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2023-07-08 09:25:05

Steak-Umm Recipe for Philly Cheesesteaks

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to Connie's cooking channel .

Guess what ?

We are making some steak ups tonight .

Yum .

Yum .

Some people refer to this as Philadelphia cheese steak , which I normally do .

So I'm gonna make it my way tonight .

What I normally put on my real Philadelphia cheese steak without cooking for someone else .

So , without further ado , let's get this party started .

Ok .

So , you know , we got these steak , um , sliced steaks , pick them up from Walmart .

This is normally what I use for my Philly cheese steaks .

We will need garlic powder .

And of course you guys , you know , it's seasoned to your taste .

You don't like these seasonings , use your own seasonings , use whatever you desire to use on your steak gums or your Philly cheese steak .

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Um , we have some , um , buns .

These are sub buns .

So submarine buns type of deal .

Yeah .

Work just perfectly .

Or you can get the longer ones if you like .

So , however you like to make your steak , em do it your way .

We're gonna use some pepper .

Italian seasoning and Larry seasoning salt .

I'm only gonna use the Larry seasoning salt when I saute my vegetables , which is onions , my red peppers and my green , my bell peppers or green peppers .

And I'm gonna add the jalapeno peppers inside of the meat as it is sauteing .

And we got some types of cheeses back here .

Um , we got the Mexican four cheese which you know , I used the mac and cheese the other day and we also use the Kobe Monterey Jack and cheese .

So whatever you prefer , prefer , um , whatever your preference is or whatever else you want to top off your Philadelphia cheese steak with , feel free to do that .

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So without further ado , I'm gonna go ahead and open up this pack of steak gums .

Go ahead and get this in the frying pan .

I'm gonna go ahead and saute the vegetables and we will be ready to get the party started .

See you in a second .

As you noticed the steaks are cooking good .

I have them on a medium heat .

Actually , I just turned the fire down because I want the vegetables to cook at the same time and turn the vegetables up to medium that probably will help it .

But at this point , I'm gonna go ahead and pour in the jalapeno peppers that I have diced up .

Now , if you want to use home , um , jalapeno peppers that will be fine .

Um I just basically took these out of a jar and chopped them up .

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They would work just fine for me and this family .

If you wanna use fresh ones that's fine as well .

I normally keep jalapeno peppers in the jar right here .

So that's why I'm using these .

Um , again , you can use little less or not at all .

It's gonna jalapeno peppers just gives it a kick .

I'm not gonna use a whole lot , but I do wanna have a little kick to it in my previous video .

You'll see that .

I did not add these , but I want to show you how I normally eat my actual Philly cheesesteak without cooking it for someone else .

And actually , I would add more jalapeno peppers in here because it was just me , you guys for real .

But for tonight's video , this is what we're doing .

So I'm just gonna keep stirring this until it's thoroughly done , which won't take too much longer .

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I'm actually waiting on the vegetables to saute down and then we are gonna go ahead and place this up .

So I will see you as soon as the vegetables are finished sauteed .

Ok .

So my vegetables are done again .

I have been , was it orange or was it red ?

I have the orange bell peppers with the green bell peppers and onions .

I did add some more jalapeno peppers into this dish as I was sauteing it .

So this is how that finished product looks that it's only going on my sandwich and then the meat is done with the jalapeno peppers .

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So I have the bread , I'm gonna put inside of the microwave I'm let it get heat it and then I'm gonna top this off with all the ingredients , the cheese and everything and get the plate going and then we'll come back to look at the finished product .

And again , you can use whatever seasonings that you want on this or any type of toppings .

If you don't like jalapeno peppers , you don't have to use them .

If you don't like these peppers over here , you don't have to use them .

If you wanna use Mayo Ranch , whatever you want to use on your Philadelphia cheesesteak have add it for real , you guys to each his own because I know everyone doesn't eat the same .

So I'm gonna go ahead and plate this up and come back to you and show you the finished product .

Ok ?

So I want to show you the first steak , um , plate that I'm making , which is for him .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He has jalapeno peppers and the steak , um , barbecue sauce and um barbecue sauce and a one sauce at the bottom of his bread .

You guys because this is the way he like his .

So this is the way we're gonna do his .

All right , just like that .

And of course , if you want to melt your cheese , you can do that just as well .

But by the time this is done that meat is very hot .

So it will be melted .

So this is the finished product of number one .

So this is gonna be mine you guys , I've added the vegetables along with my meat together before I actually make my sandwich .

And as you see , it's going to be delicious .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna let this simmer for one second and I'll come back and plate mine up .

Doesn't that look good ?

You guys ?

Now , this is my Philadelphia cheesesteak green peppers , red peppers , onions , mayo at the bottom with the that cheese , any type of cheese that you like .

I have some Doritos with this is that not look delicious or not any day of the week you can have this .

You guys don't forget to like , comment , share and subscribe to this channel .

Ring that bell next to subscribe button .

So you will be notified on my next upload until then God bless and thanks again for watching .

Y'all .

Have a good evening .

See you in the next one .


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