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2023-07-11 06:55:00

Best WayTo Cook Basmati Rice(Soaking Method)

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Hi , I'm chef Rafael and welcome to my how to series today .

I'm going to show you the best way of making the sunrise Parma rice .

Um , the best is because this is the actually recommended way .

I'm actually going to soak the rice in uh water and to start off , I need to measure the , the amount of rice that I'm going to use .

So I'm going to cook two cups of rice .

This is just plain water from the tap and then let it soak for about 30 minutes .

The um you can do it from at least 15 minutes , but I would suggest that you do it for 30 minutes .

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So what soaking the rice does to the rice is actually when it's cooking , it will make the rice more even and fuller as it cooks .

Um , basically it to expand evenly at the same time .

Now , what I have here , I have two cups of , of um , rice and I have three cups of water and make sure you're using the same cup , exact same cup of that you use to measure .

So , um , I've already turned on the heat and one pro tip that I can give you is that you do not have to wait for the water to start boiling , to add the rice .

You can actually add the rice even when the rice is cold to give it more flavor .

Um uh for the rice , I usually like adding a little bit of salt .

So for two cups , you can add about a teaspoon of salt to make sure you have a tight fitting lid or basically the lid that is b for that pot that you're using .

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So when the water starts boiling , what I will do is reduce the fire .

So if you are using this size of flame , which is exactly the same one I'm using with the pie pot , that's the one that I'm using .

And when you reduce it , uh that's the way it will be .

So the reason why I'm emphasizing on the size of flame , size of banner is because if you're using a big flame and you're cooking a small amount of rice or a smaller pot , that water will actually , whenever you're cooking , even if you reduce the heat , the water will actually evaporate or um before the rice is cooked .

And if you're using a small flame for uh like this size of a pot , what will happen is by the time 12 minutes are over , the rice will still be soggy and it will not be able to get the desired results .

So that's really important .

The flame , the amount of water , the ratio of water to rice , they all make a difference .

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So it's now mean to turn into the cooking process , I'm increasing the fire and I'll tell you why .

Um when I come to the rice and open it up , I notice it's still a little bit wet but the rice is cooked .

So the best solution for that is to increase the fire and also start the rice in case you're cooking the rice and the rice is not fully cooked and yet it's dry .

All you need to do is add a little bit of water , small amount and still reduce the fire because you want it to steam out to the final um until it's nice and um soft , I've already tasted it .

It has a nice aroma , especially because of the salt that I added .

And when I look at the grains , they are nice and fluffy and elongated .

So , and they are evenly .

No .

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Um And they're all the same .

They are basically the same size and shape .

So when serving it , my suggestion is you try and do it immediately because the longer you leave it in the pot , it will actually keep cooking .

And as you can see , it's falling off the pots uh without being um overcooked .

And that's the best way to cook the sunrise .

Basmati rice .

Hope you enjoy yours .

Let me know how it tastes like when you get to try it .


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