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2023-07-09 14:17:44

Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe - Grilling Steak, Made Easy!

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Everybody .

I'm Joey and today we're grilling rib eye steak .

This tasty cut can be found on menus of the best steakhouses across the US , but you can make it right at home .

Follow me today we're cooking this rib eye steak on the kettle grill .

This rib eye steak is also known as the Delmonico steak named for the 19th century New York City restaurant that made it famous .

It's also called the rib steak , the Cowboy steak and the Tomahawk steak .

This cut of beef comes from a larger cut known as the standing rib roast , which you might recognize as prime rib .

That's right .

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The exact same thing .

Now , this is boneless , but this cut can be served either boneless or bone in and because the beef rib is so big , it makes for a really cool presentation when it's served with that full bone intact , that's called the Tomahawk steak .

And it looks absolutely incredible .

But at the end of the day , it's just a rib eye on a really long bone .

So we're gonna go ahead and season this just straight kosh your salt and go ahead and apply it liberally to both sides and black pepper really simple .

So now follow me as we throw this on the grill right now , we're ready to get cooking .

The very first thing you need to do is get the grill nice and hot .

This has been sizzling here for about 20 minutes .

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The next thing I'm going to do is just get a little olive oil on these grates to make sure the steak does not stick , get a paper towel , a little bit of olive oil on it and just rub it right across .

But be careful if the flames are coming up , you don't want your towel to catch on fire .

Now it's time to throw on the steak .

I know I say it every video but make sure you let your steak rest for at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to cooking .

It's the smallest step that can make the biggest difference to ensure that you cook quality steaks every single time .

So we go ahead and get this on the grill and we're going to let it cook for about 90 seconds , maybe up to two minutes and we're going to rotate it at 45 degrees .

Try to get those nice grilled marks on it .

This is a fatty cut of beef .

So if you start to get some flare ups that will burn your steak .

So if that happens , just go ahead and throw the dome down with the grate totally open and that will prevent it from burning Ok , it's been down for two minutes .

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So I'm just going to turn it at 45 degrees .

As you can see .

Now , we're starting to get some flare ups .

So I'm going to go ahead and throw this lid on for the next two minutes .

Ok .

The steak has been down for four minutes .

We're gonna go ahead and give it a flip .

We're still getting a lot of flare ups .

So I'm gonna go ahead and throw this lid back down .

Ok .

So now we're going to rotate for another 45 degrees .

As you can see , we're getting those flare ups .

So let's put the lid back down , try to cool down that fire a little bit .

This steak has been on for about seven minutes and I can tell by feeling it that it's time to come off .

Now , the fuel method does work if you're experienced at cooking steaks .

But remember you can never go wrong with an instant reed thermometer .

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Also remember that thicker steaks are going to require more cooking time .

And a really thick steak may even require some level of indirect heat to get it cooked all the way through .

But let's take this inside and see how it turned out .

The steak has been resting for about five minutes .

So let's cut it open and see how it looks .

All right .

Look at that .

It's a perfect medium temperature if you ask any butcher what their favorite steak is .

Most will tell you it's a rib eye because the results are just tremendous .

And as you can see , it's incredibly easy to make yourself right at home .

Our motto at Red Meat Lover is cooking meat , made easy .

And we strive to share simple tips and tricks that you can use right at home .

If you like our video , please give us a thumbs up like or even better .

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It's the big red button right below the video .

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You can't miss it and it will only take just about a second and remember , do not bake this rib , eye steak or it will taste kind of fake .

You're going to keep it real .

When you throw it on the grill , we'll see you next time .


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