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2023-07-10 08:52:25

Yellow Spanish Rice Recipe _ Arroz Amarillo _ Made To Order _ Chef Zee Cooks

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Hey , everyone .

It's Kenji and I'm gonna fry some rice .

Um I'm using leftover chicken that I did on my roister .

You can just use leftover roti , you can use rotisseries chopped up and we're doing chicken fried rice with egg scallions and some frozen peas .

And then this is leftover rice from one of those Seattle teriyaki joints .

So it actually actually already has some um actually it already has a little bit of like teriyaki sauce on it .

So maybe that'll actually give it a little more flavor .

This is day old .

Here's a trick I learned from Wang Gang .

If you don't follow Wang Gang , he's a Sichuan chef who's great .

Um But add a little bit of corn starch to it and then break up the race with your fingers .

And that will actually help the rice greens stay a little more separated and cook a little more easily , right ?

Got it just like that sort of break the rice up .

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Um You can , you can make um fried rice with very fresh rice and then , you know , the testing I've done and I'll link to an article I've written about this .

Um But then the testing .

I've done fried rice works best with either freshly cooked rice or rice that has sat in the fridge overnight , um , preferably uncovered , but it doesn't matter too much , um , rice that sat in the fridge overnight .

Um , what it does , what doesn't work too well is if you take rice , um , that's like maybe 45 minutes old or so .

Um , because the grains start to stick together and that's where you run into problems .

Um And it just kind of turns mushy .

So you really want either very freshly cooked rice , um or rice .

That is uh day old .

All right .

So I'm gonna take my walk , rub a little film of oil into it .

Not a ton right now .

This is another trick I do .

So I rub a film of oil into the walk and that's going to be sort of our temperature gauge .

So as soon as that oil is um smoking hot , I know that the wok is hot enough that I could add the rest of my oil .

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But if you use green peppers and know that you can still see it in the yellow rice .

So I encourage you guys to use those yellow or those orange peppers .

We're going to add some chicken boon cube or your favorite seasoning salt , whichever matters .

And we're also going to go ahead and add some , which is sasson with Saffron .

If you add the one that has a or a , it will turn your rice more on the orangey side versus yellow side .

We're also going to go ahead and we're going to add three cups of water because I am making three cups of rice and I like to use a 1 to 1 ratio .

We're going to mix everything until it's well combined .

And once that water has started to boil , we're going to go ahead and add some long grain white rice , which I've also pre washed beforehand .

So once we add the rice , we're going to very carefully mix it in and we're going to wait until this water begins to boil .

Now , if you wash my hot and make the perfect white rice video , all those tips and tricks also apply to whenever you're making yellow rice .

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Um if you try and add all your oil at the beginning and then heat your wok till it gets smoking hot , the oil burns and it tastes bad and it just doesn't work out so well .

So you want to do it in kind of two separate phases .

So first we're going to do the egg open to salt .

Let's do a touch of MS G um a little bit of white pepper Right .

Our walk is smoking hot .

So now we're gonna add quite a bit of oil for this egg .

Ok .

They're in there .

Right .

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And that egg is done .

You get it out for now .

All right .

Let her walk .

Reheat one more time .

Now we're going to do everything else .

Basically .

Smoking hot .

Get our oil in a couple of tablespoons , get our rice in .

Ok .

So if you have an outdoor burner , you can get that walk hay flavor .

You know the smoky flavor .

If you don't and you want to do my little torch trick , you can get a torch like this .

Light it up , pointed in there while you cook .


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