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2023-07-11 07:15:24

Homemade Bread Crumbs _ Breadcrumbs

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You know why I make my own bread crumbs because I can't pronounce the ingredients on the store .

Bought .

Package homemade bread crumbs are gonna taste better .

You'll save money and mine are healthier because I make them with whole wheat bread .

So I'm gonna show you both dry and fresh bread crumbs .

First , we'll start with dry and you preheat your oven to 300 degrees and I'm gonna use 100% whole wheat bread .

I find this at the store .

If it's 100% whole wheat , you'll get more fiber .

So look for that and we're gonna take um let's say maybe three slices and you just cut them into um evenly sized pieces .

I don't know .

These are maybe like a half an inch and don't use stale bread .

Make sure you use fresh bread because then the bread crumbs will be fresh .

So OK , this goes on an ungreased baking sheet like this and you just separate them because you need them to dry .

And so this goes into a preheated 300 degree oven for about 30 minutes .

So we'll put it in here .

OK ?

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So after 15 minutes , you take them out check on them and you can turn them a little bit .

They're not easy to turn , but you just kind of turn them , turn them around like that .

Move them around a little bit , shake the pan a bit and put them back in .

And after about 30 minutes we'll start making some crumbs .

Ok .

It's been about 30 minutes .

Let's take a look .

I'll show you what they're supposed to look like .

Yeah , that's the sound you want .

See , they have to be really dry and just kind of test them .

Take a couple of big one .

Here's a big one here , just test it and make sure that it's , it's very dry like that .

If they're not completely dry , you can put them back in the oven after it's turned off and let them sit in there a little longer .

Just keep testing completely dry , then they'll stay fresh .

So now what we do is we're gonna put them in a food processor which I have right here .

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So you can take them like this with a spatula or you can just pick up the whole thing , just be careful , it's warm , pick up the whole thing and I'll do , I'll do it this way .

So you can see .

Bye into the food processor .

You can use any kind of bread , you know , but really why not give the extra fiber from whole wheat bread ?

So OK , now we're gonna process and we got crumbs .

OK ?

I think that does it .

I think I processed for maybe a minute at the most .

And you can see that they , they are bread crumbs .

That's what they're going to look like their whole wheat .

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And you can also , but look at this , this is exactly what they , what they should be .

Now , what you can do with these , you can leave them as they are .

You can , you can make your own seasoned bread crumbs and add any spices .

You want oregano , thyme , garlic powder , whatever .

Uh But the thing is this freezes , I , I have , I have bread crumbs in my freezer for like a year now .

So they freeze really , really well , just keep them in a freezer bag in the freezer and they're ready to go whenever .

Ok .

OK .

I cleaned up a little .

Now , I'm gonna show you soft bread crumbs very , very easy .

Same bread .

I use 100% whole wheat bread .

I'll do three slices again .

Now , in this case , you can cut , cut it or you can actually just tear the bread into pieces because it's gonna go in a food processor for a little in a little different way .

So if you just kind of tear it into chunks like that , that's pretty good .

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So all this goes into the food processor , pick up the whole bunch right here into the processor and you're gonna process this for about 30 seconds .

Watch this .

I don't know if that mean that was about 20 seconds .

But anyway , here they are and these are absolutely perfect .

Look at this , they're soft and by the way , if you put these in a 300 degree oven for about 6 to 8 minutes to dry out and you don't let them brown .

You'll have Panco .

Now you can make your own healthy high fiber bread crumbs and no mystery ingredients .

Fiber , extra fiber for you .

So I actually bake my own bread sometimes just to make bread crumbs .

Maybe I need to get out more .


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