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2023-07-10 09:22:12

Kitchri (Split Peas Rice) - Trinidad cooking _ Caribbean

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Hey guys .

So I come to it .

That's me and welcome back to my channel .

Now , this video is kind of exciting for me .

It's we're gonna be doing something called .

Now , do you know what kit is familiar with it ?

Yes .

No , I actually was not too familiar with it until you know , in recent times and I absolutely love it .

It's and rice and you all know by now that two of my favorite things and rice combine together .

It's perfect .

So today's video we're gonna be doing kit now .

It's a very simple one .

It involves coconut milk and um it's more like more or less like a one point process .

It does not take too long .

So let's get into it .

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So the most important component of a tree , a good tree of course would be split peas .

So to start things off , I am cooking my split peas uh just until , until it's tender , just until it's about almost fully cooked through .

And uh this is what we need to do before we can even proceed or put everything together .

Alright guys .

So for our , we have our split peas that are nice and tender they're not fully cooked through , but they almost cooked through .

I have some rice .

I've got myself some chopped pimentos , some green seasoning , grated garlic onions and of course some carrots , celery side and I got myself some time .

My , my potter is heated on the stove and we're just gonna put everything together , add our coconut milk and let it cook for between 30 45 minutes .

Right .

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So I'm adding some oil and coconut oil I'm using .

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120.22 --> 187.779

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It's gonna stir everything around and we're just going to let it cook for about 30 to 45 minutes .

All right .

So it's coming along nicely go and let it continue cooking .

You wanna just keep turning it occasionally to prevent anything .

I'm gonna stick in and add a little more water if necessary .

So the heat is just between low and medium .

You don't wanna put it up too high because it will cook too fast .

It will start to burn .

So just want to simmer for a few minutes again until most of the water is gone .

Alright guys .

So a kit tree is just about finished .

Just want a little more of the water to dry out from it .

And that would be it for our split piece , right ?

So as we call it , all right guys , and that is it for our kit .

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Our split peas rice .

It smells so good .

I could smell the coconut milk .

I could certainly smelly celery in it .

I could smell the split peas in it .

It's like a pillow with split peas in it and coconut milk most importantly goes well with just about anything .

It's a good combination .

If you like .

Do you like rice ?

Put it all together , you get yourself some kit .

So thanks so much for watching .

And if you did like this video , please give it a big thumbs up .

Don't forget to share with all your friends and your family and , and most importantly , try it out .

Let me know what you think .

Let me know how you go about making your kit tree .

Is it much different from mine ?

What is your uh steps ?

What , what do you do ?

So I'm going to enjoy this with some curry goat .

Some a choa , some cucumber .

Be good to go .

Thanks again for watching .

Look out for more videos to come .

Yeah .


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