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2023-07-10 09:14:59

The Perfect Garlic Butter Steak Recipe

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel in today's recipe .

I'll be showing you guys how to make this juicy garlic butter steak .

This steak recipe is pin and it's cooked with a luscious garlic herbs and butter sauce .

Before I begin with the recipe .

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Let's begin .

Alright guys , let's begin .

I am starting with this beautiful riba steak here and to season the riba steak .

I am using onion powder salt and ground black pepper and also for some freshly her flavor .

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We have thyme rosemary and of course the garlic and here we have the butter and some olive oil and let's get started .

I am going to start by mixing my seasonings together just like that .

Next .

I am going to drizzle a little bit of olive oil onto the steak so the seasoning can stick on there , just rub your hands all over your steak .

Next , you're going to Sprinkle your seasoning onto the steak just like that and make sure to rub it in next , you're going to flip it over and of course season the other side of the steak .

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Now , we're getting ready to cook the steak .

Now , I have a hot skillet here .

I am using a little bit of olive oil because just butter will definitely burn your steak .

So use a little bit of olive oil at first .

Well , that's how I normally cook my steak .

So I am going to make sure it's nice and hot .

You want a nice crust on the steak ?

So you see how it's burning hot .

That's what we want .

Just place it in there and don't move it because you want a nice crust on the steak , do not move it .

And of course , be sure to use a thermometer if you want to check the internal temperature if you like it well done or medium .

Well , make sure to follow this picture right here of the internal temperature .

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Of course , once one side is nice and golden brown , flip it over and as soon as you flip it over , add your butter , add your butter in all your herbs .

I am going to be adding in the garlic , the rosemary , the thyme .

You want that her flavor to be infused into the steak .

So just add it in there right away and let the steak cook .

Do not move it because you will ruin the crust .

Now , I'm going to start basing the steak .

As soon as I notice my herbs are starting to cook a little bit , I am going to use that garlic herb butter sauce and just base my steak with it .

Now , how you like your steak is up to you .

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But I like it medium well and that's how I , I like to eat my steak .

So this is basically how quick and easy it is to eat or to make steak .

We're going to base it like you can see .

I am doing right now .

Just use that butter sauce , just pour it all over your steak once it is done , this is how beautiful it is .

Just place it on your cutting board .

Let it sit there for about 10 minutes .

Do not touch it because that's how you gonna , you see that juice .

That's what we want .

You want to let it sit for about 10 minutes .

So all that juice can form and I am going to cut it .

You can see how juicy this steak is .

I love , love , love me a juicy steak .

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And of course , like I said , it's up to you on how you like your steak .

But this right here was hands down the best of the best .

Oh , look at that juice .

Just how I like it .

And basically this is the recipe .

This was definitely restaurant quality right there , guys try it out for your family .

You will enjoy this recipe .

Don't forget to give it a thumbs up for me .

Subscribe if you are new to my channel and leave me a comment below on how do you make your steak or how do you like your steak ?

Do you like it ?

Well done ?

Medium well rare .

Let me know .

Oh , it was so juicy .

I love it .

I'll see you guys on the next recipe .

Bye .


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