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2023-07-07 13:53:22

How to Make Quick and Easy TUNA PASTA like an Italian

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Guys .

Tuna pasta is a sensational , beautiful light pasta that you can eat all the time .

And this is my latest version of tuna pasta full of flavors with simple medi ingredients .

Mm Hi and welcome to the chainsaws plate .

Today is tuna pasta day .

I grew up in Italy and I ate pasta every single day .

Sometimes even twice a day .

This was the pasta I loved when I was a teenager .

All the teenagers in Italy love it and everybody loves tuna .

OK ?

It can be from the can or fresh .

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So over the years , I improved uh my skills as a cook and I always change my original recipe or my mom's original recipe .

And today I wanna make something more Mediterranean , let's say with the Mediterranean flavors ingredients we're going to use are fusilli pasta because I believe it is the right pasta to use for tuna .

In fact , I don't use fly that much unless I've got tuna in there .

Then we're gonna use some nice capers .

I've got beautiful Italian capers .

Then we need to use tuna .

Now you can use as much as you want .

I'm making pasta for two of us .

300 g of um pasta .

I am using a large can of tuna .

Ok .

In olive oil don't use in , don't use um tuna in vinegar .

Olive oil , please .

Otherwise the flavor won't be as good rocket , which we can use right at the end .

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I'm gonna use some lemon zest and some lemon juice to bring out the flavors of the tuna and some parsley and of course extra virgin olive oil .

300 g of pasta .

I use about 400 g of tuna .

One more thing guys , before we start , when you use capers , please use salty capers that you need to wash under the water because they will give you the right flavor .

If you use capers in vinegar , they're going to give you a flavor that you don't really want .

Our sauce is on .

So what we do , I'm gonna add this beautiful extra virgin olive oil .

This is from a brew to this extra virgin oil from Loreto Pro in this recipe are not adding any garlic .

Nothing like that .

I'm just going to put the tuna in there , large can of tuna which I'm going to break just with a fork .

OK ?

I really wanna keep this recipe simple .

I wanna get the lemon right now .

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I wanna get this lemon zest to , to give the nice flavor to this tuna .

Don't call me crazy for not using garlic .

You can use garlic if you want .

I just love this beautiful flavor .

Just the way it is OK ?

But if you feel like using the fresh tuna , you just need to chop it up into small , small strips or small cubes and you will be fine .

And again , this is my version of tuna pasta today .

I would like to do it today .

But what we do now we are gonna cut the lemon enough and we're going to squeeze the lemon juice in there .

Now , this lemon is my sauce for the day .

The lemon sauce .

See now the lemon is gonna help us to make the tuna a little bit more softer and it will give the flavor that we want .

Now , the capers are right here .

Ok ?

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I've got the beautiful capable , I've removed the salt from the cable and I put them in there just like that .

Now feel free .

Now to add the parsley , you can chop the parsley by hand or just with a knife .

I really want the parsley to be an important ingredient for this Raisi beer .

You know , I want the flavor from the parsley .

I want the colors from the parsley .

Now , if you see that your past is a little bit dry because you know the tuna is absorbing the lemon , just squeeze as much lemon as you can .

OK ?

Put some salt , add some pepper .

Now we need to cook a tuna for no more than five minutes .

Simply because the tuna from the can is already cooked and we just want to combine all the flavors together .

OK .

So at this point , I'm going to boil the pasta , the pasta using today .

It's , and it takes about 11 minutes to cook .

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What we do is we put a generous amount of rock salt and I'm going to cook a , it's a beautiful pasta that I love to serve with tuna .

So it's just for me and Suzanne .

So 300 g are probably enough when I was younger , I was able to eat the whole packet by myself .

But as you can see , it's a bit more difficult now .

All right .

So what we do , we put the past down , we just uh quickly stir and then we're going to cover this .

But we want the steam to go out guys .

What I want you to do here is to make sure that you break the tuna .

OK ?

Because the smaller the pieces are the better it is to combine , you know , with the pasta because every time we get a fork of pasta , we want the tuna attached to the pasta .

So it is very , very important that you do that .

Now , at this point , as you can see , it might look a little bit dry .

OK .

What I want to do now , I wanna put the pan back on the stove .

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OK .

Let's put the pasta water in there , let's put the pasta water in there .

And what we're gonna do now we're gonna add the pasta in there .

So remember I told you one minute before it's , it's one minute to go .

So we do the last minute we're going to finish to cook the pasta in this .

Never throw away your pasta water , keep it there .

You never know .

You might need more .

And this is what we do .

Now , look at that , combining the tuna with the pasta , which is very , very important .

OK .

I'm going to add the a , a little bit at the time and we mix it .

We don't need a lot , just a little bit to give the color and the acidity from the rocket .

I like it when you mix it with the sweet lemon .

Lovely , lovely .

Let's put a little bit more .

Let's put more up rockets stir .

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And as you can see the pasta water has been absorbed .

Look , there is not much left .

It's very nice and creamy .

See that the pasta water makes a pasta a little bit creamier .

We are able to combine a pasta so well , thanks to the pasta water , pasta water .

It's so so important guys .

So , so important .

Look how beautiful it is beautiful .

So I to choose how much tuna as you you wanna use , if you're making 200 g of pasta , use double the amount of tuna .

If you're making half kilo of pasta , which is a packet of pasta , use a of tuna that you know , always try to use as much tuna as possible .

And here we have a beautiful tuna pasta .

It time to serve it .

We're getting closer to the most important part of the video .

So here we go .

We're going to plate a pasta in there .

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So let's make sure we have plenty of tuna with our pasta .

Ok .

So here is the pasta .

Let's finish it off with a little bit more extra version , olive oil , raw , extra version , olive oil beautiful .

And now we are ready to eat it .

Oh yeah .

And I'm going to really , really enjoy this marvelous dish .

Guys .

I always say this is the best part of the video .

Please subscribe , rather .

Comment below and follow me on Instagram , Facebook and tiktok .

Yeah .

Now the plate I made is for Suzanne .

I'm going to hear it straight from the pot .

There is nothing better than eating from the pot .

Hm hm .

Yeah , I get the beautiful lemon flavors and get the tuna on each piece of pasta .

The capers and the salty capers really help .

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The rocket A is just there for the look and the is important you need that especially the stock because it gives you the nice kick .

Hm .

Guys .

See you in the next Vincenzo play video recipe .

Thank you so much for watching this episode .

Vincenzo play straight from the pen .

Hm I like .

Mm Yum .



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