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2023-07-08 09:13:36


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Welcome back to my channel guys .

So today I'll be doing some garlic butter tuna sticks .

I purchased these tuna sticks from bjs and we are gonna go right ahead with the video .

First , here I have salt pepper garlic powder and all purple seasoning .

I will also be using some olive oil and here are my three pieces of tuna steaks .

I'm trying to make the video as simple as possible without too many ingredients and still taste good .

So let's get right in .

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So first I mix the dry seasonings together and we are going to start just drizzling it all over and now I'm just gonna be using my hand and just spreading those seasonings all over that layer and flipping it over so I could do the same to the next side .

And next , I'm going in with a little bit of olive oil , just drizzle and spread that on as well on both sides .

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So my fish is all seasoned and for cooking , I'm gonna be using my favorite , my cast iron skillet .

See you guys at the stove .

So I am using my grill cast iron skillet because I love to see the grill marks on there .

Now I put in extra virgin olive oil .

My heat is on medium .

I am going to cook it for about 5 to 6 minutes on each side or until I feel that it is fully cooked all through .

So about four minutes into it .

Cooking .

Oh , beautiful .

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I am going to turn it like a 45 degree angle because I like those criss cross grill marks just so I could get back and allow it to continue to cook for the rest of that 5 to 6 minutes and now it's time to flip them over .

Oh , so beautiful .

This is the grill marks I was talking about when I twisted at the 45 degree angle and I'm going to allow it to cook for five minutes this time on that side .

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And now I'm going in with some butter and next , we're going in with that garlic and there's three garlic cloves that I have chopped .

I'm gonna spread that garlic all over .

And next , I'm going to squeeze half of a lemon into there as well .

Lemon and fish just goes together .

I just love the combination and because sometimes tuna tends to dry out .

I am going to take some of that sauce that was formed from the butter and the olive oil and the lemon and the garlic .

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And I'm going to just pour it slightly over the tuna sticks just so you can keep it moist .

And now I'm just gonna build the aromatics .

I went in with a little bit more butter and now I'm going in with some thyme and to top it all off .

I'm going in with some parsley that I chopped fresh parsley .

If you have dried parsley , you can use that as well .

If you have rosemary , you can use that as well .

You can use whatever herb that you have that you're comfortable with to top this dish all off .

And this is how my tuna steaks are looking all good .

I added some lemon slices towards the end .

Thanks again so much for watching .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm on the road to 10-K .

If you haven't subscribed as yet and you like my content , please do watch my ads because that helps and remember .

Have a good day on purpose .

Bye .


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