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2023-07-09 14:30:33

How to play Van Halen Dance the Night Away on guitar

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Hello , welcome to today's tutorial about the three string method .

Remember you don't need these strings .

You only need these bottom three .

So get rid of the others .

Now , some of you who said , oh , how can I do a guitar solo if using only your thumb and only with three strings .

This is the answer .

You need a metal guitar slide in order to successfully accomplish a killer guitar solo on your three string uh guitar .

So you want to go buy one of these , they're probably six bucks and um you don't need , you don't need your fingers for all that fancy guitar work .

That's just , that's just showy and I don't appreciate it .

So let's take a look at how to do a solo the right way .

Using the slide guitar boom .

So what you want to do is just put your thumb over any circle .

It doesn't really matter which um you can move it around as you see fit .

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But then you're gonna want to take your uh take your slide here and uh put on your finger or just , I like to hold it like this and then uh you're gonna play with it up here , we're gonna create a guitar solo the right way .

So , uh let's get some music , get some audio here .

OK .

So if you slide it , you get slide and then you'll just touch where the circles are .

So let's turn on the uh distortion .

We'll show you how to do this .

Thank please .

Yeah .

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Right .

Yeah .

Yeah .

What ?

Thank you .

What ?

Go and Conquer .

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C major .

Uh , the major , a major , uh , another version of B major or you can , or you can use 33 strings .

Now , the chorus is the exact same as the intro .

Uh The reason why it sounds a little bit more dazzling is that Ed is doing a lot of , it's a two guitar part .

So it sounds a little bit more full .

Um Everything's pretty much the same except when you go back into baby , baby .

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The second time around you have this little intro tag that's like , so it's low E four B two D two and that's it really , I think , and then you've got , uh , and then , you know , you play the chorus and whatever else .

Uh , when you go into the Oh , yeah part , I think you got one of those open A , he's one of those , a big nice beat court here .

I switched to that and a two and then it's just a two .

So it's an A power cord .

Here's your tube is the B note .

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It's just , um , just a really , and that's , um , this finger Four Threat G and B and you do a little suss which is like a bee .

You're just highlighting that bit .

Do you really wanna know the solo ?

Uh , you're just outlining the chord tapping ?

Oh , uh , go on and on and on .

That's really it , it's based on , you know , uh , five chords if you really wanna get ultra specific specific .

Um , I don't know if there's issues if you're having trouble with Dan and I , uh , maybe you shouldn't be playing .

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It is my , my , um , advice to you .

Do you like my technical death metal shirt out of , uh , Melbourne Australia ?

They're brutal , brutal , brutal .


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