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Great again .

And I'm gonna be showing you how to make asparagus in the pan or if you wanna do it on the grill , seeing a lot of persons have issues with them .

They either too soggy or too hard .

I'm gonna show you a few steps that I always used to get them .

Perfect every time you know about , I could take chicken .

So asparagus first and foremost , before we kick start asparagus , let's just say it's a great thing to have .

Do not boil your asparagus .

OK ?

Pan spa and I'm gonna be over and I'm gonna be showing you what we need to do in order to achieve the perfect asparagus all the time .

So how to choose your asparagus .

So when you get in your asparagus , ensure that all a majority of them are of the same size .

You see how the thickness are .

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You don't want to have them looking too small and then too big because what will happen is you will overcook them when you're trying to cook everything at once .

Also ensure that the stems here are nice and firm and they're not saggy .

That's an indication to tell you that they're going .

But on how we clean them up now , you can use a knife and cut or you can just pull one from the stock .

You hold on feet like this and you hold it right in the center like this and you're snapping wherever it snaps , that's where it's most edible .

So this bit right here , you can use this in some stock , right ?

You realize how hard that is , can't break .

So that means it's gonna be when they get to eat it hard to break .

So that's gonna be true .

You don't want that to eat with a side dish .

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You can put this as I said in some stock and you're good to go and we're just gonna wash these nice and clean then we're gonna pot dry them nice and dry .

Now we're gonna heat those with a little bit of olive oil , simple , little bit of salt or a half teaspoon of sea salt and some fresh crab , black pepper .

I would just gonna that then and trying to get all that seasoning on every one of them .

Alright .

Nice hot pan gonna hit that with a teaspoon of olive oil , not much just enough to grease it .

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And I'm gonna go in with half the amount here because I'm gonna be showing you two versions in your pan and on the grill and we're just gonna cook these for about three minutes .

So once I start to blister just gonna corporate your pan like this .

I don't have the Big Discover and then they're gonna cover that for about a minute .

All right , beer .

He's already nice and stuff .

I would just kill the heat .

So again , once I start to see those misters cover the pan , I let them steam a little bit and these are nice and ready .

Right .

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Get them from the pan and we're gonna set them on a plate .

How beautiful those look nice , nice hot grill .

We're gonna go on to the hottest part of the grill .

We're just gonna move them around every so often and we don't have to grease the grill because there's already olive oil on here .

Nice .

So they start to blister .

You would default , then they just rotate them and then we're gonna cover that on for one minute .

Nice .

Look at those beautiful and we're just gonna remove them and add them onto our plates .

There you go .

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These are the grilled asparagus .

Look at that nice and firm and these here are the ones done in the pan , nice and juicy and firm to the touch .

Speaking of firm to the touch , this is how firm we're talking about .

You see it .

Look at that nice and firm but crunchy juicy and there you go , how to prepare the perfect asparagus all the time .

So once again , thank you very much for watching and these are gonna be paired up with some nice juicy chicken breasts .

So if you haven't seen that video , check that video out and you'll know how to make your chicken breast perfect all the time .

No more dried chicken .

And once again , you know , thank you very much for watching .

Until next time .

See if and one big opponent itself .


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