nice and full of a parsley leaves roughly chop and definitely you can get some lovely lemon like this .

Do use it .

Just the smell reminding me home so good .

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Now we got to the lobster slice it .

It's the pan .

I just moved the pan on top here because it was too hot olive oil chili or garlic .

Sweat them a little bit .

Just a little bit .

Now I'm gonna put it back , grab everything , just put him in a pen , little splash of wine .

The lovely sauce .

Yeah .

Tip of the rest for later on pass the time .

He only takes a minute .

Let's taste it .

Oh my God .

Oh , my God .

Oh , my .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That flavor is incredible .

You have to cook it to taste it .

I can't describe .

I'm eating the sea so the pasta is ready .

Look , drain a little bit of water .

Oh , paradise .

Little olive oil .

And for Loma parsley , look at that lovely sauce and it's time to serve it .

Little bits of this nature of life .

Smack .

Turn in my door I buy and this is spaghetti with lobster to get a full flavor .

You have to make it so simple , so easy to do .

Don't forget to subscribe to youtube .

It is free less cooking all together .


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