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2023-07-09 14:18:36

Grilled T Bone Steak Florentine Style _ How to Cook a Florentine Steak - Cooking with Charcoal

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Hi and welcome to the .

Yeah , I'm so happy to be back here at barbecue aroma .

So am I look what I bought ?

Oh , wow .

What is this massive port in actual fact ?

Because what are we gonna do ?

Because today we are making a , or a tne steak Florentine style .

Can't wait .

We're gonna serve it with a nice salad with , uh , an Italian dressing .

So let's get going , let's go .

Let's go and cook it .

So , what we're gonna do right now is put these two steaks onto the charcoal and what I've done I prepared the charcoal , natural wood , charcoal , in fact , and dropped the grill right on top .

So that's AAA particular method for Florentine style .

We're gonna cook very , very close to the charcoal .

So here I go .

Very heavy boys .

It's so nice and warm here .

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But , um , Nick , oh , boys , look in Italy .

The , these come from big white oxen type of cattle and they're really about a kilo witch .

These are ones about 800 g .

So , um , but you want them quite thick .

And what's actually also happening here is that the smoke and the flame is going around the meat So it's actually better to cook right in the fire .

But at this stage we'll have to turn these over .

Oh , wow .

So these are , like I said before , these are steaks for two people .

And , um , we want that flame to go around the meat .

So we're not getting any of the sort or any of the bitterness .

That's why we're cooking so close to the charcoal .

Looks awesome .

It is awesome .

Can't wait .

So right now , Vincenzo , I'm gonna lift these steaks up to the bone because basically now we've see the outside , but the great way of cooking like this is that we're gonna get the bone to cook from the inside .

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So we're gonna now stand these T bones up like that and we're gonna leave it there for about 7 to 10 minutes and that bone in the center is now gonna cook our steak from inside .

Oh , wow .

I love the steak .

The secret .

When you told me about this , I was just , oh my God , we're not , we're not gonna worry about , can you see ?

It's actually not really chart at all .

The fats all rendered away .

Um And we're not gonna eat the fat anyway .

Well , I love to eat the fat .

I know you , I know you do .

But these are gonna be nice and rare .

Ok , guys , the meat is almost ready .

So now we need to make a nice salad , uh , with a nice Italian dressing .

So we need some rocket salad or arugula .

I also called in USA as much as you like some beans and some cherry tomatoes .

So we're gonna cut it into four pieces .

Now , let's place the Canini beans in the salad and the cherry tomatoes .

Now it's time to make a nice Italian dressing .

Vincenzo plate style .

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So we need a small jar and we need to place , um , about four or five , maybe even more tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil .

And we put some balsamic vinegar .

Nice amount , nice amount of white vinegar .

Yes , a little bit of pepper .

Some salt .

Now we can add a pinch or two of my favorite mixed herb and we cut one lemon enough and we squeeze half lemon in there and now it's time to shake , shake , shake .

Think it's done .

No wonderful and mix very well with your hands .

Make sure you wash your hands first .

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Now let's place the salad on a nice wood board .

So we're gonna place a meat on top .

Oh , Vincenzo .

Look at that .

Look at this .

I've got these , these are probably medium rare at the moment .

I can feel them .

They're ready to go the bones cooked right through the center .

But we don't , we , I'm not gonna eat the bone , but let's just put that on there .

I love it for two .

This is for one .

No way .

OK ?

And I'll have this one then .

Yeah .

No , that's for two people .

For lovers .

Is this medium rare .

That's a medium rare .

Oh , wow .

We can feel it .

We can see .

It's a little bit springy .

That's the , how , how we know .

No , this is mine .

Hey , thank you very much for watching this episode .

Naughty Boy .

And I will see you in the next week .

Chance this play with your recipe .

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Come on .

Bring it over .

No , it's mine .

Ok .

No .

Mhm .

So , let's get a nice piece .

Get some salad .

It's time to eat .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

It's melting .

It's melting .

Beautiful .

Oh , I have to tell you one thing , but there's one thing I don't like the glass of wine .

You didn't bring it .

I want some wine right now .

Doesn't bring wine .

It's perfect with this guys .

Make sure you have a glass of wine with this .

Please make sure .

Now check out barbecue aro on Facebook , facebook dot com .

Barbecues .

See you .

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Thank you and have a good day .


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