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2023-07-11 07:03:03

How to play 3rd Millennium Chess

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Third millennium chess , how to play the rules are the same as regular chess , except for these changes for refresher of those rules , check out this video set out the cylinder board between the two players .

There are two king lines on the cylinder indicated by the squares that are colored into thirds , set up the higher rank , lighter colored pieces on the king line with the lighter square on the far right , like you normally would , except with double sided splittable knights instead of traditional nights place the lighter ponds on both sides of the king line on the exact opposite side of the cylinder , set up the darker colored pieces on the other king line .

In the same way , you may only rotate the cylinder during your turn .

Pawns must always move in the direction away from their own king line .

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Pawns promote like normal when they reach their opponent's king line on Passan is allowed like normal , higher ranked pieces can move any direction on the board and can cross over both players .

As king lines , an unlimited number of times pieces may move completely around the board in a single move .

So long as they do not end their move on the same square they started on , they must stop on a different square .

Castling is allowed like normal .

The double sided splittable night is two nights combined into one .

These nights may move in tandem with each other in a single move like a traditional night .

Or you may choose to move only one of them and split them into two separate nights .

Split nights move like a normal night and can rejoin with their other half .

Once rejoined , the double sided night can move in tandem again or split again .

There is no limit to the number of times a night can join or split .

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Knights can only join with their original half .

They may not join with any other night .

If you capture a joined night , then both pieces of that night are removed from the board .

But if you capture a split night , then only that split piece is move from the board .

Pawns may promote to a double sided splittable night if you want but not to a traditional night .

The first player to checkmate their opponent wins .

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